My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 74 Quit, Bitch!

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 74 Quit, Bitch!

Wendy turned on her computer and started browsing through the headlines of the latest showbiz news.

And what she found shocked her to the core.

One of the headlines read “Newly hired actress of popular TV show ‘the Story of Concubine Ivanka’ slaps beloved star, Evie!”

Wendy felt numb as her heart seemed to have forgotten how to beat.

A quick scan of the article revealed that the reporters had not neglected to mention her by name.

“According to our source, the cheeky actress, Wendy Finch, didn’t hesitate to assault Evie, in front of the whole crew of the show.The supporting role in ‘the Story of Concubine Ivanka’ ‘seems to be the first acting job Wendy has ever gotten.While Evie, the victim of Wendy’s cruelty, has been involved in the showbiz for five years and has starred in many prominent TV shows…”

As she finished reading the article, Wendy’s eyes were cold and filled with fury.Right below the text, there was a video of her slapping Evie eight times.She remembered clearly that this was the day Carter had asked her to switch roles with Evie.

The footage didn’t show her in the best light.

She looked cruel and ruthless, while Evie cowered before her, shielding her face with her hands, looking terrified.

Anyone who saw the video would immediately assume that she was bullying the girl.Wendy’s face fell.

The show’s director, Carter, was practically a legend in the showbiz and not long ago, the producer announced that Jeffrey would be taking over the male supporting role, so the show had been in the spotlight ever since.

And because of that, there were already thousands of comments on the article, even though it had been posted for only a couple of minutes.

Wendy starting reading them one by one.

It seemed that everybody was convinced that she was a terrible person.

“What a nerve! For a newcomer, that girl sure thinks she is running the show.Get off your high horse, Wendy! You are NOTHING! How dare you lay a hand on Evie!”

“Come on! We all know she must have someone important wrapped around her little finger.It’s either the son of a rich family or a rich old man.She wouldn’t be the first actress to do it!”

“You can tell just by looking at her that she is horrible.She has this suggestive look on her face.She is an expert at using her wiles to get what she wants! I guess we all know how she got that role.”

“Look at those legs! I’m telling you she must have slept with countless men.Isn’t it obvious that they are more comfortable raised up towards the ceiling than standing on the ground?” Wendy kept scrolling down, but the comments only seemed to get more obscene.

“Don’t read that filth!” Ryan said, his face a mask of fury.

He gently covered Wendy’s eyes and growled, “Those people are scum. Their minds are just as filthy as their mouths.”

Wendy was still mad about having her name smeared, but one look at Ryan’s gloomy face and her anger just vanished into thin air.

As she pulled his hand away from her eyes, she couldn’t hold back her laughter.

“How can you laugh right now?”

“It’s either that or crying!” Wendy shrugged helplessly.

“I’m not a child.I Know how cruel and unfair people can be.I won’t cry because of some stupid comments.I’ve been prepared for something like this since I decided to be an actress.”

Ryan pursed his lips, scowling still.

“Do you know who uploaded the video?”

“Who else?”

Pointing at Evie on the screen, Wendy sneered, “There are only two people in the crew of the show that don’t like me.Eris and Evie.Since I actually have something on Eris, she wouldn’t dare use such a dirty trick to provoke me.So that leaves only Evie.”

Since the day Wendy arrived in the studio, Evie had been making things difficult for her! After the latest incident, Daisy confided in her that Evie was one of the candidates for Wendy’s role on the show, Lady Faye.

Daisy also said that Carter was planning to give the role to Evie, if no one good enough showed up in the auditions.

Then Wendy showed up and won the role of Lady Faye, which Evie firmly believed to be hers.

That was when Wendy finally understood why Evie was making her life a living hell.

And knowing Evie, Wendy was sure she wouldn’t just be satisfied with the video alone.She turned off the computer and took out her cell phone.

And sure enough, right there on her Weibo photo wall was a brand new post by Evie.

There was a photo of her, wearing one of the period costumes, her face all red and swollen.

And there were tons of comments here too.

“This is preposterous! Wendy can’t just go around hitting people! What did Evie ever do to her anyway? What a bitch!”

“Damn! Wendy is a complete psycho.Why didn’t the director stop this?”

Wendy decided she had enough of that and left her phone on the table.

But right then, she heard it chiming, signaling the flow of incoming messages.

At some point, the production team of the show had released some photos of the cast with full makeup and costumes, and it was a big hit.

The fans of the show kept asking for more.

So Roger decided to create a Weibo page for Wendy, mostly for promoting the show.

Roger was the one who managed the page for Wendy, posting her selfies or photos of the cast from the shooting site.

The page had thousands of followers.

Wendy looked at her phone in bewilderment, as it kept on chiming non-stop.

When she finally overcame her initial shock, she checked out the countless new messages, only to find that they were all hate mail.

She calmly put her phone down, determined not to let this faze her.

But it would prove harder than she  originally thought.

Things did not quiet down at all.

On the contrary, they were getting worse with every passing minute.

Evie had been in the showbiz for five years, and she had many friends in the film industry.

After she posted the photo, they all made sure to forward it and leave some pretty caustic comments to boot.

But since none of them were a really big deal, they wouldn’t cause a big stir.

What made things worse, though, was Eris’s reaction.

Eris also forwarded the post and wrote “Quit, bitch! She deleted her post less than a minute later, but it still created a blast.Many suspected that Eris had been forced to delete it, threatened even.After that, it was complete and absolute chaos and Wendy seemed to be stuck right in the middle of it.Soon, her phone rang.

She picked it up and saw that it was Roger calling her.

“Wendy! There’s nothing to worry about.The public relations department will deal with this.All you need to do is stay inside for now.Don’t let any reporters catch sight of you and, for God’s sake, do not say a word to any of them!”

“Sure, I understand.” Wendy was not really worried.

She knew Roger could handle absolutely anything.

Besides, she had a contract with Glory Media.

They sure wouldn’t let her be slandered.

As soon as she hung up with Roger, her phone rang again.

This time it was her director, Carter.

He was clearly exasperated.

“Wendy, don’t come to the studio these days.The building is surrounded by the press.Just stay home for a few days.The production team will deal with that shit!”

Wendy felt a wave of gratitude for the people supporting her.

“Thanks, Director Carter,” she managed to get out.

“It’s nothing.I’ve been doing this job for too long now.I’ve gotten pretty good at judging people’s characters.Everyone here knows you are a nice person! Besides, one of the crew is responsible for this.I’ve seen the video.Judging by the high definition and that angle, it was definitely shot by one of our cameras.One of the crew somehow got their hands on it and released it.And they are in for big trouble.Anyway, we’ll get you out of this.Talk to you later,”

he said before hanging up.  As she reached to place the phone down, it rang once more.This time, it was an unknown caller.

It was a reporter, as it turned out, who asked anxiously, “Miss Wendy, what do you have to say about the incident.I mean you slapping Miss Evie in public, of course.”

“You can talk to my agent.”

“Miss Wendy…”

The reporter started again, determined to get his story.

However, Wendy hung up on him without a second thought.

But her phone was not done ringing yet.Frowning, she turned the damn thing off.

Finally, the room was back to blessed silence.

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