My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 87 Can Jeffrey Turn Ryan Into a Cuckold

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 87 Can Jeffrey Turn Ryan Into a Cuckold

‘‘What the heck! You win!’’ Wendy quickly got out of bed and slipped on her shoes.

“Where are you? I’ll come over right away!”

“I’m at home!”

“**** it! Jeffrey, are you kidding me? How am I supposed to know where you live?” asked Wendy.

“Just cut the **** and leave your house now!” Jeffrey then duly hung up the phone! ‘

’****! That weirdo!’’ Wendy just wanted to smack him now.

What was wrong with him? Wendy didn’t dare delay another second.She knew how erratic Jeffrey could be.He always carried out his threats.

If she failed to meet him, he would announce their relationship to the world.

****** ****! Dating Jeffrey? His brainless fans would curse her to death.

Ray was still fast asleep so she didn’t disturb him.

She scribbled a quick note and left it at his bedside.

Then she changed her clothes and stole outdoors.

As soon as she stepped out of No.2 Villa, she took out her phone and called Jeffrey.

But before their phones could connect, she saw Jeffrey standing outside No. 1 Villa! He still had the eye-catching green hair and Hip- hop style clothes to match.

He stuck out like a sore thumb.

Wendy was appalled! Why was he standing at the door of Ryan’s house?

No! No! No! Ryan was Jeffrey’s uncle so it was normal for him to be seen at the door to the house.

But why did Jeffrey call her there just to ask her to go elsewhere? Wendy was confused.

She didn’t want anyone to know that Ryan was her neighbor.

What should she do? As Wendy tried to hide from him, he caught her gaze and gave her a deadly look.

There was unspoken tension as their eyes met.

Wendy was transfixed for a second and then tried to run away.

“Wendy! How dare you try to run away? Stop!”

With his long legs, it was easy to outrun her.

He grabbed her back collar with one hand but Wendy’s reflexes were too fast and she floored him with an overarm throw.



As he hit the ground, he was writhing in pain.

He pointed a trembling finger at Wendy accusingly, “You! You dare to hit me!”


“How dare you hit me?” Jeffrey stood up, embarrassed.

“Why did you chase me?”

“Would I chase you if you didn’t run away?”

“Would I run away if you didn’t chase me?”

Wendy answered with a question, guiltless.Jeffrey was silent.

****! What horrible misfortune! Jeffrey brushed the dust off his clothes and questioned Wendy like a husband who had caught his wife red handed engaging in adultery.

“What are you doing in Uncle Luke’s house?” Wendy was astonished.

“Is this your Luke’s house? You must be mistaken.”

“How could I?” asked Jeffrey angrily.

“No.1 Villa of the Ensfield belongs to Uncle Ryan, No.2 Villa belongs to Uncle Luke, and No.3 Villa belongs to me! I have been their neighbor for many years.How could I be mistaken?”

Wendy was even more shocked.She pointed at the No.3 Villa beside the No.2 Villa and asked, “Is that your home?”

“Of course!”

“But I’ve been living there for more than a month.Why haven’t I seen you?”

“You’ve been living there for more than a month? Really?” Jeffrey became indignant.

“That’s not the point!”

Wendy waved her hand and said, “Cut to the chase.Why did you want to meet me in such a hurry?”

Jeffrey was about to lose it.

He shouted, “Wendy! I have been worried about you since you were framed by Evie, but I couldn’t get in touch with you! You are so unsympathetic that you didn’t call even once to update me on the outcome of that matter.

Your phone was unreachable and I had no idea where you were living.

I was so worried…!”

The cockles of her heart warmed up.

Although he was famous for his rough temper, he had a soft side for her.

She patted him on the shoulder and said.

“Buddy! Thank you!”

“Who the **** is your buddy?”

Fuming, he pushed away her hand and demanded, “Tell me! Why are you living in the Ensfield? Where did you disappear to for so many days? What kind of relationship do you share with Uncle Ryan? Speak!”

Three consecutive questions made Wendy’s head spin.

“Such a load of questions! Which one do you want me to answer first?”

“In that order!”

Wendy began to reflect.

“Firstly, I told you that I saved Precious at the audition site and then signed a contract with Glory Media.The company arranged accommodation here for me.”

With his eyebrows twitching wildly, Jeffrey was close to losing his temper.

Wendy glanced at him and said, “If you want me to finish my answer, please do not interrupt with your nonsense!”

Jeffrey kept quiet then said, “Please go on.”

“Secondly, I have been in the hospital since I disappeared.I just returned today.”

This time, Jeffrey couldn’t help but look at Wendy up and down, “Why were you in hospital? Why didn’t you tell me? I would have visited you!”

“I was not in hospital.It was my sister.”

My sister was hospitalized and I needed to take care of her.She deliberately concealed the bit about Ryan.

“You have a sister?”

“Of course! I’m a normal person.Why can’t I have a sister?”


Jeffrey shut his mouth sulkily.

“Thirdly, I told you before that your Uncle Ryan and I have nothing special going on.He is the boss and I am an employee!”

“No way!”

Wendy felt a headache coming on.

She rubbed her temples and said, “Believe it or not!”

“Then how do you explain this photo?”

He whipped out his phone and showed her the photo that Ryan had posted on WeChat Moments.

Although it was a back view of Wendy, he had no doubt that it was her.He was confident about this fact.

“Don’t tell me the person in the photo is not you!”

“It is me!”

“You admit it?” said Jeffrey furiously.

“Admit what? Ryan and Luke often take care of my son as good neighbors do in turn, return the favor by taking care of Precious.After a while of being neighbors, we became acquaintances.

We just had lunch together today.

When we came back, we took some photos.

Why are you interrogating me as if I am engaging in adultery? I don’t even owe you an explanation about my relationship with Ryan.

After all, you are an ex-boyfriend now.How dare you question me? Jeffrey’s anger was immediately extinguished as if ice cold water had been poured on him.

At that moment, the security guards who had been alerted to the noise, came to investigate what was going on.

Wendy was red with embarrassment.

She grabbed Jeffrey’s arm and said, “Let’s talk about it in the house!”

“Is your son at home?”


“Then let’s go to my place!”

Without saying a word, he took Wendy to No.3 Villa. In No.1 Villa, Luke, who had been peeking at the gate for a long time, had a curious look on his face.He was shocked to see Jeffrey lead Wendy away to No.3 Villa.

He turned around and yelled into the room.

“Ryan! Get here quickly.If you are a second too slow, Jeffrey will turn you into a cuckold! Whew!”

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