My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1000 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1000

The sun was still shining, but the sky suddenly changed, and the dark clouds covered the sun. As the thunder rumbling sounded, the rain poured down.
In just half an hour, Luomin City, a famous historical and cultural city with a long history, has become a “water” city.
Fortunately, the weather forecast was accurate. The government issued a black warning signal for rainstorms in advance, suspended work and school, and stopped all social activities to ensure the safety of the people and property. Therefore, no vehicles and pedestrians were seen on the streets.
However, there was a man, to be precise, a slender young girl running wildly in the rain.
The rain drenched her knee-length white skirt, and the thin fabric clung to her body. Happy together, making her look embarrassed, like a mourning dog.
Running in the rain for a long time, the strength of the body was exhausted, but she still gritted her teeth and ran forward. Only by constantly moving forward can she find a way out.
She couldn’t imagine, let alone think about, what her future life would be like once she was chased by the group of evil spirits behind her who could eat people without spitting out bones.
She is just twenty years old, and there are still many things she wants to do that have not been completed. She has to fulfill the unfinished wish of her life for him, and she must not fall.
Thinking of that person, her whole body was full of strength again, her feet seemed to have a pair of hot wheels, and she ran forward quickly.
I don’t know how long she ran. When her body was gradually overdrawn, a black car chased after her, and it was behind her in the blink of an eye.
Suddenly, the black car made a perfect slam brake and stopped steadily in front of her, blocking her running forward and splashing her with dirty water.
The girl wanted to hold back her footsteps, but because of her body’s inertia, she rushed towards the car and slammed into the cold car body, making her eyes stare at Venus.
A man and a woman came out of the black car. The man was holding an umbrella. The woman handed a coat to the girl and said respectfully: “Miss Ji, we will pick you up.”
Take her back?
It sounds pretty good.
Obviously, it was here to catch her, who did you show it to?
Ji Rou held her aching abdomen with one hand, and tugged her coat tightly with the other, quietly glanced at her, trying to find the right time to escape.
Even if the chance of running is small, she doesn’t want to give up. This may be the only chance she can change the trajectory of her life. She is reluctant to give up easily.
However, the man could easily see through her thoughts and said, “Miss Ji, you can’t leave Minluo City without my husband’s permission. Besides, my husband spent a lot of money to buy you from the black market, even you If you want to go, shouldn’t you say thank you to him first?”
Ji Rou gritted her teeth and tried her best to calm herself, and said, “Huge amount? I didn’t charge you a penny. Whoever received your money, whoever you want to tell him thank you.”
“Ms. Ji, I’m just the person in charge of the task. If you have anything to say, go back and tell my husband.” The man smiled and opened the car door, “Ms. Ji, please get in the car.”
The man obviously didn’t want to reason with her, and his attitude was very strong. Ji Rouzhe had a second way to choose, so he could only choose to get in the car obediently.
As the saying goes, if a hero doesn’t suffer from immediate losses, she will definitely find another chance to escape, and she must not let those who betray her succeed.

“Sir, Miss Ji brought it back, just arrived at the villa next door.”
Hearing the report from the hand, the obsidian-like eyes of the man standing with his hand flashed an imperceptible complexity, but it quickly covered it and returned to calm again.
Looking down from the floor-to-ceiling windows, he happened to see the girl getting off the bus.
The girl is tall and thin, and it seems that a gust of wind can blow her away.
Especially at this time, she was drenched and her waist-length hair was tightly attached to her body, making her look even more embarrassed.
After getting out of the car, she put her hands on her chest, shivering…
Looking at the girl with deep gaze, he said without looking back: “I have spent so much money on the things I bought, and I want to make sure it’s worth the money.”
“Yes, I’ll arrange for the doctor to go over and show Miss Ji.” Chu Yuan looked at the master’s back with distress in his eyes.
Why did the master spend so much to save Ji Rou in the black market? Others don’t know, but he has been with the master for so many years.
Even if there is only a little look, but only a little look between the brows, this woman Ji Rou has let their master do everything they can to protect her.

A strange villa, a stranger, a strange room.
Everything in front of him was unfamiliar to Ji Rou.
Even if she was alone in the bathroom at this moment, she didn’t dare to take off her clothes and take a bath. Who knew if someone would suddenly hit the door and enter.
It is said that the man who bought her in the black market for a huge amount of money is a fearsome and daunting figure in Minluo City.
There are countless rumors about this big man. Some people say that he is old and ugly, some say that he is lustful, and some say that he kills people without blinking… In short, among the many rumors, Ji Rou has never heard a good one.
In Minluo City, people call that person “Mr. Qin”.
People only know that his surname is Qin, he doesn’t know his origin, his true identity, and even his full name is not known, and few people have seen his true face.
Such a mysterious man…
“D**n it!” Ji Rou scratched her hair irritably, and just escaped from the wolf den and fell into the tiger’s den. This fate really played her like a clown.
From now on, what should she do?
The knock on the door suddenly sounded, and Ji Rou bounced with fright.
“Miss Ji, have you finished washing?” It is the maid who is responsible for guarding Ji Rou these days. The maid is very polite and polite to Ji Rou.
“No, no. What’s the matter with you?” Ji Rou approached the bathroom door carefully, putting her ear on the door, and hearing if there was anyone else?
“Miss Ji, please take a shower soon. Doctor Tong will help you check your body in a while.” The maid said again, and Ji Rou shuddered at this remark.
body check?
It is rumored that the old man surnamed Qin likes young girls the most, and he will ask the doctor to check if they are clean and innocent before “enjoying” them, because he never touches girls that others have touched.
Ji Rou clenched her fists subconsciously and gritted her teeth angrily. Is the thing she feared the most about to come after all?
It has been five days since Ji Rou was bought. The old man has never shown up. There is only one woman and one maid in this huge villa.
For a while, Ji Rou thought that the old man had forgotten her existence, so she found a chance to escape. Wan Wanwan had thought that this terrible day had come.

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