My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 76 Veiled Threats

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 76 Veiled Threats

“Are you threatening me?”

“Now, why would I ever do that?” Evie smiled seductively.

“What I am proposing will benefit us both.” Without a word, Carter shoved Evie away.

Caught by surprise, she lost her footing and crashed on the floor.

She tried to break her fall but the only thing she managed was to hurt herself.

The pain coursing through her right elbow was excruciating.  “What the…”

Evie didn’t expect that kind of reaction from Carter.

She had thought that he might get angry at being threatened, but he would calm down once he realized he had something to gain.

After all, she had always believed that Carter cared too much about his reputation and he would do anything to avoid being dragged into a scandal.

Carter dusted off his clothes, as if Evie had soiled them with her touch.

Then he closed the distance between them squatting down he looked Evie in the eye, his expression stony.

“I don’t appreciate being threatened.At all! In the future, please keep in mind that I’m not Wesley.Throwing yourself at me won’t work.I’m sort of picky.My wife is the only woman allowed to touch me.No one else.”

Evie said through her gritted teeth, “And you call me cold!”

“It won’t be long now before everyone knows your true character.Then you can kiss the showbiz goodbye,” Carter said, not sparing a glance at her.

“Humph.” Evie sneered.

She got back on her feet and straightened her clothes.

“Goodbye? I don’t think so.Just wait and see.I always get what I want!”

She turned around and walked out of the dressing room confidently, her hips swaying right and left.

After asking around, the press had discovered that Carter and Wendy were good friends.

Naturally, after the news of their “affair’ was made public, tongues had begun wagging once more.

It was widely believed that this was the reason Eris deleted her post in such a hurry.

People thought Carter forced her to do it.

His name had never been associated with anything distasteful, although the love story between him and his wife had been in the spotlight for a long time.

But when he was dragged into this, people didn’t hesitate to verbally assault him on the social media.

Of course, Wendy was bearing the brunt of it.

Carter then fought back.

He had made sure to post the whole footage that had been shot that day, thinking it would be enough to absolve Wendy from all blame.

He had posted a caption with the video, saying, “Evie is the only person in our crew that creates trouble right and left!”

However, people did not want to let the matter rest.

This scandal was far too juicy to be over so quickly.

They seemed to find the timing of the video post suspicious, inventing even more things to blame on Carter.

The comments were not flattering at all, of course.

“Seriously? Didn’t you say Wendy is a friend of yours? If she is only a friend, why are you breaking your back to defend her now? I’ve never seen you trying so hard to save some other actress from gossip and rumors.”

“Spot on.If she weren’t sleeping with him, would he let her slap Evie EIGHT times? Do you think we are all stupid?”

Looking at these comments, Carter grew angrier by the minute, until he felt like his blood was boiling.

The only bright side was that the members of the crew, artists and technicians alike, spoke in his and Wendy’s defense.

Mason had written, “I have worked with Director Carter several times and I am happy to call him a friend.

He is a good man, and he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

About Wendy, since she joined the crew, she has always been the first to show up for work every day.

She is hard working and polite to a fault.

When it is time for her scenes, we usually wrapped things up in one take.

Then she sits quietly and studies her next scenes.

Not to mention, she carefully reviews her performance after each shooting and if she is not satisfied, she asks for another roll.

She is an outstanding actress, a true professional and a kind person! Stop spreading lies about people you don’t even know!”

Right below, Daisy wrote, “Jealousy is a really ugly look on people! Evie has stirred up a lot of trouble for Wendy one too many times!”

Jeffrey also replied, “Come on, people.Let’s cut the crap.If Wendy really had it in her to climb into people’s bed to further her career, she would have become famous years ago! The woman is a bombshell, in case you hadn’t noticed!”

Mason and Daisy were both pretty popular and each of them had a substantial fan base.So, after they spoke up for Wendy, the tide of hate begun to shift a bit.

But what really sealed the deal was Jeffrey’s post.The response from his own fans was unbelievable.

And considering Jeffrey was full on famous, a true star, his fan base was vast.

Jeffrey’s post had hundreds of responses within a few minutes.

“Guys, Jeffrey is right! If he thinks that this Wendy chick is cool, I believe him.This all must be a big misunderstanding, right?”

“OMG, Jeffrey! That’s so true.Wendy is so beautiful with her flawless face and her rocking bod.No man can resist her.If she had wanted to let her body do the work for her, she would have done it already! Why would she wait, starting with a small supporting role?”

“Jeffery has a point, people!”

After the comments started speaking for Wendy and not against her, it seemed like the matter would die down in a few days.The tide of hate seemed to weaken and fold in on itself.

“Shit! Shit, shit, shit!”

Evie was furious enough to pace up and down her living room, smashing everything within her reach.But even that didn’t seem enough.

“Those bastards! They ruined everything! Why would they help that bitch? Mason and Daisy are running in the same circles as Wendy, of course they would help her.But what’s Jeffrey’s deal? Why stand up for that nobody?”

Evie gritted her teeth so hard, it was a miracle they didn’t snap in two.

‘She won’t get away that easily! It’s either me or her! I won’t let her gain the upper hand!’ Evie thought to herself.She thought for a moment and then started typing on her phone.

When she was done, she hit the post button and admired her work.In her post, she informed the fans of the show that the audition of Faye was just a publicity stunt.The role was supposed to be hers from the beginning.That seemed to do the trick.

People were shocked all over again.

But Carter was fast to respond to her slight.

This time, he posted the video of Wendy’s audition, along with edited scenes of Evie’s performance as Lady Faye.

And then he wrote down, “Who is more talented? People can see for themselves…”

Carter’s post was all it took to end this once and for all.

In the two videos, Wendy and Evie played the same scene.

Wendy’s performance was mesmerizing, capturing the audience.

And when it came to the part that she needed to be seductive, she gently revealed her soft, white wrist and the back of her delicate neck.

It wasn’t vulgar or even much revealing, but the picture was just sensational.

Her subtle, classy display took everyone’s breath away.

Evie, on the other side, acted like a hussy, constantly exposing her breasts and hips.

Her performance was a disaster.

That footage was proof enough that Wendy’s talent was far superior and she got the part fair and square.

The fans of the original work on which the show was based were relieved after seeing Wendy’s audition video.

In fact, they were ecstatic, thinking that she was a perfect match for Faye’s role.

After that, everyone was rooting for Wendy.

“It is all clear now.Wendy’s performance was so effortless, that at one point, I forgot she was an actress and not Lady Faye!”

“Exactly! She did an amazing job.Without even saying a word, she could transfer Faye’’s emotions to the audience so clearly.Just by the look in her eyes.Such talent is not easy to find!”

“True, true.If I were the director of the show, I would definitely choose Wendy too!”

Upon seeing those comments, Evie almost snapped! But what she didn’t know was that it wasn’t over yet.

And what happened next would finally push her over the edge.

That very same night, the Internet buzzed with the news.

As the reporters said, an anonymous source had informed them of a very juicy piece of gossip.

“Ready for some fresh, hot news? Evie and Wesley’s affair was exposed! What’s the real relationship between the actress and the president of Starlight Media?”

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