My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 82 Marry Me

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 82 Marry Me

Looking at the black card in her hand, Wendy was dumbfounded.

She knew there were several kinds of cards representing the client’s credit in the bank.Besides the usual ones, there were gold, platinum and diamond cards.And then there were the black ones.

Black cards were extremely exclusive and reserved only for a bank’s ultra-wealthy clients.

It was extremely difficult to procure one of them.If anyone wanted to apply for such a card, he had to meet several requirements for the bank to approve it.

Only a handful of people in the country met those requirements.Not to mention that the one in her hand seemed different from the standard black card.It looked like it was coated in dark, shining metal.

It was simple but elegant, flaunting its owner’s status.

Upon closer inspection, she realized it was a special edition black card.

No one could apply for one of those.

The only way to get one was if the bank itself offered it to you.

Such a card had virtually no limit everywhere in the world.  It wasn’t called the king of cards for no reason.

And now, Ryan had given it to her, along with the PIN number, without even blinking.

For a moment there, the card in her hand felt like it weighted a ton.She didn’t know what to do with it.

Take it or give it back as fast as possible? While she pondered what to do next, Ryan had already led them through the doors of the restaurant.

Wendy came back to her senses.She hastily held the card out to Ryan.

“No! This is a huge responsibility.Please take it back!”  Her reaction didn’t seem to surprise Ryan.

He held her hand, looked steadily in her eyes and said in a soft voice, “Our agreement is for another six months.In this line of work spending a substantial amount of money is inevitable.You have been of great help to me.I can’t let you pay for work expenses from your own paycheck.So you will take this card and you will use the money in it for as long as we work together.It is the least I can do.”

“But…But you already got me a new wardrobe, clothes and bags and shoes.This was more than enough.You owe me nothing.”

“I owe you my life.” Ryan’s tone made it clear that he would never consider his debt to her fully repaid.

Wendy didn’t know what else to say.

“It’s settled then.Take the card and you can give it back to me in six months.”

Wendy felt like something was off in this conversation, but she couldn’t figure out what it was.

Looking down at the card again, she swallowed hard and asked, “Aren’t you worried that I might steal your money and disappear?”

That kind of money would be a great temptation for even the best of people.It would be more than enough for her and Ray to live a carefree, plentiful life.

“If you are really looking to become rich overnight, there are less risky ways to do it.For example, you could just marry me.”

Wendy’s eyes were as wide as saucers at Ryan’s sudden proposal.  Luke seemed stunned hearing his brother uttering these words.

He never expected Ryan would willing to risk even his whole fortune in his bid to win Wendy’s heart! Luke had begged his brother to lend him the black card countless times.

He had even promised not to use it, that he would return it after he bragged a little in front of his friends.But Ryan had refused every time.Now he just handed it to Wendy without a second thought.

Luke couldn’t believe his eyes.He was his brother for God’s sake!

‘‘Can we ever be in each other’s company as equals, brother?’’ Luke thought bitterly.

At last, Wendy relented and took the black card looking dazed.

And the first thing she did was to take the children to the fifth floor and buy some clothes for Precious.

The whole floor was covered in children’s clothes.

It was a wonderful sight! Wendy always loved browsing through those tiny clothes.

Ever since she became a mother, shopping in stores like this one had been the highlight of her day.

It didn’t matter if Ray needed new clothes or not.

If she passed by a store and had money in her pocket, she would buy him a thing or two.

Now that she had an unlimited budget to spend on Precious’s clothing, she could hardly control herself.

Their conversations would always go like this, “Precious, do you like this one?”

“Oh, yes, I really do!”

“What about this one?”

“l love it!”

“And this one! Aww, a fleece jumpsuit.Those bunny ears on the hood are simply adorable! It can work as a pajama during the winter, but you could also wear it outside when it’s too cold!”

“Wow! So soft! It’s really pretty!”

Precious said as she took the jumpsuit from Wendy.

Then she found the same one in blue color, holding it out for Wendy to see.

“We can buy one for Ray, too.Then we would have another matching outfit.”

“If this is what you want!”

At last, they left the store carrying more than ten shopping bags.Luke seemed appalled.

He teased Ryan in a low voice, “Brother, will you tell them or should I? Summer is almost over.Precious couldn’t wear all of them even if she changed every two hours.”

But Ryan didn’t seem to find this amusing.He casted a cold glare at Luke and growled, “It’s none of your business!”

‘‘Are you serious? Convincing Wendy to take this card was hard enough.I won’t say anything to ruin this.I am too pleased by the turn of events to be honest, ‘’ Ryan thought to himself.

Luke just stared at his brother.

‘What the hell? Can’t you see you are breaking my heart? You can’t be that cruel.You chose Wendy over your own dear brother when she hasn’t even agreed to be your girlfriend.That hurts! I rack my brains every day, trying to find a way for you to be with her.You ungrateful bastard, ‘ Luke thought sullenly.

Ryan decided the bags would just inconvenience them, so he left his address and asked the clerk to make sure they were delivered directly to Enfield.

Then they ventured to the men’s clothing on the fourth floor.  Although the floor was filled with men’s clothes, the ones doing the shopping there were all women.

Wendy had never bought clothes for a man before, so she wasn’t really interested in them.

Besides, after their long shopping spree, she found herself getting a little hungry, so she decided to head back home.

“It’s getting kind of late.Should we start our way back home?”

“No.It’s not easy to take you out for shopping.Why don’t you buy some clothes yourself?”Luke said.

Wendy shook her head, “No need.I have enough clothes already.”

In truth, she hadn’t packed many clothes when she had come back from abroad.

She didn’t really have that many clothes to begin with, so she had wanted to buy some.

Until today at least that Ryan ordered a ton of clothes for her.

They were so many that she really lacked nothing at the moment.

“Then you can help my brother pick a couple of new suits,” Luke said rolling his eyes.

“Ryan’s closet is full of black suits and white shirts.I’m sick of looking at them.And you, Wendy, have great taste.Choose something different for him, will you?” Wendy turned to look at Ryan, one eyebrow raised.

Ryan’s eyes swept over Wendy’s body, noticing for the first time that her modern clothes really clashed with his own stiff, formal ones.

He couldn’t blame that couple for thinking he was her father.  Making up his mind, he nodded once.

“Let me be completely honest, though.I have never been shopping for men’s clothes before.And also, I don’t think you’ll like what I choose for you.”

‘She’s never bought clothes for another man!’ Ryan thought, trying to mask his surprise.

But he also felt strangely giddy after that revelation.He shrugged.

“Don’t worry about that.Choose whatever you want.”

Then, they began going in and out of shops, Wendy looking at every item she came across with scrutiny.

At some point, Ryan got a call from his company, so he found a quiet corner to pick up the phone.

Precious had started to get tired, so she took a seat on a bench nearby to rest her legs.

Ray of course did not leave her side, while Luke stayed to watch the children, while Wendy chose clothes for Ryan.

As she looked around, she spotted a mannequin wearing a stunning, double-breasted suit.

Its fabric was delicate and screamed money.

The suit’s color was a dark purplish red, making a stark contrast with the pure white shirt inside.

A small stripe of the shirt was just visible under the sleeves of the suit jacket, which made the whole outfit look classy, yet not too formal.

It was perfect! Wendy loved the thing from the moment she laid eyes on it.

She went into the shop to get a better look of the suit. But before she could even speak to the shop assistant, she heard a haughty female voice coming from behind her.

“Miss, I would like the purplish red suit you have in the window.Size 48.And the white shirt inside too.There was something so familiar about that voice.Wendy had a bad feeling about this! And sure enough, as she turned around, she found herself staring into a familiar face…

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