My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 86 I Have Found The Perfect Mom

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 86 I Have Found The Perfect Mom

The sultry weather had them in streams of perspiration by the time they reached Ensfield.Wendy and Ryan separated at the fork in the road.Before Wendy could leave, Precious delayed her.

“Wait, Auntie Wendy!”

“What’s wrong, my dear?”

“I want to take photos with you and Ray!”


Although they had known each other for quite a while now, Wendy had neglected to take photos with Precious.

Precious took out Ryan’s phone and switched on the camera.

She handed the phone to Luke without any hesitation.

Then she ran back to the others.

Wendy sat on the blue stone road with her legs crossed and her back to the sun.

Ray and Precious sat on either side of her.  “Well, uncle, hurry up! Remember to take the good side of us.”

“Okay!” Luke manipulated the phone while glancing silently at Ryan.

Then he put his heart and soul into taking the best photos he possibly could.

‘‘Well! Wendy, Ray and Precious looked fabulous in matching clothes.What a harmonious scene!’’ Luke thought to himself.

He joyfully clicked several more photos of this photogenic group.

“Well, it’s done!”

Upon hearing that, Precious ran over to Luke.

When she saw the photos, her eyes brightened up.

“Wow! It’s so beautiful!”

“Of course, I’m good at photography!”

“I mean we look so beautiful,” Precious added.

Luke was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect a display of such pride from her but he knew that this was just her way of being funny.Wendy also ran over.

When she saw the photo, she cried out, “Wow! It’s really so beautiful!”

Luke raised his chin in pride at these compliments.

Wendy rubbed her chin and joked, “Sure enough, if you are naturally beautiful then the camera will capture your beauty no matter how you shoot! Ha- hal”

Luke was lost for words.  He looked strangely at Wendy and Precious.

Then a sinister feeling overcame him.

They projected a mother-daughter bond to perfection! “Luke, please remember to send me those photos!”

“Okay!” After taking the photos, Wendy was drenched in perspiration.

“Ray and I will go back and take a shower.It’s hot and stuffy.Besides, it looks like we’re in for some rain.”

“Okay!” Ryan replied with a nod.

Then he added, “We will be there at dinner time.”

Wendy was blown away.

“Alright, then…” At No.1 villa, after her shower, Precious began to yawn.

“Are you sleepy?”Ryan asked with concern.

Precious nodded listlessly.She then stretched out her arms to him and he cradled her lovingly.

“Daddy, can you take a nap with me?” Precious put her arms around Ryan’s neck and asked.


He entered the room and gently placed her on the big bed.He then closed the curtains and told her, “Go to sleep now.”

“Daddy, stay with me,” Precious insisted.

Ryan had no choice but to lie next to her on the bed.

“Daddy.Come on.I support you.” She tugged at his clothes although her eyes were drowsy with sleep.

“What do you mean?”

“Marry Auntie Wendy soon. I want her to be my mom!”

Ryan touched her head and said, “Go to sleep!”


Very soon she was in slumber land.

Whilst lying on the bed next to her, he took out his phone and looked at the photos Luke had taken earlier that day.

His eyes were glued to the photos as if he were mesmerized by some rare treasure.

His soft gaze remained on the photos for a long time.

The more he looked at them, the more elated he became.

He was enchanted by the fact that Precious’s eyes were a replica of Wendy’s.  What a pleasant coincidence! Smiling with mirth, he sent all the photos to Wendy.

Finally, he set the photo of the three of them sitting on the blue stone road as his screen saver.

He then posted a photo of them on WeChat Moment.

It was a photo of Wendy, Ray and Precious.

The three of them were standing with their backs to the camera.

Wendy was in the middle, holding the hands of the children.

The picture captured Wendy jumping against the light, her ponytail flying.

Although the photo portrayed a back view of her, viewers could see that she was blissfully happy.

He posted the photo with two powerful words: “My Love.”

Soon, there were comments below the post.

Luke said, “Wow, am I good at photography or what?”

Kane also left a reply, “When did you have a son?”

Roger left a series of frustrated emojis below it.

Leo commented

“Oh, my ***! Bro, you are amazing.When are you going to introduce your wife to us? “ Ryan was thrilled as he went through the comments.As soon as the page was refreshed, two more replies popped up.

One was from his father, “Is this the real deal?”

While the other was from his mother.

As if she was expressing her anger, she left a line of emoji of three angry faces first.

Then she added, “Ryan, please make time to come over soon.I have something important to discuss with you!”

Ryan frowned.He responded to his father first, “Yes!”

Then he replied to his mother.


Later, he refreshed the page again, but didn’t see any reply from Wendy.

He was deeply saddened.

With a wry expression, he placed the phone on the bedside table.

Wendy had neatly packed the clothes that she had chosen for him into the bag and the bags were now on the bedside table.

Looking at the clothes, he remembered she had told him that she had never bought clothes for a man before.

His eyes gradually softened.

After a refreshing shower, Wendy lay on her bed.

Her cellphone beeped.

When she took a closer look she saw the pictures that Ryan had sent.

She immediately saved them in her phone.

Wendy was disarmed by the smiling faces of the children.

Unfortunately, as an actress, she couldn’t set these intimate photos as a screen saver like other woman.

Once, after she saved Precious, she was hospitalized and Roger had taken care of her for several days.

At that time, Roger had explicitly told her not to reveal any information about Ray.

In the world of showbiz, stars could really heap up a fortune, but at the same time, their privacy could be compromised.

Sadly, she didn’t even know who Ray’s father was.

This was what tarnished her image and hung like a dark cloud over her head.

If the media got wind of this, they would not think twice about reporting it.

Anti-fans would criticize her conduct harshly and she would be caught up in a merry mess.

If that happened, she would not be able to protect her innocent child from the talons of those vultures.

Therefore, she abided by Roger’s advice and hid Ray’s existence from the public.

After saving the photos, she habitually browsed through the WeChat Moment.

She didn’t have many friends so she came across the photo that Ryan had posted on the platform quite quickly.

There was no problem with the photo.

But the caption surprised her.

‘‘My Love’’? Wendy’s heart skipped a beat!

‘‘Does he mean Precious? Yes! Of course, it must be Precious!’’

Flustered, she threw the phone aside as if escaping from something.

“Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!”

Sharp notes of WeChat alerts sounded continuously.

“Wendy! Wendy! Wendy, are you there? I have something important to tell you!”

It was Jeffrey who was harassing her on her phone.Wendy was confused.

‘Why is he texting me so urgently?’ Before she could reply, Jeffrey called her as if he had run out of patience.

Wendy answered the phone immediately.


“Come and meet me, Wendy! Hurry up! I’m running out of patience!”

“Are you completely out of your mind?” Wendy asked crossly.

“Whatever you say! I’ll give you one minute.If you don’t come, I’ll announce to the media that you’re my girlfriend!” he threatened.

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