My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 91 The Cursed Kissing Scene

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 91 The Cursed Kissing Scene

The next day, on the film shooting site, the crew was ready for action.

After a scorching hot day, the heavy rains were welcomed.

Fortunately the day’s shooting was scheduled for indoors so no delays were encountered.

As usual, Wendy arrived at the shooting site extra early.

She was holding an umbrella and a big bag.

In the bag were a couple of boxes of food that she had prepared that morning.

She had gone out of her way to prepare delicacies for Director Carter, Mason and Daisy because they had openly supported her when Evie slandered her on the Internet.

She was eternally grateful to them for their support, irrespective of whether they had done it sincerely for her or at the behest of the company.

Mason and Daisy lived on the shooting premises because they were playing major roles.

Although they were famous stars, they never put on airs.

They joyfully and thankfully ate the same food that the company provided for the whole crew.

So did Carter.

Hence Wendy cooked a special meal for them to thank them for sticking their necks out for her.

She also prepared one for Jeffrey.

“Good morning, director!” she greeted Carter sweetly when she saw him.

“Good morning.”

The staff was setting up the props for the scene that was to be shot.

Carter nodded at her and advised, “Go and change into your costume and make up. Shooting will begin shortly.”


Wendy handed one of the boxes to Carter, “Thank you, director.”

Carter took a peek at it.

When he discovered that it was food, he started beaming.

“Thank you kindly.Get along now and prepare yourself for the shooting.”


What Jeffrey had said the night before was indeed true.

They were going to shoot the kissing scene.

Out of jealousy, Faye forcefully took Weston away and after throwing him into the woodshed, forcibly kisses him.

With a sad look, Wendy thought to herself, “Seems like there’s no escaping this…”

After getting fully attired for the scene, Jeffrey exited his dressing room.

He was clad in a greenish long robe and his assistant held up an umbrella for him.He came and sat next to Wendy.He was full of enthusiastic energy compared to his dispirited disposition the day before.

“I’ve been waiting to shoot a kissing scene for ages.” In fact, he was so excited that he barely got any shut eye the previous night.

Wendy was uncomfortably quiet.

“Jeffery, Wendy, let’s roll on.” Carter summoned them.

“Got it!” Then Carter explained the details of the scene to them.

“Wendy, you need to convey the character of a domineering diva.

Well, to be precise, you must portray a masterful yet tasteful image.

While Jeffery you have to succumb to the wiles of an overbearing woman.

Attention to actions and expressions are of utmost importance!”

“Don’t worry, director.The roles were handpicked for us.We are like that in real life too.Our characters will as always give you nothing short of the best.”

Wendy was aghast.

‘’Damn! Arm I domineering? It doesn’t suit my character at all!’’ She cursed inwardly.

“Action!” Carter instructed.


Faye kicked open the door of the woodshed with such force that the crew shuddered.

She had already tied Weston up but his resistance was no match for Faye’s strength and he was subdued by her inevitable strength.

His face turned red with anxiety but he could not free himself.

Draped in a bright red suit, she pursed her lips and violently threw him onto the firewood “Miss Faye, you are a lady.

How could you do this? Why have you brought me here and tied me up? What is it that you want?”

he questioned.

Faye leaned over and looked him square in the eye.

They were only a gasp away from each other.

Their heaving breaths could be heard by all.

Weston’s face was flushed as he looked away.

In a stammer, he began, “Miss Faye…”

“Shut up!”

“W-Why are you so domineering?”

“What? Me? Being domineering?”

Grinding her teeth, Faye grabbed his collar and said, “Weston, I’ve warned you umpteenth times that now that we are engaged, you belong to me.Stop getting involved with other women!”

“I-l didn’t!”

“Hogwash!” The corners of Weston’s mouth twitched.

“Miss Faye, you are a lady of nobility.How can you utter such derogatory statements?”

As a scholar, Weston couldn’t say anything nasty, so he stammered for a long while. A hint of melancholy flashed through Faye’s eyes.

“Miss Faye…”

“Do you dislike me that much? Do you think I’m not as gentle and as virtuous as other girls?”

As she addressed him, she loosened her grip on his collar and sat on the ground, her back to him.

She gripped her knees and whispered solemnly, “I know you don’t like me.The only reason that you agreed to get engaged to me was to fulfil your parents’ wishes.”

Weston was visibly nervous.

“Miss Faye, I…”

“Stop it!”

With her back still to him, she smiled bitterly and said, “I know everything! I’m not au fait with the poems, songs, chess, calligraphy and paintings like a classy, cultured woman.I know you despise me for being crude.If you cared about me, even just a little, then you would not have neglected me and followed the scent of other women.You ignored me and happily sweet talked other women for a good reason, and I am that reason.”

“No, I didn’t!” Weston said hurriedly.

With her back to him, her face did not paint a sad picture.

Instead, an inkling of cunning hooded her eyes.One could, however, detect disappointment in her voice.

She asked, “What do you mean?”

“I – l don’t hate you.”

Her eyes sparkled at his words.

She turned around and burst into thunderous laughter.

She approached him and teased, “Really?”

“You played a trick on me, didn’t you?” Weston was annoyed.

“So what?” She laughed coyly and advanced towards him.

“You just said that you don’t hate me!”

“I didn’t say that I like you either!” he shouted and turned his head away in anger and embarrassment.

“I don’t care whether you like me or not.Anyway, I like you!” She grabbed his collar.

He was still reeling from her earlier antics.

“Now what are you going to do?”

“Leave a mark!”



She stretched out her hand and placed a slender finger on his lips.The atmosphere in the woodshed was oozing romance.

Weston blushed.


“Shh, don’t say anything! Your attractive luscious lips have never said anything sweet to me!”

She slowly bent over him and their bodies became closer with each breath.They were so close, you couldn’t slip a leaf between them.

Jeffrey’s heart was racing.

She was about to kiss him! Yes, she was about to kiss him! Wendy was actually going to kiss him! The entire film crew got caught up in the moment and blushed nervously.

When her lips were hardly three centimeters away from his, disaster struck.


The firewood under Jeffrey’s body suddenly broke and his back support gave way.

He waved his arms and fell with an awkward thud to the ground.

“Cut!” Carter’s voice thundered.

Jeffrey felt terrible! ‘Heck! We almost kissed! It was so close!. He complained inwardly.

Carter was a little disappointed.

The scene had built up to such a delicious climax but it was ruined by the firewood breaking at the most inopportune time! “One more time!”

However, after shooting seven to eight times in a row, they failed to clinch the scene.

There were many unexpected and inexplicable accidents that jinxed the scene.

First, the firewood broke! Then the camera broke down! Next the props in the woodshed mal-functioned! Finally, when they thought that they would finally make it, the door of the woodshed collapsed with a loud roar just when Wendy was about to kiss Jeffrey! Everyone was at a loss for words.

“What’s wrong with the props today? Who is in charge?” Hearing that, an officer in the film crew shrugged and asked, “Director, should we continue?”

“Hell, no! How do we shoot with a broken door? This scene is suspended and we’ll shoot other scenes first! In an office, looking at the images of the surveillance cameras, Ryan smiled.

“Luke!” he called.

“Yes. I’m here!”

“Reward all the members who were responsible for preparing props for the shooting today.” Luke was speechless.

That morning, he wondered why Ryan had not gone directly to the company but had instead made a detour to the shooting site and had specifically spoken to the person in charge of the props preparation team.

Luke looked sympathetically at Jeffrey in the video.

Poor boy, I told you that you can’t compete with Ryan in pursuing Wendy! It’s true that the older you get, the wiser you become!

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