My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 96 Scar

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 96 Scar

Media was the major investor of the Story of Concubine Ivanka.Mason, the hero, Daisy, the second heroine, and other actors and actresses such as Wendy and Jeffrey were all their artists.If one of them died unexpectedly, the show would definitely be ruined, and Glory Media was the one who would suffer the most.

The more Carter thought about it, the more frightened he felt.

“Mr.Luke, don’t worry about it.I’ll find out the truth!”

The director made a solemn promise.

Hearing that, Luke followed Ryan out of there.

That day’s shooting had consequently been suspended.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey uttered an excuse and followed Ryan out.

However, the latter had already driven away.

Unable to do anything Jeffrey stopped in his tracks and watched Ryan’s car leave.

In the filming site.

Sitting in the van, Eris clenched her teeth in frustration.

‘‘**** it! Wendy was so lucky! The sword should’ve stabbed her heart, but she dodged it!’’ she exclaimed inwardly.

“**** it!”

In a fit of anger, she picked up a glass of water and threw it, shattering it into a million pieces.

“Miss Eris”

“Didn’t you promise me you’ve got everything covered?” Eris asked in disdain.

Ana was at a loss for words.

She was confident, and the chances they would fail were slim.

“I didn’t expect that that would happen.It was weird if you ask me.Wendy didn’t know that the sword was real, but she dodged it as though she did.”

It was indeed a pity.With the help of others, Eris had almost gotten rid of the eyesore.

But for some unknown reasons, she failed.

How could that be? Eris took a deep breath and drank a bottle of cold water to suppress the anger in her heart.

The water helped cool her down, and she was not as infuriated as she was a while ago.

“Will they find that the accident has something to do with us?” she asked cautiously.

“Don’t worry, Miss Eris.We are not the one who stabbed her.How could they blame us?”

Eris nodded with ease upon hearing Ana’s reassurance.

However, she still could not help but clench her fists.

All of a sudden, an idea occurred to her.

Wendy was her rival in this movie.

She would have a lot of chances to plot traps for Wendy in the future, would she not? By then, she did not think Wendy would be lucky next time.

In the filming set.

At that moment, Carter was flying into a rage.

“Explain to me what the **** happened!”

The two extras who performed with Wendy just now stood silent with their heads down, just like all the other members of the prop team.

In fear of getting castigated, nobody dared to make a sound.

Since nobody was answering him, Carter pointed at the two men in front of him and demanded, “You, give me an explanation!”

The two men’s faces turned pale in fear.

But, of course, there was nothing they could do but answer.

“Mr.Carter, we really don’t know it’s a real sword.We’ve been working in Studio City as extras for many years, and this has never happened before.You can ask others about it.We’ve always worked hard and never done anything bad nor negligent.Those were just the props the crew gave us.We thought they were just fake.We didn’t know that they were real swords.Mr.Carter, we have no enmity with Miss Wendy.Believe me, there’s no reason for us to hurt her.Besides, if we kill her, especially in public, we won’t ever get away from it.It’ll do no good for us, someone who just try to earn a living here.”

What the man had said made sense.

With a gloomy face, Carter turned to look at the team of the props men.

The team consisted of more than ten people.

Carter looked at them one by one and threatened, “Do you want to confess, or do you want me to call the police to investigate this matter?”

The team leader thought for a while and answered, “Carter, Bertha was the one who gave the swords to the actors.You should ask her.”

Upon hearing this, Carter looked at Bertha at once.

She was a chubby girl in her twenties with black rimmed glasses.

She seemed shy and  timid.

Nevertheless, everyone had a good impression of her since she was passionate about her work.

“Bertha, what happened?” Carter asked calmly.

For some reason, Bertha just lowered her head to the ground and did not answer.

Carter found her behavior suspicious, so he yelled, “Answer me!”

She was startled by his shout that her whole body trembled.

Still, no response came from her.

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll call the police!”

Bertha’s face turned white as a sheet.

It was only until then that she finally looked up and answered, “It was me! I ordered the same sword from the Internet! I just wanted to teach her a lesson!”

“Who?” Carter asked with a frown.


“You have a grudge against her?”

“Yes!” Bertha fired back, her eyes red anguish.

“Evie is my idol. I searched for a job in the film industry and applied as a crew because of her. Evie is a great person, but Wendy forced her out of showbiz. That was the reason why I wanted to teach Wendy a lesson, a hard one!”

Everyone was flabbergasted.

Carted pounded his fist on the table and stood up abruptly.

“You’re a murderer!” he exclaimed.

“I…I didn’t mean to kill her.I just wanted to teach her a lesson.Evie was banned in showbiz because of Wendy, and her life became miserable since then.I wanted to avenge her,”

Bertha reasoned out with a trembling voice.

“You’re insane!” Carter remarked angrily.

“It was Evie’s fault that she was banned from the industry. What does it have to do with Wendy?”

“Shut up!” Bertha interjected.

“Evie was right. You always defend Wendy.Something must be happening between you two.”

Carter looked at her incredulously as though she were a lunatic.

Without further ado, he took out his phone and let the police deal with her.

In Hopewell Hospital.

“Does it hurt?” Ryan asked with concern.

Wendy winced in pain and replied, “Yes, it hurts…”

Ryan’s face turned dark and gloomy.

With Wendy in his arms, he walked into the elevator and punched the button to the 32nd floor to find Leo.He reached the said floor a few minutes later.

“Ryan, put me down,” Wendy protested weakly.

However, her protest only fell into Ryan’s deaf ears.

“No, you’re hurt.”

Wendy decided not to argue with him.

He would not listen to her anyway.

Her arm was the part that got injured, not her legs.

She could walk just fine, but Ryan did not want to let her.

Without giving her a chance to retort, he strode towards Leo’s office.

Because his hands were full, he kicked the door open instead.

“Oh, ****!” Leo was startled.

He was about to shout at whoever entered but suppressed his anger when he saw that it was Ryan.

“Bro, it’s you.What brings you here?”

“Stop the bleeding! Help her!” Ryan commanded.

Before Leo could see who Ryan was holding, he already knew it was Wendy.

After all, she was the only woman that Ryan would hold.

Besides, he knew that she was the apple in Ryan’s eye, and Ryan would not let anything happen to her.

Leo trotted over at once.

Wendy was still wearing her costume.

However, her clothes were stained with mud from the shooting this morning.

To make things worse, Ryan accidentally broke the blood bag tied to her shoulder, making her now drenched in blood, both real and fake.

Leo was horrified to see her like that.

“What…what’s going on? She was just fine two days ago.We haven’t seen each other for only a few days.How did she end up like this?”

“It’s a long story.Anyway, only the wound on her arm is real!”

Leo breathed a sigh of relief when he learned that she was not in a total mess.

But when he saw the deep laceration in her arm, he felt appalled again.

Wendy had been applying pressure on the wound along the way.

As a result, the bleeding stopped, but it still did not change the fact that the wound was deep and serious.

“I’m afraid she needs to be sutured,” Leo concluded.

Wendy’s face turned pale upon hearing him.

“Can I refuse it?” she asked, horrified at the thought of being stitched.

“If you refuse to be sutured, it will be a long time before your wound heals.Your wound is deep, and suturing it is the best course of action to take.”

“But I don’t want that…” Wendy protested.

For sure, after the surgery, there would be a scar on her arm.

For an actress, beauty meant everything.

Even a tiny scar would have a great impact on her beauty.

Meanwhile, Leo looked at Ryan for help.

Wendy saw this, so she tugged Ryan’s sleeve and said, “I don’t want it to be stitched.The scar will look like a centipede crawling on my arm.I won’t be able to wear short sleeves or expose my arm in the future.It’s ugly.Ryan frowned as he took her pleas into consideration.

“I’ll ask Leo to have your wound sutured impeccably himself.We’ll use the best medicine in the world, so there won’t be any scar.”

However, Wendy still seemed dissatisfied by it.

She pulled his sleeve again and shook it.


“Fine! No suture.”

Meanwhile, Leo’s mouth fell open in shock.

‘’Buddy, where’s your principle?’’ he asked inwardly.

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