My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 92 His Brother’s Ex-girlfriend

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 92 His Brother’s Ex-girlfriend

The shooting of the kissing scene was suspended.And they started shooting the other remaining scenes.

These were the last two scenes that Wendy and Jeffrey had to shoot.The first scene was a bit passionate.

In the scene, after getting along with each other for some time, Faye and Weston fell in love with each other.

Faye especially learned embroidery for Weston and made a pouch for him.On the pouch were two embroidered mandarin ducks.

Judging from the stitches, one could say that she was not very skillful yet.

It was raining heavily.

With an umbrella in one hand and the pouch in the other, Faye waited for Weston on the hill near his house.

There was a trace of shyness on her beautiful face.

Soon, Weston appeared in front of the camera.

He was still dressed in a long robe.

Holding an oil- paper umbrella, he looked like a typical scholar.

When Faye saw him, her eyes lit up.

She raised the hem of her dress, rushed over to him, and gave him the pouch in her hand.

“What is this?”

Faye raised her chin slightly, pretending to be relaxed.

“I saw someone selling it on the street just now, so I bought one for you.”

Weston looked at the pouch in his hand and asked, “What is embroidered on this?”

“Oh, those are two mandarin ducks. They are swimming together.”

The camera zoomed in on the pouch.

On the pouch, two dark animals snuggled up with each other.

Underneath was a horizontal line that seemed like a branch.

‘’Are these mandarin ducks? Is she serious? And this horizontal line that looks like a branch is the water?’’ With these thoughts, Weston’s mouth twitched.

He said, “If you didn’t tell me, I would think that these are two roasted chickens.Where did you buy this? How could the seller have the nerve to sell this to you?”

Faye snatched the pouch back angrily.

“If you don’t like it, give it back to me.It’s not a big deal.”

Weston was a little stunned when he saw her reaction.

“Wait…you made this pouch for me, right?”

“Of course not!” Faye snapped.

He frowned and suddenly grabbed her hand.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

He unfolded her palm and checked her fingers.

Then he saw that her fingertips that were as white as jade had some scars. Obviously they had been pricked by needles constantly lately.

“You silly woman!” Weston said, feeling sorry for her.

“No.You are stupid.All your family members are stupid.”

Weston twitched his mouth and took the pouch from her hand.

“Hey! You don’t like it, right?” Faye said in a low voice.

Then she added, “Give it back to me.When I get skillful enough, I’ll make a more beautiful one for you.”

“This one is already good enough for me.” They looked at each other.

With the gentleness in his eyes, she couldn’t help but blush shyly.

The rain was a torrential downpour, but they could only see each other.

The moment had later become an indelible memory for Faye when she became a royal concubine.

Since then, the pouch with messy mandarin ducks had been hung around Weston’s waist, and it never left his body.


Carter was very satisfied with Wendy and Jeffrey’s performance.


This scene is done.It’s lunchtime, so we will shoot the next scene after lunch.

Upon hearing this, Wendy breathed a sigh of relief.

“Wendy, how’s my performance?” Jeffrey asked.

As soon as they finished, he immediately came over to Wendy.

Raising his eyebrows, he suddenly turned from a gentleman to a *******.

He asked, “Are you moved?”

“**** off!” Wendy said crossly.

The rain in summer came and went quickly.

When they were about to have lunch, it already stopped.

Wendy heated up the lunch box and sent it to Daisy and Mason.

She thanked them for their supportive comments on Weibo.

“I’ve also defended you on Weibo.Why don’t you thank me? It’s unfair!” Jeffrey grumbled.


Wendy handed over a lunch box to him.His eyes lit up at once.

“For me?”

“Well, you can also say no.”

“No way!”

Jeffrey exclaimed and opened the lunch box.He found a chair and began to eat.

“Hmm…It’s delicious.You are really good at cooking.”

“Of course!”

Wendy was confident in her cooking skills.

Sitting far away from Jeffrey, she said to him while eating, “By the way, remember to take back your gold.”

The gold she had received before were all sent by Jeffrey.She had always wanted to return them to him, but he refused to tell her his address.So those gold had been piled up in the stockroom of her house.

“No, I won’t.”

Once again, Jeffery refused.Wendy put down her chopsticks, frowned, and stared at him.

“I’ve told you that they are my gifts for you. How can I take them back?” Jeffery insisted.

Wendy kneaded her forehead.


“I won’t take them back!”

“But it’s impossible for us to be together.”

Jeffrey also put down his chopsticks, stared at her, and asked, “Why?”

“Because you are not my type!”

He closed the lunch box angrily.

“Then tell me, what is your type? I’ll try my best to become what you like.”

Such a headstrong boy! Why was he so stubborn? Wendy felt helpless.

“Whatever! Anyway, we live close to each other. If you don’t take them away, I will send them back to your house after work.”

“And how can you send them to my house? Do you have the keys?”

Wendy was rendered speechless.

Then after a while, she said, “Don’t you know where to spend your money? If so, I’ll sell all the gold in your name, then I’ll donate the money to the orphanage.”

Jeffrey smiled.

“It’s up to you.I’ve already given them to you anyway.You can do whatever you want.”

‘‘**** it! This man is really stubborn, ‘’ Wendy complained inwardly.

All of a sudden, a figure popped up in her mind.

She grinned and threatened him, “Okay, I’ll give you two choices.It’s either you take them back after work today, or…I’ll ask Ryan to send them back to you.”

“**** it! Wendy, you’re really a *****.”

“Well, it’s up for you to make a choice here.”

“****! Okay, you win! I’ll take them back by myself,” Jeffery said through clenched teeth.

“Well…It would have been fine if you were obedient, ‘’ Wendy thought to herself.

While eating, she continued chatting with him.

“You’re almost done shooting your scenes.Do you have any plans for your next work?”

Jeffrey glanced at her with an unpredictable expression.

“Why are you looking at me that way?”

“Nothing,” he replied, grinning.

Wendy was rendered speechless. Why did his smile make her feel uncomfortable?

“Let’s not talk about me.”

After eating up all the food in the lunch box, Jeffrey handed it to his assistant.

Then he glanced at Eris, who was not far away, and asked Wendy, “Does she have a grudge against you? I’ve seen her peeking at you more than once.”

Wendy didn’t even raise her head.

He didn’t know her relationship with Eris.

“Wendy, that woman is not a good person.Please be careful with her.”

This time, Wendy raised his eyebrows.

“She has a good reputation, right? Why are you saying that?”

Eris’ acting skills in films and dramas were not good.

But her acting skills in real life were absolutely unmatched.

Otherwise, her reputation would not be so good.

“I know her well enough to say this.Anyway, just be careful.It’s complicated but…Just remember that she’s not a good person.”

“Of course, I know that.”

This time, it was Jeffrey who was surprised.

“You know?”

“Of course, I know.Except for her mother, no one else in this world knows her better than me.”

Jeffrey walked over to her and asked curiously, “Really?”

“Yes, because she is my stepmother’s daughter.”

As soon as Wendy finished his words, the expression on his face froze.

“What’s wrong?” she asked in confusion.

‘‘Daughter of her stepmother. Eris is her sister?’’ he thought.

Back then, when he was just starting his career in the entertainment industry, he was so busy that he didn’t have much contact with his brother, Brian.

He knew that Brian was in love.

But a few years later, he heard from their parents that Brian had broken up with his girlfriend and had an affair with his girlfriend’s sister.

‘‘If Eris is Wendy’s sister, then…Wendy is Brian’s ex- girlfriend?’’ Jeffery concluded, shocked.

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