My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 75 Strip Wendy From The Crew

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 75 Strip Wendy From The Crew

Over the next few days Wendy was harassed by strangers every time she switched on her phone.

She received numerous calls from reporters or Evie’s fans.They would hound her with indiscreet questions.

Evie’s fans would curse and swear her as soon as she answered the phone, so she decided to leave her phone be.

With no shooting schedule, she felt more relaxed.

She occupied her time taking care of, and chatting with Reese and Ray in the ward.

Occasionally, when she was bored she would watch the entertainment channel to get an update on the latest gossip.

But now she ceased to watch this channel because she was the hot topic of discussion.

As a result of this media splurge, she had become infamous.

Her condemnation was on every viewer’s lips.

There was even a new hashtag on Weibo-Quit, bitch.

Anti-fans would tag that along every post and every comment they wrote.

She didn’t allow this news to bother her.

But those close to her were affected.

Reese had been depressed for several days.

“Wendy, why don’t you explain and clarify the misunderstanding? They have cursed and belittled you so harshly.”


Wendy shook her head and lamented, “If I say anything to defend myself, they will think that I am trying to cover up.I think my silence speaks volumes.”

“But we can’t just let them condemn you and get away with it!”

“Don’t worry.Everything will be fine soon.”

In the dressing room of the crew, Carter demanded that everyone leave him, and Evie and Eris were left alone in the dressing room with him.

As soon as they were alone, he let his temper flare.

“Evie! I don’t care what kind of personal feud you have with Wendy, but you have no right airing your dirty laundry on a public platform.Why can’t you settle your scores with her privately? Your impulsive behavior to upload the video on the Internet has caused delays in our shooting progress! Damn you!”

Carter had deliberately summoned them there to reprimand them.After terrorizing Evie, he let Eris have it.

“And you! What did your Weibo post mean? Don’t you think the situation is messy enough?”

With guilt written all over her face, Eris said, “I’m sorry, sir.My Weibo account is managed by my agent.Perhaps she thought that Evie and I are from the same company and we should help each other, so she must have forwarded it without thinking too much.I asked her to delete it as soon as I sawit.”

Since Carter couldn’t detect whether she was innocent or guilty, he restrained himself from unleashing his fury upon her.

“Just get back to work!”

Eris nodded, “Yes, sir.”As soon as Eris left, Carter dug his eyes into Evie.

“I don’t care what you think.Just rectify your mistake with the truth on Weibo right now!”

In the past, Evie had always treated Carter with respect.

But ever since she stumbled upon the “illicit relationship” between him and Wendy, she lost all respect for him.

She despised both of them.

Hearing Carter’s words, she scoffed, “What? Director Williams, are you feeling sorry for her now?”

Carter frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean, don’t you? To put it bluntly, you are asking me to settle this matter privately because you don’t want me to sue Wendy, right? Because she is your mistress, isn’t she? Carter, does your wife know about it? What do you think she will do if she finds out?”

Carter was so angry that he slapped the dressing table.

“Evie, what are you talking about?”

Evie leaned against the wall behind her and asked casually, “Are you aggravated? A-ha! I always held you in high esteem in this industry.I respected you as one with superior moral fiber.I never expected you to be such a lecherous pig! If Wendy had not given in to your sexual demands, would you have let her play the role of Faye? Stop kidding.This role was meant for me and me alone!”

Holding a comb in his hand, Carter’s eyes glowered with rage.

“So, you admit to doing all those awful things?”

Evie’s eyes flashed as she said, “I don’t know what you are talking about.All I did was post a picture on Weibo.”

“You are really good at passing the buck! Unfortunately for you, the cameraman spilled the truth.You intentionally approached him, then seduced him and finally got a copy of the video from him.You are the only person in possession of that video!”Evie finally surrendered and admitted the truth.

She gritted her teeth, “Yes, it was I who exposed it.So what? Did I lie about anything? Wendy did assault me, so that is proof enough!”

“The whole crew knew why she assaulted you!”

That day, Evie deliberately went looking for trouble.

He needed to punish her and he was being pressured by his superiors, so he did not intervene when Wendy assaulted her.

“Hmm, anyway, I don’t expect you to admit to your affair with Wendy.Actually, it doesn’t matter.But, sir, if you look at the latest headlines, I’m sure you will be pleased!”

Carter was flabbergasted! Before he could do anything, his assistant rushed into the dressing room with a tablet.

“Sir, there’s more bad news.You have been embroiled in the Wendy saga.A netizen anonymously commented that you supported a newcomer’s arrogance against a crew member.He also said that…”

“He said what?”

“He claims that you and Wendy are having a torrid affair and that she got the role of Faye only because of her sexual favors to you.” Carter spat venom.

He grabbed the tablet PC and became more irate when he saw the news.

“Evie, how dare you!”

Evie growled, “You gave my role to her! You also put me through such trauma in front of the crew.That day she slapped me so many times and I became a laughing stock and the butt of everyone’s jokes and you did nothing about it! If you can be so heartless, then I can be twice as heartless!”

Carter had enjoyed many privileges as a famous and successful director in the industry for many years.

He had never been framed in such a conniving manner before!  By now he was as angry as a raging storm.

“Okay, okay! Evie, you really got something!”

She was overcome by a small degree of guilt but she immediately brushed it aside and stood her ground.She was not wrong.

“Director Williams, I don’t mean to offend you!”

Evie approached Carter, caressed his arm sensually then whispered to him, “Now…There is still a way to resolve this whole mess!”

Carter looked at her coldly.

“Carter! Now…As long as you strip Wendy from the crew, you can prove your innocence! But you must promise to give me the role of Faye.Then I will rectify the truth.I will officially state that some anonymous rival with an over active imagination created this mischief and that you are innocent.In that way, all your problems will be resolved.Walla!”

As she delivered this dialogue from hell, she squeezed her lithesome body closer to his.

She stretched out her slim hands to grab hold of him.

Her red painted claws stood out against her fair skin, making her more alluring.

She gently slid her arm from his hand to his chest and unbuttoned his shirt.

Slyly, she raised her head, parted her lips and stuck out the tip of her pink tongue like a serpent.

There was obvious temptation in her eyes.

“Carter dearest, do you have the heart to refuse such a good idea?”

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