My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 90 Jeffrey’s Defeat

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 90 Jeffrey’s Defeat

In No.2 Villa, Ryan and Wendy were in the kitchen.He washed the vegetables and handed them to her.She took them, cut them neatly, and put them on the plate.The two of them moved so naturally that they worked seamlessly together.

Jeffrey was struck dumb by the scene.  He could only watch them with his eyes wide open.

‘Is this some kind of a joke? Ryan, a successful businessman who deals with businesses worth hundreds of millions of dollars, is now skillfully washing vegetables in the kitchen.’ “Do they always get along like this?” he asked Luke in astonishment.

Luke smiled and said, “Yes, they are always like this recently.”

Jeffrey felt frustrated after hearing Luke’s answer.

He felt like a sharp arrow pierced through his heart.

“Wendy is mine,” he said as if he was complaining.

Luke patted him on the shoulder comfortingly.

“Poor boy, why don’t you face the fact? Wendy has already said it. She has broken up with you.”

“Yes, she broke up with me. But I didn’t agree to it, so she is still my girlfriend now.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.Let me tell you this.Even if the two of you have not broken up, Ryan is your rival now.Are you sure you can compete with him in love?”

“I will never give in,” Jeffrey said crossly.

Luke sighed pityingly.

‘Silly boy! Just wait and see.You will definitely be defeated.’ Not willing to give up, Jeffrey rushed into the kitchen to help.

“Wendy, let me help you.”

“Okay.” Jeffrey geared up his hands.

“What can I do?”

“Get the scallions in the fridge and clean them.”

“All right.”

As if he had received the task of bombing a bunker, he went to the refrigerator with a serious face.But when he opened it, he was suddenly dumbfounded.He didn’t know what scallions were.

The fridge was stuffed with different vegetables.There were a handful of scallions, leeks, and garlic sprouts.He looked at them and studied them for a long time.

But still, he couldn’t identify which one from them was the scallions.

He wanted to turn around and ask, but he was afraid of being laughed at.

He secretly took out his phone from his pocket and searched the picture of scallions on the Internet.

Finally, he found it.He breathed a sigh of relief and quickly took them out.

But looking at the scallions in his hand, he was dumbfounded again.

‘What the heck! How do I clean these? Shall I cut off the leaves and keep the white stalks? Or the other way around?’ he asked himself inwardly.

He began to scan his memory, trying to find out the scallions he had seen in the dishes he had eaten since childhood.

As far as he could remember, there were some finely chopped scallion leaves in the dishes occasionally.

‘That’s it! The white stalks have to be cut off and thrown away,’ I thought to himself, feeling proud for being smart.

While humming a song, he started separating the green leaves from the white stalks.

But he didn’t even remove the dried parts at the end of the leaves.

He threw all the white stalks into the trash can then rushed to Wendy happily with a handful of scallion leaves.It was as if he was offering her a treasure.

“Wendy, it’s done.”

With a complacent look, he seemed to be waiting for a compliment.

‘‘I did a great job, didn’t I?” Praise me, praise me!’ he thought to himself.

“Where are the white stalks?” Wendy asked in confusion.

Instead of answering her, Jeffrey pointed at the trash can.

Wendy took a look at the white stalks in the trash can, then at the messy chopped green leaves in Jeffery’s hand.

The corners of her mouth twitched wildly.

Seeing this scene, Ryan took the scallion leaves from Jeffery’s hand, removed the dead leaves, and washed them under the faucet.Jeffrey was rendered speechless.

In this round, he was obviously defeated.

After ruining several more ingredients in a row and breaking two plates in the kitchen, Wendy finally couldn’t stand Jeffrey anymore, so she kicked him out of the kitchen.

“Wendy, give me another chance. I can learn.”

“Before you can learn how to cook, you will blow up the whole kitchen.Go out and just wait for dinner.”


Left with no choice, Jeffrey walked out of the kitchen sulkily.Luke, in the living room, clapped his thighs and burst into laughter.Seeing his reaction, Jeffrey said nothing.

He turned to look at Raymond and Precious, who were playing in the corner.

When Precious woke up, she spontaneously came here, and the two kids played together again.Jeffrey strode over and squatted beside them.

He smiled handsomely and said, “Precious, Ray, what are you doing?”

“We’re playing Rubik’s Cube,” Precious said, raising her head.

Then she asked, “Bruce, do you want to play with us?”


He took the Rubik’s Cube from Precious’ hand and said to them, “This Rubik Cube is very difficult.Look! The color of each face is mixed up, but I will fix it and return each face to only one color.”

Upon hearing his words, Precious looked at him expectantly.On the other hand, Ray just looked at him indifferently.

Jeffrey then started twisting each cubelet.

One minute had passed.

Then two minutes.

Five minutes…

Ten minutes…

The expectation in Precious’s eyes faded away.

“Bruce, can you really do it?”

“Of course, I can.Just give me a minute.” Jeffrey broke out in a cold sweat.

He smiled awkwardly and tried to reorganize the Rubik’s Cube again.But this time…He still failed.

‘****! Who the **** has invented this toy? This is too illogical! How can it be so hard?’ he cursed inwardly.

After another ten minutes, he finally gave up.

“What the **** are these toys? They are not suitable for children to play at all.Precious, I will buy you a doll some other day.”

“Give it to me.” As he spoke, Raymond reached out his hand.


“The Rubik’s Cube.”

“Oh, okay!” Jeffrey handed over the Rubik’s Cube to Raymond in a hurry.

Under his shocked gaze, the once stubborn Rubik’s Cube was reorganized by Raymond successfully in a few seconds.The little boy’s hands moved very fast.In less than thirty seconds, each face was returned to a single color.Jeffrey was rendered speechless.

“Wow! Ray, you are awesome!” Precious praised.

Raymond cast a casual glance at Jeffrey and then lowered his head to continue fixing the Rubik’s Cube.

Jeffrey was struck dumb.

‘Why do I feel like I am being looked down upon by a child?’ he asked himself inwardly.

“Well…Ray, I’ll buy you more interesting toys some other day.Do you like Transformers? How about airplane models?”

“I only like Rubik’s Cube!”

“Then, I’ll buy you more interesting Rubik’s Cubes next time.”

Jeffrey made up his mind that he must please Ray this time.Then he could ask the little boy to put in a good word for him with Wendy.In this way, she would definitely like him more.

“No, thanks,” Ray refused at once.

Jeffrey felt frustrated.

He frowned and asked, “Why?”

“The Rubik’s Cube that Uncle Oliver gave me is pretty good.”

“Uncle Oliver?”

‘Is it Ryan or Luke?’ Jeffery wondered to himself.

“Uncle Ryan.”

Raymond seemed to see through his doubts and confirmed.

Jeffery lost his tongue.

‘So, it’s really him! He is so despicable that he even bribes a child, ‘ Jeffery complained in his mind.  This was the second round.

Ryan wasn’t even there, but he won again.

When they were having dinner, Jeffrey was already listless.

While eating rice, he stared at Wendy with resentment as if she was a heartless woman.

I Wendy’s scalp numbed with fear.

“Hey, is something wrong? Why are you staring at me like that?” she asked crossly.

The look in Jeffrey’s eyes became more resentful.

Ryan frowned and knocked his chopsticks on the table.

His face was cold, and his eyes were sharp.

He looked at Jeffery and snapped, “Behave yourself and eat!”

His voice was cold and stern, with indisputable deterrence.Jeffrey was scared at once.He lowered his head and began to eat.

In the third round, he still lost to Ryan.

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