My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1002 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1002

Ji Rou turned her head and saw a middle-aged man with a straight face in a suit.
She not only remembered this person, but was also very impressed.
A few days ago, the so-called Mr. Qin, the representative named Chu, bought her from the black market with a lot of money.
He glared at her, as if she had committed a serious crime by not eating the food prepared by Aunt Qiao.
Ji Rou looked at him without showing any weakness, and blinked her big round eyes, full of provocation.
Over the years, in order to protect her mother and herself, she often fought against that group of evil spirits. Ji Rou hadn’t learned anything else. The battle value was higher than that of each day, and she would not be stage fright in front of anyone.
The two of them were at war. Aunt Qiao, who was standing by, wanted to step forward to persuade, but was too courageous: “Chu, steward Chu…”
Chu Yuan waved his hand: “It’s not your business here, you go down first.”
“Okay, I’ll go down here.” Upon receiving instructions, Aunt Qiao turned and ran, as if the wolf’s den and the tiger’s den could swallow her at any time.
As soon as Aunt Qiao left, Ji Rou smiled, turned and walked toward the kitchen again, and Chu Yuan behind her stopped again: “Miss Ji, I hope you can understand your identity.”
“Understood. Of course I understand.” Ji Rou turned her head and said with a smile, “Isn’t I the pet that your owner bought with a huge amount of money. Why? He is willing to spend a huge amount of money to buy me, so he can’t bear to let me eat something. What do you want to eat?”
What a shrewd girl!
Chu Yuan frowned unhappily, and said slightly angrily: “You must like strawberries, and you must like all strawberry-flavored foods.”
Ji Rou was taken aback again. Why are all the people here abnormal? Why do they want her to like strawberries?
In the past, she didn’t hate strawberry-flavored food, but after eating strawberry-flavored food for a few days, now she doesn’t hate it, but she feels nauseous when she smells it.
Ji Rou calmly told a fact: “I just don’t like it. Even if your perverted old man comes out, it won’t change my preferences.”
Forcibly changing a person’s character, it is really abnormal!
Ji Rou really wanted to see what that mysterious old man was like? What kind of life experience is it that makes him so perverted?
Chu Yuan was angry: “You!”
Ji Rou hurriedly hid back and put on a pitiful appearance: “Now I am locked up here by you, and I can’t go anywhere. Are you not allowed to let me eat what I like? Think about it, I You bought it back for a huge amount. If I get hungry and thin, or get sick from hunger, it is not your master who will lose.”
“Ms. Ji, if you are willing to cooperate with my work, I can consider letting you leave after some time.” Being strong is not enough, Chu Yuan also changed his strategy.
“You can consider leaving? Why do you want to do this?” Ji Rou never believed that there was such a good thing as a world falling pie.
Chu Yuan said again: “Miss Ji, if it weren’t for my husband to buy you a few days ago, you should know where that group of people would get you. You should know better than me. To be honest, my husband is still yours. Savior, if you don’t repay your favor, I don’t want to hear scolding him from your mouth again.”
Ji Rou: “…”
Yes, she did know very well that if it weren’t for Qin’s shot that day, she would be in a much worse situation now, because that person would never let her get out of the black market.
After all, this surnamed Qin can be regarded as saving her. Although his reputation is not good, he has never hurt her.
May wish to listen to what the surname Chu is going to do first, maybe she can deal with him, he will be able to leave from here in a few days when he is happy.
Ji Rou asked: “What do you want me to cooperate with you?”
Chu Yuan solemnly said: “It’s very simple, eat the food I let you prepare, wear the clothes I let you prepare, and everything is subject to my arrangements.”
Ji Rou asked: “Why?”
Chu Yuan said again: “Don’t ask more if you shouldn’t ask, just do what I want, and I can give you the freedom you want.”
Ji Rou still didn’t quite believe it: “Really? Are you lying to me?”
Chu Yuan frowned, very unhappy: “Do I have to deceive a person who has no freedom?”
Ji Rou gritted her teeth and glared at him. It was too much. It would be nice to know that she was a person with no freedom. Why did she make it so clear?
Chu Yuan said again: “Miss Ji, now do you know what you should do?”
Ji Rou sat back at the dining table, picked up the chopsticks, put a folder of vegetables into her mouth, and forced herself to swallow.
She told herself that for the sake of freedom, forbearance would pass.
After eating for a while, Chu Yuan still stood by her side and didn’t leave. Ji Rou scolded him countless times in her heart, but she didn’t slow down eating at all.
For someone who has no freedom to her, self-esteem is a fart, and freedom is her pursuit.
Suddenly, Chu Yuan said again: “Miss Ji, you will do something for me in a while.”
With rice in her mouth, Ji Rou said vaguely: “What’s the matter?”
Chu Yuan said, “Doctor Tong is preparing Chinese medicine. You will be responsible for sending the medicine to my husband later. You must find a way to let him drink it.”
In the past three years, Ji Rou was the only one who distracted their master. Chu Yuan tried to get her to persuade the master to see if she could let him take medicine on time and stop thinking about work all the time.
“Puff…” Ji Rou was so scared that he sprayed the rice that he had just eaten in his mouth. “Mr. Chu, please! Don’t scare me while I’m eating, OK?”
When she is still not ready, will she be scared if she is asked to meet that perverted old man so soon?
Chu Yuan: “This is also one of the conditions.”
Ji Rou put his chopsticks down again, rolling her eyes with anger.
D**n, this fellow Chu Yuan made it clear that she sent it to the door and let that bad old man spoil him.
Having been deceived so many times over the years, how can she be so naive and believe that the surname Chu will really let her go.
It seems that she is too young!
“Miss Ji, if you want to stay here for the rest of your life, you still have to be free. I’ll give you half an hour to think about it.” Chu Yuan left his words and walked away casually.
Ji Rou: “…”
Thinking of going to see the perverted old man, thinking of the possibility of being ruined, Ji Rou’s stomach was churning, she rushed into the bathroom and threw up all the things she had just eaten in her stomach.
After vomiting, she stood in front of the sink and washed her face with water in her hands to make herself sober.
It seems that I can’t escape tonight.
She had to think of a way to make the bad old man feel sick when he saw her.
After thinking about it seriously, Ji Rou sneaked into the kitchen, took two heads of garlic and ate it raw, and put some garlic on her body after eating.
She wants to see if that perverted old man sees such a stinky smell, can she still eat it?

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