My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 93 A Debauchery

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 93 A Debauchery

‘‘Heck! Is it true?’’ Jeffrey was astounded!

Everything fell into place like a jigsaw puzzle.Wendy had gone to the US three years ago.In the same time period, Brian had broken up with his ex- girlfriend and started dating Eris.

Then there was a rumor that his ex-girlfriend had passed away.

He clearly remembered Wendy mention unwittingly that her relatives in the country might believe that she was dead.

Everything was squarely falling into place.

Wendy’s and Eris’s surname were the same! ‘Why didn’t I think of this before? She is Brian’s ex-girlfriend.’ Jeffrey’s blood ran cold when this conclusion dawned upon him.

He suddenly remembered that his parents had mentioned that Brian’s ex-girlfriend was pregnant.

And that Wendy’s son was three years old.

‘‘Ray…is it remotely possible that he is the son of Wendy and Brian? No! No way! How on earth could such a strange coincidence occur? I don’t believe it! I refuse to believe it!’’ Jeffrey thought.

“Hello? Hey!”

Noticing that Jeffrey had drifted off into a world of his own, Wendy pinched him.The reality of the pain catapulted him into the present.

She called out to him, “What are you thinking about? It seems like you have seen a ghost!”

To Jeffery, it was more serious than that! Suddenly, he grabbed Wendy’s hand.

“Hey! Let go of me! Don’t think I won’t hit you in front of all these people!” she threatened.

“Wendy! I have a question that I have been wanting to ask you for a long time!” he said seriously.

“Let go of me!”

The corners of Jeffrey’s mouth twitched.

He commented, “I’ve never heard you mention Ray’s father.”

Wendy’s face darkened.Her heart stopped for a second.

“Why do you ask this?”

“It just occurred to me out of the blue.”

Wendy pursed her lips.

She immediately lost her appetite.

Then she covered the lunch box with its lid and set it aside.

Her aura became extremely cold and gray.

It was the first time that he had seen her recoil into her shell.

He regretted opening his mouth and apologized, “I’m sorry.I just asked casually.Please don’t feel obligated to answer me.”

“I also wish to know who is Ray’s father,” she answered calmly.


“You heard me.” Jeffrey was stupefied.

‘‘What does she mean? Wasn’t Brian Ray’s father?’’ Assimilating this, Jeffrey breathed a sigh of relief.

But soon, he was on edge again.

‘‘Did she not know who the father of her son was? Was she engaging in debauchery?’’ Jeff internalized these fears.

Gnashing his teeth, he glared at Wendy and interrogated, “How many ex-boyfriends do you have? Answer me.”

“It’s none of your business!”

Sensing that he had misunderstood her, Wendy didn’t bother to explain.

She rolled her eyes, stood up, grabbed the trash bag beside her and headed for the bin.

The second scene was shot in the afternoon.

In the tavern, Faye asked the waiter to pack the osmanthus-flavored cake, Weston’s favorite snack, which she would send to him.

However, as she walked out of the shop, she overheard the discussions on the street.

“It’s horrific! Have you heard that the entire family of General Miller was killed because of a rumor about his planned rebellion?”

“Oh no! What? General Miller?”

“Seriously? It’s impossible.General Miller has guarded the frontier for many years and has made significant contributions! General Miller’s family were all loyal people.How could they rebel! There must be a misunderstanding!”

“Hmmm! How can it not be true? Rumor has it that the imperial robe was found in their secret room! It was obvious that he was planning a rebellion! To date, more than 180 people in General Miller’s house have been slaughtered by the army sent by His Majesty.The carnage can be smelt a mile away!”

Upon hearing this, Faye’s body stiffened! The camera zoomed in on her petrified eyes.

Initially her clear eyes were cast with confusion.

She didn’t believe the vicious rumors.

But then she remembered that her father and brother were conducting themselves in a very strange manner over the past few days.

Her eyes were bloodshot and she began to shiver uncontrollably.

The cake was in danger of falling.

“It’s impossible.No way.There must be some mistake.This can’t be true.”

With her mind in such a state of turmoil, she forgot to ride the horse.

She just ran blindly and desperately, knocking down a passer-by and a stall on the street.

Not even for a moment did she stop to see her trail of destruction.

The cake in her hand fell to the ground and crumbled to pieces.

Finally! She didn’t know how long she had run for before she finally reached her home.

She was panting breathlessly and her hair clung to her perspiring face.

She momentarily latched onto the tree for support as she looked at the gate to her house.

The once rowdy area of activity was as silent as a graveyard.

The house was surrounded by soldiers in suits of armor! The wailing wind carried with it the pungent stench of fresh blood wafting through the air.

Tears flooded down her face.

Suddenly, she remembered something.

She rushed to a quiet, unguarded part of the fence that hid a secret opening.

As a child, she would often sneak through this hole to escape from the house.

The yard was desolate and the hole was covered by overgrown weeds.

With trembling hands, she crawled through the hole and headed for the house.

She was covered in mud because of the rain.

Holding back her tears, she pulled out the hairpin from her hair and held it tightly in her hand.

She chartered a path that was relatively quiet and stole towards the main yard.

Outside, the heavily guarded yard was daunting compared to the inside where there were just a handful of soldiers.

As she made her way through, the yard was littered with fresh corpses.

In the distance, she could see soldiers busily counting money.

Her parents, sister-in-law and newborn nephew were all mercilessly butchered.

Their faces captured the contorted twist of pain.

Everyone in the General’s house, even the servants, was ruthlessly massacred.

Camouflaged by the rockery, she held the hairpin and grieved.

Gradually, her eyes became fierce with rage and she sought out the General who led the army that cruelly wiped out her entire family.

With a murderous look in her eyes, she whipped out the soft sword from its sheath around her waist.

“Revenge! I want revenge! I will die with you!”

Just as she was about to charge, someone emerged from behind and with one hand, held her tightly around her waist and with the other hand, he covered her mouth.


“It’s me!”

Weston’s familiar voice came from behind.

Shocked, Faye burst into tears.

Weston’s long sleeves were soon soaked with warm tears.He lowered his head and looked at her with grief and pity.The whole crew remained silent.You could hear a pin drop.

The crew was so touched by their sterling performance, that they shed tears openly.

“Cut!” Carter’s voice pierced the silence.

The crew was still in a trance.

“Wow…I used to think that no one deserved Jeffery, but now I suddenly realized that Wendy and Jeffrey are a match made in heaven! What should I do now? I think it’s a disobedience of the fate if they are not together.”

“**** it! I think so too!”

“You are not alone! I agree with you two.Their on screen chemistry is incredible.”

Hearing the opinions of the crowd, Jeffrey giggled like a little girl.

Although the scene was over, he continued to play his role.

He hugged Wendy around her waist and said, “Wendy, did you hear that? Do you think we are perfectly matched? Will you consider my proposal?”

Wendy smiled sweetly.

Looking at her bright smile, Jeffrey was somewhat carried away.

The next second, Wendy stepped hard on his foot.

“Ouch.” Jeffrey yelled, “Wendy! You…”

“Ah…I’m really sorry.I didn’t mean it,” Wendy said flatly.

Jeffery was perplexed.He was so sure that Wendy had done it deliberately!

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