My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 85 Cold But Sweet

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 85 Cold But Sweet

”It’s Luke! Although Luke was not directly involved in the showbiz, he was well known in these circles and frequently became the topic of discussion for people in the filming industry.He only dates gorgeous women from the showbiz, if the rumors are true.’’

It was obvious that Eris had heard of him, too.

At the sight of Rosie’s shocked face, Eris couldn’t help asking, “Rosie, do you know Luke?”

“I sure do!”

“Tell me everything.”

“He and Kane are friends.The two of them grew up together.Luke is the youngest son of the Oliver family.They own the Oliver Group, you know.Glory Media is a subsidiary of Oliver Group, one of the hundreds all over the world.Now the Oliver Group’s CEO is Luke’s older brother, Ryan.And Kane works for him! I never would have imagined that Wendy would get involved with Luke, though! Now it all makes sense.How she signed up with the Glory Media as soon as she came in town, and how she got her part in the show.Not to mention Kane blocking Evie’s posts.Luke must have been behind all that!”

Rosie said, hatred written all over her face.

“Hmm! But isn’t Luke supposed to be a ladies’ man?”

‘Oh, yes! He is such a *******! That alone seemed to lift Rosie’s spirit.

“His affairs never last longer than a month! Sure, Wendy is hot.But he’ll dump her too soon enough!”

“I am not so sure about that.”

Eris toyed with chain of her handbag as she asked incredulously, “He must be crazy about her.He wouldn’t give her a black card if he didn’t.”

“Nonsense! Luke’s generosity is quite famous.He buys all kinds of expensive things for all his girlfriends.How do you think he charms all those TV stars and models? But sooner or later, they all get dumped, no matter how love-struck he may seem.He is kind of ruthless, too.Once he gets out of a relationship, there’s no chance for a reunion.”

Rosie’s answer sounded a lot like gloating.

Eris pretended to be shocked by what she learned.

“No, I can’t let Wendy go through that! I need to convince her to leave him.”

“Don’t be a fool,” Rosie said, holding her back.

“Right now, Luke showers her with affection and expensive gifts.If you talk to her now, she’ll think that you are trying to ruin her happiness! Humph! Wendy probably thinks Luke will marry her someday.Talk about knowing her place! She think it’s that easy to marry into a rich family?”

Rosie could see Wendy’s future clearly in her mind. She snorted.

“A nobody like her needs to be used and then dumped by Luke.That way she’ll learn once and for all that wealthy men are way out of her league.”

“But she is my sister after all…” Eris insisted.

“Is that so? Didn’t she just yell at you? Us both? Is this how a sister would treat you? I am telling you, she is not worthy of your kindness.Let’s just go home!”

In the resting area, the children were sitting on the soft leather sofa, eating ice cream.It was the perfect way to cool down a bit in the summer heat.

“Mommy!” When he spotted Wendy, Raymond jumped to his feet.

He ran to his mother with his short legs and started tugging her shirt.Wendy immediately squatted down in front of her son.

Raymond scooped up some ice cream and gave it to her.

“Hmm.Vanilla! Delicious!”

Hugging him tight, she kissed Ray’s cheek and said, “Thank you, baby!”

The boy’s ears started turning red.Precious ran over too and scooped up a spoonful of her own ice cream.

She held it towards Wendy and said, “Auntie, mine is really delicious, too.Try some.It’s strawberry!”

As Wendy licked the spoon clean, Precious was watching her every movement eagerly.

Wendy had to try really hard not to laugh at the girl’s expression.

She swallowed and smacked her lips.

Then she gave Precious a big kiss, which made the girl beam with pride.

Ryan, who had just gotten off the phone, walked up to them.

Precious scooped some ice cream and tried to feed it to her father.

Ryan frowned, keeping his lips sealed.

Luke broke out into laughter, “Precious, sweetie.Have you ever seen your father eat ice cream? You know why you haven’t? Because he hates it.He says it’s cold and sticky.And too sweet!”

“But this is delicious.Auntie Wendy thinks so too.She just said it!”

‘Wendy had ice cream too?’ Ryan wondered.

He took a good look at Wendy and spotted a small pink stain right on the corner of her mouth.

And to Luke’s astonishment, Ryan opened his mouth and ate the ice cream.

‘It is cold and tastes like strawberries, ‘ Ryan thought, trying to decide whether he liked it or not.

Precious’s eyes shone with excitement.

“Daddy, do you like it?”

Ryan glanced at Wendy and said softly, “It’s good.Cold, but sweet!”

Wendy just stared at him.

‘What? Why did he look at me like that? Is something wrong?’ Wendy started looking around and then her eyes fell on the spoon in Precious’s hand.

The same one she had eaten off.And then Ryan had used it too.Her cheek were flaming all of a sudden.

‘Nice!’ Luke thought, wishing he could congratulate his brother right then and there.

‘I didn’t think Ryan had it in him.He is actually thinking up some good moves!’ Ryan stood up and walked to his brother.

Looking inside the bags in Luke’s hands, he turned to Wendy.

“Thank you,” he said gently.

The blush on her face hadn’t faded yet and his voice seemed to just make it worse She waved her hand and said, “It’s nothing, really.Women do love shopping, even more so when it is not their own money they are spending!”

“In that case, you can be in charge of picking out new clothes for me from now on.” Wendy didn’t know how to respond to that.

The smile froze on her face.

‘Can I just refuse?’ She wondered.

‘I don’t think he will let me though.’ She suddenly grabbed the bags from Luke and stuffed them into Ryan’s hands.

“First, you must try them on.See if they fit.The shop assistant said you can return them or change them at any time if they don’t fit.”

But all Ryan could think was that this was the first time Wendy bought clothes for him.Even if they didn’t fit him, he would never return them.But just because she asked, he took out the black overcoat and tried it on.

The man was born to be a model.The black overcoat was well-tailored, but simple.

It was just the right one for Ryan.

Usually, he looked too serious wearing a suit, but this particular overcoat made his look more casual.

“Oh, Daddy! You are so handsome!”

Precious cooed, clapping her hands together.

“Auntie Wendy, you have excellent taste!”

“Well, the fabric and the craftsmanship are extraordinary,” Wendy said proudly.

“There had to be a reason for it to be so expensive, right? It really does look perfect! I was planning to buy a crimson suit, which would definitely look great on you.But as it turned out, it was a limited edition.Only one of them in the whole city! And one of my cousins got it before me.Pity.”

Ryan, who was taking off the overcoat at the moment, paused for a second.


“You probably know her.Her name is Rosie! She is married to Kane.She must have bought it as a present for him.Next time you see him, he may be wearing that suit.”

On their walk home Ryan and Luke were a few steps behind Wendy and the children.Ryan’s face once more resembled an expressionless mask.

“Luke,” he called out suddenly.

“What is it?”

“It seems that Glory Media is overstaffed.Find Kane something else to do!”

Ryan said firmly and walked away.  Luke was stunned! He couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

‘‘Is he for real? Just because Rosie bought the suit Wendy had an eye on, he will make Kane pay for that?  Oh, ***! I need to make sure I stay on Wendy’s good side from now on!’’ Luke thought, sighing inwardly.

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