My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 84 Do I Look Like A Blatant Fool

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 84 Do I Look Like A Blatant Fool

Wendy studied Eris silently as if she were watching a hilarious show.

“Wendy, I was young and ignorant at that time.Now I know how much I hurt you.What I did was painfully wrong.Punish me all you want.I will accept it.But Rosie is innocent in all of this.She invited you to be her bridesmaid because you are her cousin.She was totally clueless about what I had done.”

Wendy was amused by Eris’s sad look.

Really, if Eris was as devoted as she was now while working, then she wouldn’t have been scolded by Carter so often for being a lousy actress.

She was a brilliant actress when it came to play the innocent victim.

“Are you done?” Eris bit her lips


“Then I’ll leave!”Wendy said matter-of-factly.


“Eris, don’t waste your breath on her!” Rosie strutted over and stopped her.

“Wendy, you are not going anywhere until you give me an explanation!”


Wendy stopped and put her hand into her pocket, “What do you wish to hear?”

“That you will leave Kane alone!”


“What are you laughing at?” Rosie asked crossly.

“I’m laughing because you are a pathetic fool!”

Wendy walked up to Rosie and stared at her with a straight face.

During her time with Ryan, she had learnt how to convey a callous attitude.

She peered at Rosie with eyes of icicles.

Her demeanor screamed that she dare not be challenged.

“****** ****! When did you see me seducing your husband? How can you discredit my character based on ridiculous rumors? Do I look like a blatant fool? According to the 246th article of the criminal law of our country, it is regarded as defamation of character if an individual fabricates and spreads untrue stories about another individual! The punishment for defamation of character for the perpetrator is under three years imprisonment, detention, public surveillance or deprivation of political rights! So I advise you to watch your mouth!”

Rosie was gobsmacked by her imposing manner and stunned for a few seconds.When she regained her senses, her face was flushed with fury.

“Wendy, you are the one who seduced my husband! You have the nerve to be so arrogant with me! You are a shameless shrew! If you didn’t entice him, then why would he have helped you to get rid of Evie by posting that clarification using Glory Media’s official Weibo account? Previously, when there were scandals involving A-list and even super A-list artists, the company didn’t give a hoot.But this time…”

“You doubt me because of this?” Wendy asked in disbelief.

“Ever since you came back, Kane has seldom come home.Do you dare to say that it’s not because of you? Besides, when you attended the audition, he was there.If it weren’t for him, how could you, a relatively unknown newcomer, get the chance to perform in such a big production like the ‘Story of Concubine Ivanka’?”

“Firstly, if your husband doesn’t come home, you should ask him why! Secondly, it’s ludicrous that you suspect that we are having an affair just because he was present when I auditioned! If that’s the case then Kane must be having an affair with every female who auditioned! Thirdly, if you want to know why I succeeded in the audition, you can visit Director Carter’s page.He posted the video of my audition! It speaks volumes!”

Hearing that, Rosie gnashed her teeth indignantly “We haven’t seen each other for three years yet you have a fat lot to say.”

“I’m flattered!”

Rosie hyperventilated at Wendy’s casual stance.

Wendy squealed with superiority.

She had experienced the worst of all types of people and scenarios in the past few years.

So she was unafraid of this confrontation.

In her opinion, Rosie was setting herself up for humiliation at her own hands! She didn’t want to leave so she called the saleslady and requested, “Please pack that sapphire blue suit for me.Size 48.”

“Yes, Miss!”

She packed the suit quickly.

Then Wendy paid with Ryan’s black card.

When Rosie and Eris saw the black card, their eyes nearly pop out.

They stared at each other in disbelief!

‘’Black card! It was a black card!”

They were not the only ones stunned when they saw the black card.

The saleslady too stared wide eyed at the card and immediately her attitude towards Wendy changed.

She suddenly put on an extremely respectful mien.

“Miss, with this card, you get a twenty percent discount.Do you need anything else?”

‘What? A twenty-percent discount?”

Wendy was elated! As far as she knew, this luxury brand never offered a discount.

They would rather destroy the off season products than sell them at a cheaper price! Wendy looked around and added a newly released black knee length windbreaker and a crimson shirt to her cart.

‘‘Wow!” She felt like a queen, being able to buy anything she fancied and not paying for it with her own money.

“Miss, it’s done.”

The saleslady handed the paper bag to her.

Without looking at Rosie and Eris, Wendy flounced off.

This time, neither Rosie nor Eris stopped her.

Rosie was satisfied in the knowledge that Kane did not possess a black card.

It meant that Wendy had nothing to do with Kane.

Rosie breathed a sigh of relief as she internalized this hard fact.

Eris gritted her teeth with hatred and envy but pretended to be relaxed.

She held Rosie’s arms and whispered, “See, I told you that it wasn’t true but you doubted me.Now do you believe that she is innocent?”

“Don’t be silly.You don’t have to be her mouthpiece! She had only just returned from overseas.How did she get in possession of a black card so soon? What did this mean? She may not have seduced Kane but I’m sure she is the mistress of some rich man.She has changed a lot in the past three years while we had lost contact with each other.Not only does she have a beautiful face but she has a scheming wicked mind to match.She tricked some lovelorn rich man to give her his black card.”

Upon hearing that, Eris narrowed her eyes and quickly held Rosie’s hands.

“Rosie, maybe we have misunderstood her.She is not a mistress…”


Rosie sighed and prodded Eris’s forehead.

In a disappointed tone she stated, “You are too simple minded.She was cruel enough to stab you back then, so who knows what else she is capable of doing?”

Rosie was filled with jealousy and hatred.

She ventured, “I bet she has hooked up with some nasty old man who has been beguiled by her beauty and is prepared to splash all his money on her to keep her happy.”

Eris pretended to be shocked and said, “No, it can’t be true.The clothes she just purchased just now is for a young man.”

Staring at Wendy’s receding figure, Rosie quietly stepped forward and followed.

“Rosie, what are you doing?”

“If you want to know who her man is then just follow her secretly.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“Why not?” Rosie held Eris’s hand and followed Wendy.

“Hurry up! Let’s go and have a look,” she urged Eris.

The two followed Wendy secretly.Wendy walked around the fourth floor again with the paper bags in her hand.Eventually she went to a rest area without buying anything more.

Seeing that, Rosie and Eris followed her on tip toe.

As soon as Wendy arrived in the rest area, a tall man in a white T-shirt and a pink suit hurried towards her.

Their view of him was obscured by Wendy so they could not see his face.

They could not hear what they were chatting about because of the great distance between them.

The man then took the paper bags from Wendy and shortly thereafter they left, walking side by side and laughing in merry conversation.

As soon as Wendy moved, Rosie and Eris got a good view of the man’s handsome face.

Seeing the man, Rosie covered her mouth in shock.

“Luke? Wendy’s man turned out to be Luke! How is that possible?”

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