My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 80 A Noble, Little Prince In The Making

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 80 A Noble, Little Prince In The Making

Ensfield was a hive of activity.

“Wow! It’s really great to be back home!” As Luke spoke, he slumped into the sofa.

He relaxed in a leisurely manner with his legs crossed.The servant brought over a jar of fresh squeezed juice.

He immediately poured two glasses and called the kids who were loitering at the door.

“Ray, Precious, come and have some refreshing juice.”


Precious sprinted over, red faced and perspiring all over.

Ray, on the other hand, breezed in slowly, and walked like a little, noble prince in the making.

Luke shook his head repeatedly.

He couldn’t fathom how these two kids, with completely different personalities, had become such good friends.  Ryan and Wendy also entered the living room just after the children.  The living room remained cool all year round.

As soon as she  stepped in, Wendy felt very comfortable and welcome.

She felt especially refreshed after taking a sip of the ice water that the servant had offered her.

“It’s so refreshing!” she said.

Holding the ice water in his hand, Ryan asked Luke, “Is it done?”

Luke made an ‘okay’ gesture to him. Wendy was confused.

“Follow me upstairs,” Ryan said.

“Uh…” Wendy was clueless.

Putting down the glass, Ryan held her hand and led her upstairs.  On the second floor, Ryan marshalled Wendy to the door of his room.

With hands clasped in front of her, Wendy asked warily, “Why did you bring me to your room?”

Seeing her reaction, Ryan felt tense.

“Come in and have a look,” he crowed.

While speaking, he pushed open the door.Wendy was in awe the moment she stepped into the room.She had only been to Ryan’s room on one previous occasion and it had left a deep impression on her.

Back then the room was tri-colored: black, white and gray.

She clearly remembered the thick, black curtains, and king size European themed white bed accompanied by a retro stereo.

However, the room had taken on a completely new look now.

The big white European style bed was still there.

But the original black bed sheet and quilt cover had been replaced with light blue ones, and the floor was covered with a thick cashmere carpet.

The original retro stereo had been removed.

Holes had been drilled into the wall and the LCD TV had been installed, facing the direction of the big bed.

A hanging TV cabinet was directly under it.

The thick black curtains gave way to light green gauze curtains.

The original black wallpapers were replaced with soft beige ones, and even the dull sofa in the bedroom, was replaced with a cheerful beige one.  The dark atmosphere in the room was magically transformed into a soft, bright aura, full of vitality.

Wendy was dumbfounded.

Ryan had been observing her reaction.

When he saw how overwhelmed she was, a touch of tenderness flashed through his cold and sharp eyes.

“Do you like it?”


Ryan pulled her to the bedroom’s compartment.

A door of the bedroom opened up into his cloakroom.

The large thirty square meter cloakroom housed several cupboards.

He opened the cupboard doors to reveal rows and rows of his designer suits and shirts, hanging neatly.

The suit pants were neatly folded and other smaller items were also placed in the drawer.

These included ties, cufflinks, socks and underwear.

They were all world-famous brands! Wendy gasped.

The value of these items was enough for many people to live a carefree life.

Thinking that one item of Ryan’s clothes might cost tens of thousands of dollars, she felt cheated because her busy life did not place her anywhere near his economic status.

She said angrily, “Extravagance and corruption!”

“Do you feel cheated?”

“Of course! You are bragging about your wealth.Don’t you know it’s easy to make others envious?”

“Don’t envy me,” Ryan said.

However, Wendy would never admit that she was jealous.

When Ryan walked to the other side of the cloakroom, she noticed a curtain dividing the cloakroom from the next opening.

“What’s this?” Ryan didn’t answer.

Instead he opened the curtain.

Wendy’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets at what she saw.

It was an equally gorgeous cloakroom but this one was draped with rows and rows of women’s clothing.

It contained the latest brands of T-shirts, shirts, dresses, jeans and casual trousers of the season.

Wendy was stupefied.

Next to the women’s wear was a shoe cabinet, which was filled with over a hundred pairs of shoes.

Canvas shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, and more high-heeled shoes made her swoon.

Next to the shoe cabinet was the bag cabinet.

The transparent bag cabinet was spotless, and each compartment contained the latest edition of a top brand bag.

There were also accessories of all kinds.

From hats and silken scarves to expensive necklaces, earrings and bracelets! ‘Oh my ***! This was every woman’s ultimate dream! It was so amazing! It was more exciting than being proposed to by Ryan!’ Wendy thought to herself.

Stunned, her face flushed red and her heart started racing.She couldn’t come to her senses for a long time.

“Do you like it?” She could scarcely remember when Ryan had walked up to her and asked her softly.

“Is this a gift for me?”

“Or what?”

Feeling her legs go limp, she hurriedly held his arm and said, “Wait a moment.Let me calm down first.

One Minute!

Two minutes!

Five minutes later, she still hadn’t recovered.She almost burst into tears as she took in the scene of the luxurious items.

“Ryan, are you going to keep me as your mistress?”

Her voice was trembling.She was afraid that she would be tempted to agree if he said yes.

‘Heck.Why is *** testing me in this way?’ she complained.

‘A mistress?’ Ryan repeated Wendy’s words in his mind. He didn’t like this word.

“I’m trying to make you happy.” He corrected her.


“Yes, I mean it!”

‘Thump! Thump!” Wendy’s heart raced again.

She covered her chest and asked, “Why?”

“For the sake of our agreement,” Ryan said flatly.

Wendy understood! She thought, ‘He was afraid that I would go back on my word, so he bought me off with this wardrobe.’ She was speechless.

‘Okay.I had planned to break my promise before, but now, I can’t, ‘ she thought to herself.

“Are you sure you want to give all of this to me?”

“Of course!”

Upon hearing that, Wendy rushed towards the clothes excitedly, saying, “Honey, I’m coming!”

Almost every woman, no matter what her physical appearance, loved beautiful clothes, beautiful bags and beautiful jewelry.

It was simply irresistible! With an armful of clothes, she purred, “Ryan, you look so **** hot right now!”

On seeing that she was over the moon, Ryan was in a good mood.  If he had known that this would work, he would have used this trick earlier.

“Since they are for me, why did you put them in your cloakroom?”

Ryan said naturally, “You must live here from now on. It will be so much more convenient for both of us.”

Wendy was awestruck. “Uh, although we have an agreement, I didn’t say that I would live here in the future, right?”

Ryan frowned!

‘Wasn’t that an automatic part of the agreement?’ “No way! Reese will live with me now that she’s divorced.I told her that you and I are just friends.If she knew that we were living together…”  Wendy paused and trembled.

“No, no!”  Ryan’s face darkened.

“Although we reached an agreement, I didn’t agree to live with you.I can come here secretly every night and go back secretly in the morning!”  Hearing that, Ryan was silently taken aback.

‘It sounds like a secret immoral affair now, doesn’t it?’ he thought to himself.

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