My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 83 Little Troublemaker On The Warpath

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 83 Little Troublemaker On The Warpath

Meanwhile, Rosie, who was accompanied by Eris, sauntered into the store.Adorned in a Chanel dress suit, with her curly chestnut hair hanging in loose locks on her shoulders, she was dressed to the nines.Her designer sunglasses and three inch high heeled shoes gave her an imposing demeanor.

Beside her, walked the epitome of purity.Eris was dressed in a knee length white dress.Her straight black hair created a sharp contrast with her dress.

They entered the shop hand in hand.

When they entered the shop, Rosie snobbishly removed her glasses and eyed Wendy.

“Oh!”She strutted up to her and remarked

“I was wondering who it was.It is you, Wendy.” Wendy nodded at her.

She considered Rosie her enemy because she and Eris were extremely close friends.

“I’ve heard the sad news from Eris that you are still alive.Seems that you are living a wonderful life now.You dare to shop in such a luxury store?” Rosie sneered in a condescending manner.

“But I also heard from Eris that you are single now, so why are you shopping for men’s clothing? Are you shopping for your sugar daddy? Let me remind you that if you are looking for a husband, you’d better find one who doesn’t have a wife.Otherwise, if the wife finds out that you are the mistress, she will make mincemeat of you!” Wendy frowned.

Although Rosie did not get along with her in the past, she had never abused her so rudely in the open.Wendy’s face turned pale.

“Rosie!” Eris came over and grabbed her arm, saying  “Stop it! It’s all baseless things like catching the shadow…”

“Then there must be a shadow to catch.”

“We haven’t seen each other in three years.Word in the street has it that you are evolving more and more into a vamp,” Rosie insulted.

She glared at Wendy in disgust.The more verbal diarrhea she spewed the uglier the situation became.

Wendy did not wish to get embroiled in an argument with Rosie so she turned to the sales assistant and asked, “How much is the purplish red suit on the model?”

The sales assistant smiled and replied, “I’m sorry, miss.This suit is the limited edition of our brand.There is only one in the entire Ywood!”

Wendy grimaced.

“But I’m the first one that asked to buy it!” The saleswoman answered with a smile

“I’m sorry, miss.But Miss Rosie is the VIP guest of our shop.As a rule, we prioritize our service to our VIP guests.”

Although Wendy was beautiful, she wore plain and simple clothes.However, Rosie was always drenched in famous brand names from head to toe.The assistant was sensible enough not to offend Rosie.

She smiled at Rosie and asked, “Miss Finch, do you want me to pack it now?”

“Yes!” Rosie was more than satisfied with the assistant.

Two assistants immediately removed the dress suit from the mannequin, folded it neatly and wrapped it.

Then they presented it to Rosie.

Wendy turned around and left the store.

She entered another store and found a sapphire blue suit to her liking.

“Miss, please pack this suit for me.”



Wendy was unsure as to when Rosie and Eris had followed her into the store.

When Rosie discovered that Wendy had requested the suit, she immediately protested and demanded,

“Pack this suit for me!” Wendy scoffed.

She suddenly turned around and challenged, “You’re looking for trouble on purpose, aren’t you?”


Glancing at Eris, Wendy stated, “I have never offended you in the past nor in the present.Rosie, don’t be so gullible to be used by others to fulfil their selfish motives!”

They hadn’t seen each other for years, but Rosie came out of the blue to lock horns with her.

Only an idiot would not be able to see through this.

Eris felt offended.

“Wendy, I know that you hate me, but there’s no reason for you to insult me like that.”

Eris looked pure and innocent and tried to project that image even more in order to gain the pity of others to protect her as a victim of Wendy’s vicious slander.

Her red eyes were pitiful.  Rosie immediately pulled Eris behind her and confronted Wendy.

“Take me to task if you have the gall!”

Ha-ha! So intriguing! They had deliberately stalked her to create trouble and now they were turning the tables around to make it seem as if she was bullying them! Wendy was dumbstruck.

They had spoilt her mood.She no longer wished to shop so turned around to leave instead.

“Stop!” Rosie strode over and stopped her.

“Did I say you can leave?”

“Get out of my face!”

Since her marriage to Kane, she had inherited a great deal of wealth and power.

Wherever she went, people held her in high esteem.

When she witnessed Wendy’s insolence, she was filled with rage and pushed her away.

“Mind your language! Who do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like that! Wendy, I’m warning you.I’m not Eris and you can’t bully me around! You faked your death three years ago…Oh, you were worried that you would go to jail after stabbing Eris, right? You are such a cunning woman! Wendy, you’d better behave yourself, or I will never let you get away with it!”

“Demented woman!”

“What did you say?” asked Rosie indignantly.

It was not like Wendy to be bullied and not retaliate.

She dusted her clothes and said in disgust, “Do you think that just because you a rich woman that everyone will just bow silently to you? Are you so daft that you can’t bear to hear the truth? Well I will treat you with the contempt you deserve! ”

*****! I’ll kill you!

Wendy grabbed her wrist.

With a whimper, Rosie said painfully, “Get your filthy hands off me!”

But Wendy didn’t let her go.

She tightened her grip and snapped, “I’m no longer the person you always took advantage of three years ago! We are just acquaintances, but you still asked me to be your bridesmaid three years ago.Would you dare swear you had nothing to do with what happened to me back then?”

“Answer me!”

“You, you really did come back to take revenge on us!”

“Wendy, stop playing games with us!” Rosie vented.

“I’m warning you, if you dare to seduce Kane, I will never let you see the light of day!”

Seduce Kane?

“Needless to say, it’s Eris who fed you such garbage,” crooned Wendy.

She couldn’t help but laugh.

Eris bit her lips and shook her head desperately.

“Wendy, it’s not me.I didn’t tell Rosie anything…”

“It’s none of your business who told me!”

Rosie drew back her hand and commanded coldly, “I don’t care what you wish to do but you must terminate the contract with Glory § Media immediately!”

“Terminate the contract?”


“Okay!” Rosie’s face lit up with joy.

Then she heard Wendy continue, “Help me pay the liquidated damages of one billion dollars then I’ll terminate the contract!”

Rosie Was beyond furious, “Wendy! Do you think I’m stupid? Which company will have one billion as liquidated damages? You think this is funny?”

“Huh?” What a joke! Hers was really one billion.

“I’m only going to ask you one last time.Are you going to terminate the contract or not?”

“No way!”

The two of them could not reach a compromise.

The atmosphere was hotter than an oven.

At this time, Eris came over with teary eyes.

“Wendy…I know you came back to take revenge.I admit I was wrong back then.It was all my fault.If you want to take revenge, take it out on me.Don’t implicate the innocent.Rosie really loves Kane.Please show mercy and don’t separate them!”

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