My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 78 What Did You Just Say

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 78 What Did You Just Say

At those words, Wesley froze, his fists still poised to strike.

“W-What did you just say?”

“I’m pregnant.I am carrying your child,” Evie said slowly.

“If you want to keep hitting me, go ahead! Kill us both!” Wesley stood still in shock.

He had been married for twenty years! Back then, he had fallen madly in love with Tara and decided to spend his life with her.

Their marriage was a happy one, at least at first.

Tara wasn’t spoiled and conceited, despite her family’s wealth and connections.

On the contrary, she was always kind and considering of his feelings, doing her best not to injure his self-esteem in any way.

They truly did love each other for most of their marriage.

When he started his own business, he had too much on his plate.

So they both agreed that it wasn’t the best time to have a child.

But when Starlight Media took off, they had already been married for eight years.

They felt ready to have a child then, but despite their efforts for two whole years, Tara couldn’t get pregnant.

They visited the best fertility clinics, but Tara’s test results were not promising.

The chances of her conceiving a child were very slim.

But she did not want to give up.

She went under a ton of fertility treatments, even tried assisted conception several times.

But nothing had worked.

All the drugs and injected hormones took a toll on Tara’s figure.

She started gaining weight, which she couldn’t get rid of.

When they got married, she weighed no more than eighty pounds, but after the treatments, she almost reached a hundred and eighty.  Wesley wasn’t attracted to her anymore.  The beautiful woman, the one he had married, was gone.  All men like their wives in shape.

After Tara lost her beauty, Wesley started finding it hard to live under the same roof with her.

And the fact that Tara was having severe mood swings due to all the hormones coursing through her body, made things even worse.

Wesley couldn’t stand it anymore.

How could he? Living with a grumpy, fat woman was making him sick.

He started pretending he had too much work and he often slept in his office.

There were so many young, attractive girls coming in and out all day, that in the end, he did something he shouldn’t have.

But he never regretted it.

In fact, he had enjoyed it so much that he couldn’t help doing it again and again.

The feeling was glorious! The adoration in the eyes of those young girls as they looked at him made him feel like a ***.

But divorce would never be an option.

He knew that if he broke up with Tara, he would be left with nothing.

Knowing his wife was barren, Wesley had accepted the fact that he would never be a father.

But his world came crashing down around him when Evie told him she was pregnant.

With his baby! He stared intently at Evie’s stomach.

“You think I am lying?”

She got back up on her feet and walked over the next room.When she returned, she held a folded paper in her hand.She handed it to him, her voice calm and steady.

“See for yourself.”

Wesley took the paper and unfolded it with trembling hands.It was a sonogram.He couldn’t help but stare at it in awe.

“A few days ago, I realized my period was late.I went to my gynecologist and he ran some tests.He told me I was pregnant.For seven weeks now.You can do the math, I assume.I was with you at that time.Wesley, you’re going to be a father!”

‘A father? I’m going to be a father.’ Wesley’s mind was spinning.

He was trembling all over from excitement.

He thought he would never have a child of his own, but it seemed that fate had other plans for him.

Still holding the sonogram, he slowly turned around and fell on his knees in front of his wife.

Tara took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

“You have two options, Wesley.You can make sure this woman gets rid of the baby and promise me you will never see her again.Or we get a divorce.But keep in mind that you’ll have nothing if that happens.”

Wesley, still on his knees before Tara, grabbed the hem of her dress.

“Honey, I am begging you.”

“What is it you are asking of me exactly, Wesley?”

“Please, let her keep the baby.”

All color seemed to leave Tara’s face.

Eventually she whispered, “Why? Give me one good reason.”

Suddenly, as if waking up from a dream, she grabbed Wesley’s collar and shook him violently.

“Wesley, you *******! You ungrateful, selfish beast.I did everything for you.I became like this for you.Is that how you repay me?”

Her voice had become so shrill, it was almost difficult to understand what she said.

Wesley dropped his face in his hands and wept.

“Please, understand.It’s my last chance.I’m almost fifty years old.I want to have a child of my own! Do you know how many of my friends and old classmates have already become grandfathers? People in my hometown laugh behind my back, mocking me.Just because I have no children.”

“So having a ******* from one of your mistresses is better somehow?”

“Honey, you can’t give me a child.But when Evie gives birth to the baby, we can pay her handsomely, make her leave the city and never come back.We will take the baby and raise it as our own…”

“Stop talking!”

“But, honey…”

“You are pathetic! You want me to take in this ******* child? Why? To remind me every day that you cheated on me with that tramp? How could you even consider that? You disgust me! How could I ever be so blind to fall in love with a scumbag like you! I won’t let your mistress’s child inherit my family’s fortune.Over my dead body!”

“Honey, please…” Wesley groveled again.

Tara took a deep breath and calmed down a little.

She squatted down in front of her husband so she could look into his eyes and told him slowly, “Time to make your choice.Which one will it be? Me or that woman and her baby?”

As if in physical pain, Wesley put his head down, hiding it from sight.

Seeing him like this, Tara felt utterly disappointed.

‘So, it has come to this! Twenty years of marriage.Twenty years I have stayed by your side unwaveringly.And how do you repay me? You hesitate when you have to choose between me and that *****’s baby.A baby that might not even be yours.’ Tara thought, feeling empty and defeated.

She stood up, jerking her hand away from Wesley and took two steps back.

With a cold, distant look on her face, she put on her sunglasses and said in a cool voice, “I will file for a divorce first thing tomorrow.My lawyer will be in touch with you soon.”

“Hon- honey…” Wesley stuttered.

But Tara walked away decisively, her bodyguards following right behind her.

Once she was gone, Evie breathed a sigh of relief.

That same afternoon, the anonymous source that had leaked the news of Evie being Wesley’s mistress struck again.

This time though, they uploaded a video.

It was clear to everyone that the woman in the footage was Evie, but the man was someone people had never seen before.

They all begun to search frantically and soon they found out the man’s identity.

He was one of the cameramen working on the production of ‘Story of Concubine Ivanka’.

Then another person revealed that the video of Wendy slapping Evie had been traced back to a secret account of Evie’s.

And this time, before the public relations department of Glory Media could even make public statement, people all knew what had really happened.And the truth had shocked everyone to their core!

“…Evie is such a *****! That tramp was not only Wesley’s mistress, but also slept around with cameramen of the show! I had thought that Evie’s ****/snob vibe was an image that her agency built for her.I didn’t expect her to be such a floozy!”

“…That explains a lot! Evie is just so jealous of Wendy, that she would try anything to bring her down.”

“Hey, Evie.Time to quit, *****!”

In just a couple of hours, things had been turned around completely.

Back in Evie’s apartment, a storm was brewing.

Suddenly! Wesley hit Evie hard across the face.

She was taken by surprise and stood there frozen, muttering, “Wesley…”

“You *****! I know you’ve been whoring around.Who the **** is the baby’s father? Do you even know? Answer me!”

“It’s yours.I swear,” she insisted, looking desperate.

But Wesley didn’t believe a word she said.

He already regretted leaving his wife.

And for what? A baby that might not even be his! Furious at his own stupidity, he slapped himself hard.

Ignoring Evie’s pleas, he crossed the room and left without a backwards glance, slamming the door behind him.

Meanwhile, in his hospital room, Ryan called Kane in person.

The only words he needed to say were, “Kane, make sure I never see Evie’s face again.Is that clear?”

“Crystal!” Kane replied and that was it.

That day, Glory Media practically shoved Evie out of showbiz, with one short and precise post on the Internet.

Right after that, Carter made a public declaration that served as the killing blow.

“From now on, I blatantly refuse to work with Evie.She will not even be allowed to audition for a role in any of my plays!”

Several directors who were on friendly terms with Carter reposted and word began to spread.

The moment Evie saw this, her legs gave out and she collapsed to the floor.

“No, no, no, no! My career! It’s ruined.It’s over! It’s all over!”

She lay there on the floor for hours, muttering to herself like a crazy person.

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