My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1001 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1001

The knock on the door sounded again, interrupting Ji Rou’s thoughts.
She rubbed her aching head and thought about it. Stretching her neck is a knife to shrink her neck. Anyway, she has to face it sooner or later. It’s better to make a knot as soon as possible.
She replied: “Please wait a moment, I’ll be fine right away.”
After a brief rinse, Ji Rou put on the house clothes the maid had prepared for her.
The home fan is light pink, with a big cartoon character on the front and the back. They look very cute…no, they are very childish.
Ji Rou frowned in disgust, thinking that the old man surnamed Qin should be an old monster with pedophilia.
This kind of animal that is inferior to the beast should be caught and shot, but in just a few years, he has become their number one man in Minluo City.
Ji Rou touched her head and thought about it seriously. It has only been three short years since she first heard the rumors of this perverted old man.
In just three years, many people can’t find a way to get rich. How did that perverted old guy get off the ground?
The people in Min Luocheng didn’t know, she didn’t know even more.
“Miss Ji, you are so good-looking.” Even though Ji Rou was wearing ordinary home clothes, the maid was surprised by her beauty when she saw Ji Rou.
With such a young, beautiful and energetic girl, the woman couldn’t help but look at it a few more times. It is not surprising that their withdrawn host can take her home.
“Thank you!” Although it was an involuntary situation, out of politeness, Ji Rou still said politely.
But to be honest, she really hoped that she would be uglier, so that things that were inferior to the beasts would not hit her.
The gang of beasts would not hit her idea, naturally she would not be sent to the black market, and would not appear with this old man surnamed Qin today.
So compared to the old man surnamed Qin, what is more hateful is the group of evil spirits who use her to betray her.
Those scum and evil spirits, let them wait, one day she will escape and clean up those people one by one. She Ji Rou has never been a good master who allows others to bully.
Looking at Ji Rou, the maid pointed to the middle-aged woman who was about fifty years old next to her: “Miss Ji, this is Dr. Tong. You were caught in the rain today to prevent you from catching a cold. Let her check you up.”
Ji Rou was taken aback.
Are you worried that she has a cold?
Are they really just worried that she has a cold?
Dr. Tong took two steps forward: “Miss Ji, I will help you take your temperature.”
Ji Rou nodded ignorantly: “Oh…good!”
After doing a physical examination in a muddle, Ji Rou could only believe it when she lay in the soft bed. It was indeed that she had thought about it just now, and it was just a physical examination.
But the old man asked her to be arrested and didn’t see her. What was the intention?
Does that old man want her to take the initiative to send him to ruin him?
Ji Rou thought a lot, and the more she thought about it, the more she realized that the old man was not a thing.
She couldn’t figure out what the old guy meant, and she couldn’t escape, and Ji Rou didn’t want to think about it anymore, so she should take a nap and raise her energy.
She has always wanted to be open, the sky is falling and there is still a tall man against it, why bother yourself because of uncontrollable factors.

As soon as a heavy cough sounded, Chu Yuan pushed the door and walked in. He looked at the man sitting at his desk busy with work: “Master, you know your health better than me. Don’t be busy with work on rainy days.”
“Can’t die.” The man said coldly without looking up.
He had suffered a gunshot wound before, but his life was picked up, but he was left with sequelae. Every windy and rainy day, the old wounds on his body will recur, and the pain is better than death, which makes him wander in front of the gate of the ghost again and again.
“Master, you…” Chu Yuan was very angry, but didn’t know what to do with him, “I will ask Doctor Tong to come over and show you.”
“No need.” The man interrupted Chu Yuan and asked again, “How is she?”
Chu Yuan frowned: “Doctor Tong said that Miss Ji looks thin, but she is in good physical condition. It’s nothing to get a little rain. Drink a bowl of ginger soup to get rid of the cold, take a nap and wake up to live a life… Master, you have to care about you. Own body.”
“Yeah!” He nodded, but he was still busy reading the files, and he didn’t know if he heard what Chu Yuan said.
He didn’t care about his body so much, Chu Yuan was anxious: “Master, even without the blessing of the Qin family, you can break out of your own world. You have proven your ability, why are you so desperate?”
The man chuckled and said after a long time: “What can I do besides work?”
Chu Yuan “…”
Yes, in the past three years, he has never done anything other than working hard.
Interfering with Ji Rou is the only major thing Young Master has done in the past three years besides work.
The woman who resembled their little lady, was the young master’s savior or the devil who pushed the young master into another abyss?
Chu Yuan was worried, and even thought about letting the woman go quietly, but after all he didn’t do that. It was a good thing that someone finally caught the young master’s attention.
It is very possible that Ji Rou can let his young master come out of the past and truly start a new life.
“Ahem–” He coughed again.
Chu Yuan was anxious: “Master, I will ask Doctor Tong to come over immediately.”
He ignored his body, Chu Yuan was anxious, this matter couldn’t make him willful.
“Chu Yuan, are you the master or me?” The unimportant sentence prevented all of Chu Yuan’s actions.

dinner time.
Looking at the delicious food on the table, Ji Rou had no appetite.
The dishes are good dishes, but none of her favorite flavors, especially the strawberry puree… She used to like to eat strawberries, but now she feels sick when she sees them.
Seeing that the chopsticks that Ji Rou picked up were taken back, the maid worried: “Miss Ji, why don’t you eat it? I didn’t do it well?”
Ji Rou put down his chopsticks, stretched out her thin elbows and shook in front of the maid, and said in kindness: “Aunt Qiao, you see I’m skinny enough, can we c**k some nutritious meals? Chicken and duck. I like to eat fish, shrimps, crabs and so on, and I eat a lot.”
Just stop giving her strawberry-related foods, no matter how delicious the food is, eating it for a few days will make you nauseous and nauseous.
Could it be that the old man surnamed Qin wanted to use this method to break her willpower, and then achieve his ulterior motive.
It was an old pervert, she would never let his perverted purpose succeed.
Aunt Qiao looked embarrassed and embarrassed: “Ms. Ji, these are all prepared by Mr. Chu. Don’t you like strawberry-related food?”
“Aunt Qiao, I still like to eat something else.” Ji Rou got up and smiled, “I’ll go to the kitchen and see by myself. Leave me alone.”
“Miss Ji, you must eat these dishes!” An indifferent voice came, stopping Ji Rou.

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