My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 77 Secret Rendezvous

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 77 Secret Rendezvous

The news report detailed every juicy bit of information.Those pictures were as bright as daylight and spoke for themselves.

After leaving the crew, Evie had gone to the company.

She and Wesley were holed up in the office for more than three hours.  Evie’s fans defended her behavior by claiming that Wesley was her boss so it was natural for them to spend hours together in the office talking about work.

However, very soon, more powerful evidence came to light.

The anonymous person who had exposed the shattering news, now backed his claims with an incriminating video.

The video was perfectly clear.

There was no doubt that the venue was Wesley’s office.

The video showed how as soon as they entered the office, they shut the door and immediately began to kiss lustfully.

Within seconds they had ripped off each other’s clothes and were sighing in the throes of illegitimate passion.

Their blatant sexual stance disgusted their fans.  Once the video went viral, Evie was caught up in a serious wrangle.

Meanwhile, in the Ensfield, Precious was bowing over the computer and reading the degrading comments about Evie.

She looked at Ray with admiration and purred, “Wow! Ray, you’re awesome.Now this bad lady can’t hurt your mommy anymore!”

Ray smiled with satisfaction.

“But Ray…What does ‘secret rendezvous’ mean?”

“It happens when two people don’t want others to find out about their relationship.Like they have to meet in secret.” Precious’s eyes lit up.

“Oh, you mean like the relationship between my daddy and your mommy?” Raymond was silent.

What a terrible metaphor! “Ray, now that Evie has been exposed, she won’t try and harm your mommy anymore, will she?”

“Yes!” Ray smiled and said, “But it’s not enough!”

“What?” Raymond scowled, “She had made my mommy so miserable. I think she deserves more punishment! I will ruin her career!”

Meanwhile, in Evie’s apartment, the atmosphere was tense.Ever since the raunchy video was leaked, she never dared step out of her room.Whenever she turned on the TV, she would find that every entertainment channel was broadcasting news about her sordid affair with Wesley.

She was consumed with anger.

Being the mistress of a married boss…! After this damning exposition, her future was ruined! Evie clenched her fists! If she knew who had leaked the video, she would never spare that person! Evie sat on the sofa, a disheveled and unwashed mess.

She hadn’t gone out for several days.

Her assistant would secretly bring her food and drinks each day.

“Damn!” She was so hungry! Evie covered her belly with her hands.

She was surprised to note that it was already half past twelve but her assistant had not arrived with her lunch yet.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

She joyfully jumped off the sofa at once and opened the door.

“Why did you…”


She was viciously slapped hard across the face before she could finish her words.


Her face smarted so she immediately covered it with her hands.

Just as she was about to interject, her eyes fell upon seeing the woman who had slapped her.

Her eyes widened in explicit horror.


The woman barring the door of the apartment was none other than Wesley’s wife, Tara, also the owner of the Starlight Media! : Evie was very terrified of Tara.

Actually there wasn’t a single actor or actress who did not shudder at the mere mention of Tara’s name.

She reeked fear in everyone.Tara was Wesley’s lawful wife.

Her father, previously a notorious gangster, had since made his name as a famous businessman, but he still maintained ties with his mafia.

He was exceptionally skilled in employing both legal and illegal resources! When Tara first started dating Wesley, he was a poor nobody.

She overlooked his family’s poverty and married him anyway.

Being the only child of her family, Tara was the apple of her parents’ eyes.

Although Wesley was a poor suitor for their daughter in more ways than one, they didn’t have the heart to object to her wish.  Wesley was a young man with great creativity.

After their marriage, she financed a business he was keen on pursuing.

It could be rightly said that his success and prosperity could be wholly attributed to her generosity.

After Wesley’s business was well on the way to success, Tara chose to become a full-time wife.

A few years ago, she had become gravely ill and had to take chronic medication.

The side effects of the medication made her put on a great deal of weight.

In spite of this, she was the daughter of a former don, so she still had the overwhelming aura and held a prominent place in society.  “M…Ma’am…I…”

“I thought you’ve forgotten that I am your boss’s wife when you seduced him!”

With delicately applied make-up and a limited edition platinum bag on her wrist, she made herself at home.

She was followed by two burly bodyguards, in designer suits, leather shoes and dark sunglasses.

With a straight face, she stretched out her hand and pinched Evie’s chin really hard.

“You are indeed a pretty one to seduce men.I’ll give you that.”

Her cold, piercing eyes scared Evie so much that she trembled in fear.

She shook her head desperately and screeched, “No! It’s not true.I didn’t seduce Mr.Wesley.The truth is that he came on to me first…Ma’am, I know he is your husband.Therefore I kept my distance from him.He is to blame for engaging in this affair…When I signed the contract with Starlight Media, Wesley was the one who attached certain conditions to it.He blackmailed me by saying that if I did not obey him then he would not give me any meaty roles…I had no choice!”

“You whore!”

In the blink of an eye, Wesley rushed into the house and slapped Evie twice.He was as angry as a demon.

“Bitch! You seduced me in order to get better roles and to move up the ladder, and now you are blaming me for all this?”

He turned to face Tara and knelt in front of her.

He pleaded, “Honey, trust me.You are the only one in my heart.This woman seduced me with her wily ways.I made an honest mistake in a moment of weakness.Please forgive me this time, I beg you! I promise I won’t do it again!”

After the demise of her parents, Tara inherited all their wealth.Although Wesley had founded Starlight Media, she was the legal owner of the company.

If he left her, he would be out on the streets, a penniless tramp.  Therefore, he tried his best to pin the blame on Evie, “Honey, please forgive me this time…”

“Wesley! Take responsibility for your actions!” With a vehement look on his face, he got up and slapped Evie again and then kicked her.

“You vile shrew! Just zip your mouth!”

He had kicked her shoulder with such force that she catapulted against the tea table behind her.She broke out in a cold sweat from the excruciating pain.

“Bitch, if you dare to say one more word, I’ll kill you! “Kill me?” Evie threw caution to the wind.

She lunged at Wesley and began to fight with him.

“You filthy scumbag! Didn’t you tell me that Tara had become as fat as a pig and the thought of touching her disgusted you? You told me that in your twenty years of marriage to her, she had failed to give you a child and now you were sick and tired of her.Now that the affair has been exposed, like a crooked pawn, you are putting all the blame on me! Shame on you!”

Wesley was infuriated, “Bitch, I’ll beat you to death! “Here! Beat me here!”

Evie pointed at her belly and shouted recklessly, “I’m pregnant with your child.Let me see if you will still beat me!”

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