My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 88 Respectfully Call Me Aunt Wendy

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 88 Respectfully Call Me Aunt Wendy

Inside No.3 Villa, another drama was playing out.

This was Wendy’s first visit to Jeffrey’s home.The deco contrasted sharply with that of Ryan’s and Luke’s homes.It was decorated in a totally post- modern style.

The floor boasted laminated wood with grey carpets decked over them.

Although most of the furniture was gray, it didn’t look dull at all.Actually anyone would compliment its low-key yet luxurious message.There was an imposing photo wall in the living room.

It was covered with photos of Jeffrey in different characters.

Beneath the photo wall was a display cabinet on which proudly stood the many trophies that Jeffrey had won since his debut into the entertainment industry.

Wendy was overawed! She sauntered to the trophies, drooling at the many coveted awards for music achievements, movies and TV series that Jeffrey had bagged.Jeffrey was silent.

He pressed Wendy’s shoulders sensually and asked, “How can you get distracted by a bunch of trophies when such a handsome man is standing in front of you? Huh?!”

“Get away! These are all my goals!” Jeffrey was dumbstruck again.

Suddenly, he blurted, “Uncle Ryan likes you.”

“What did you just say?”

“Uncle Ryan likes you!”

Wendy trembled and almost dropped the trophy she was holding.

She quickly replaced it and shook her head desperately.

“That’s impossible!”

Jeffrey searched for Ryan’s words on the WeChat Moment.

“See? ‘My Love’! Isn’t it self-explanatory?”

“For your information, he is referring to Precious.Okay?”

“If that was the case then he would have posted a photo of Precious only.Why did he post one of all three of you? What’s going on with him? Care to explain it now?”


“And, Uncle Ryan is not at all a warm or compassionate person.He is as busy as a bee, yet he finds time to post photos of you and look after Ray.Doesn’t that tell you something? So stop kidding.Besides, do you know what Precious means to him? She is the little princess of the Oliver Family.She has been spoilt to the core by my grandparents from the day she was born.Uncle Ryan doesn’t allow anyone anywhere near her without his permission.He is extremely possessive and protective over her.”

Wendy was taken aback.Why did she feel that the Ryan that Jeffrey was talking about was not the Ryan that she knew?

“Jeffrey, did you…Did you have a grudge against Ryan so you deliberately started a smear campaign against him?”

Jeffrey was so infuriated that a sharp pain literally shot through his chest.

“Then how do you explain that he is so willing to take care of Ray?”

“Of course it’s because my son is so lovable!”

“Oh dear! Here we go again!”

“Buddy, you are over thinking.It’s normal for neighbors to help each other.”

Jeffrey was about burst a blood vessel.

He grasped Wendy’s shoulders and said sternly, “Wendy! Believe it or not, Uncle Ryan is smitten by you.I don’t want to get into anything else.I just want to warn you about him.Don’t be deceived by his outer appearance and sweet talk.Moreover, don’t try to entice him because of that handsome face.He is unlike me.If you betray him or do anything to aggravate him, he will give you a punishment worse than death.You would simply disappear from the face of this earth.”

Wendy blinked, “Are you afraid of Ryan?”

A trace of embarrassment flashed across Jeffrey’s face.

He looked away and said, “What nonsense! What do I have to be afraid of?”

“Ha Ha! I can’t believe that the fearless Jeffrey is really afraid of someone!”

“Wendy! Stop it!”

Jeffrey became angry and embarrassed.

He felt like he had been caught with his pants down.

Wendy guffawed.

“It’s becoming a bad habit of yours to threaten me every day.If you dare threaten me again or reveal to anyone that we were in a relationship, then I will seduce your Uncle Ryan and become your aunt! Then I’ll influence him to punish you every day! Come on, boy.Call me Aunt Wendy.”Jeffrey could not outsmart her.

Why could she not see the gravity of the matter? His Uncle Ryan! People openly referred to him as a “Tyrant” or a “Devil”.

As far as Jeffrey could remember, no woman could get close to him.

No wonder rumors spread that he might be a homosexual.

But there was still an endless queue of women trying to win him over.

Those women…They usually ended up nursing a broken heart.

It was said that a girl’s finger was cut off the very next day after she tried to touch him!  Since then, his cruel reputation spread like wildfire.In the past few years, the only woman who had made it was the one who had slept with him and gave birth to Precious.Jeffrey was genuinely concerned about Wendy’s welfare.

“Wendy, Uncle Ryan is really…”

“Oh, right!”

Suddenly, a question popped up in her mind.

She interrupted him mid-sentence and stared at him askance.

With eyes as large as saucers, she enquired, “Are you Precious’s brother?”

Jeffrey looked depressed, “What do you think?”

He was in conflict about having such a young cousin.

“Ha Ha! Ha Ha Ha!” Wendy’s exaggerated laugh echoed.

“Precious calls me ‘auntie’. According to your seniority, don’t you also have to call me ‘auntie’?”

Jeffrey’s face darkened!

“Shut up!”


Although she was afraid of Ryan, Jeffrey did not scare her at all.

She laughed coyly and sang, “Wow! I’m so sorry that I am suddenly more senior than you.When you see me in the future, remember to speak to me respectfully as your senior and not to joke around with me.Or ! will slap you across the lips!”

Jeffrey was flabbergasted.

“Okay! I’ve heard an earful from you.Ray is still sleeping at home.It’s best I leave now.”

“Don’t go!” Jeffrey stopped her.

The corners of Wendy’s mouth lifted into a smirk.

She made a fist and belched, “Jeff, please think twice before you say anything, okay?”
Flinching his neck and lowering his head, Jeffrey suddenly noticed the script on the sofa at a glance.

“Oh, right! Director Williams said that you would join the crew for tomorrow’s shoot.They will be shooting our scene.I have yet to go over my lines.Why don’t you practice our lines with me now?”

Wendy yawned, bored to death.

“Come here quickly!” Jeffrey pulled Wendy to the sofa.

She sat down casually and asked, “Tell me, which scene?”

Jeffrey opened the script and pointed to one of the scenes on it.

“Here! This one! Director Williams said that we will shoot this scene tomorrow!”

After taking a glance at it, Wendy became as alert as a bird.She knew her scenes so well that she remembered the scene that Jeffrey was referring to.

That was…A kissing scene! This would be shot the next day! In the play, after Faye and Weston’s engagement, Faye felt intimidated by the hordes of women in the city who still pursued Weston like dogs in heat.

In a jealous rage, she tied him to the woodshed and forcefully kissed him! Wendy’s face turned deathly pale in disgust.

Looking at her face, Jeffrey was instantly enraged.

“**** it! What is that lifeless expression supposed to mean? It seems as if you would rather die than shoot a kissing scene with me! Do you know how many women are waiting to ravage my lips but couldn’t find a chance?”

Wendy just remained silent.

“Cut the **** and practice this with me!”

Just when Jeffrey was about to rehearse, the doorbell suddenly rang.He impulsively rushed to the door.

Through the visual doorbell, he espied someone who made him grit his teeth.

“Who is it?”

“How dare you ask? How dare you say that Ryan doesn’t like you? If he doesn’t care about you, then what is he doing, chasing after your skirt here?”

“Is that Ryan?”

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