My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 73 One Dilemma After Another

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 73 One Dilemma After Another

“Precious, we will go after dinner.You haven’t eaten anything all day.”

“No! I want to go right now!” Josie looked at Anson helplessly.  He immediately instructed a servant to call the driver.

But before the driver could get the car ready, Luke returned.

“Uncle Luke!” Precious’s joy knew no bounds as she sprinted to hug him.

“Oh! Little One! Why are you so delighted to see me today? Ah, it must be because you didn’t see me for a few days and you missed me terribly, isn’t that so? Come on, give your favorite uncle a kiss!” She covered his mouth and pushed his face away.

“Uncle Luke, why did you suddenly come back?”Because your daddy asked me to pick you up.”

Luke then whispered in her ear, “Your dear Auntie Wendy and Ray miss you very much!” Her eyes immediately turned red.

Alas! She knew it! They must have missed her as much as she missed them! “Auntie Wendy has cooked all your favorite dishes for you!”

Precious literally jumped into Luke’s arms and commanded, “Uncle Luke, let’s go!”

“Okay, let’s go!” Holding Precious in his arms, he hurried off blissfully.

“Can you believe this heartless twosome? They left without so much as a goodbye!”

Josie sniffed, “They have both been conned by that wicked woman!”

“Just let them go.They can take care of themselves,” said Donovan.

“I will never allow that vile woman to marry into the Oliver family!”  Anson stood alongside her and watched the two of them get into the car.

Precious was in her element as Luke drove off.

He gently patted her on her shoulder and said, “I’ve never seen that child happier!”

Josie remained silent.

She thought, ‘The happier she is, the more worried I should be.  I have spoilt her all these years by giving her everything she wanted, just so she would never need to know the pain of rejection! Wendy is just using Precious to get close to Ryan.Once she succeeds, she will simply throw Precious out like an old shoe.The poor child will never be able to endure that.’

Anson sighed and said, “Josie, just let them go! A family as strong as ours does not need our children to marry for convenience of business deals.Luke is a playboy but Ryan, on the other hand, has never had a girlfriend before.Now that he has found someone whom he sincerely loves, we, as his parents, should support him every step of the way! Status and wealth can take a back seat.All that matters is our son’s happiness.”

“No way!” shouted Josie.

Anson felt powerless.Josie turned into an iceberg.

“Apart from all the other reasons, she cannot marry Ryan simply because she is the ex-girlfriend of Brian! They dated for three years.How do we know that she is not trying to get her revenge on Brian by pretending to be in love with Ryan? Who knows how her scheming mind works? Furthermore, Ryan is Brian’s uncle.If Ryan does end up marrying Wendy, people who don’t know any better, would assume that Ryan is so desperate, that he settled for Brian’s spoilt leftovers.All in all, that wretched woman will never marry into the Oliver family! Not even over my dead body!”

Over the past few days, Wendy had been burning the midnight oil, taking care of Reese in hospital and shooting with the movie crew.Although she was tired to the bone, she was happy.

Every day, the ward echoed with the merry laughter of Precious and Ray.

Reese was very fond of children and their mischievous streaks had her rolling in sidesplitting laughter all the time.She loved having them over to cheer her up.She couldn’t remember when last she had been so happy.

With each passing day, she became stronger and healthier.

Wendy was overjoyed with her improvement.

Today was a double bonus for good news.

Luke came in like Father Christmas.He placed a stack of documents before Wendy and said, “Wendy, these are the documents that you have been so patiently waiting for!”

Wendy leafed through them and was disgusted by the shameless behavior of Flynn over the past eleven years.It documented how he manipulated his first wife to divorce him, how treacherously he had deceived Reese and the numerous affairs he had engaged in.

The more Wendy read, the angrier she became! Flynn and Reese had been married for eleven years and in that time he had had more than twenty affairs! He didn’t think twice about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases before sleeping with countless women.Wendy’s hands trembled.


“There’s worse that follows.” Luke handed a flash drive to Wendy.

“Flynn is a bit promiscuous when he…uh…When he was having sex with women, he had a fetish to record videos.So his office and house were installed with cameras.A friend of mine helped hack into the security system of his house and retrieved all those video clips.You can watch them by yourself.”

Wendy immediately inserted the drive into Ryan’s laptop and the videos popped up.

There were two in total.Wendy played the first one.

As soon as she clicked on the play button, the sensual sound of moaning could be heard.

What followed was the sordid sexual escapades of Flynn with a host of extroverts.

Wendy was sick to the stomach watching this display of perverted lust.

Eyeing Flynn’s naked body made Ryan nauseous.

He gave Luke a sudden cold stare.

Luke felt goose bumps on his back.

What? How could Ryan be jealous of such a jerk? But fortunately they finally gauged the truth.

Wendy was wholly disgusted.

She scowled and quickly pulled the progress bar, only to find that Flynn was cavorting with several different women, imitating a porn site.

This video had been edited!

“Wendy, these videos are all the evidence we need to facilitate the divorce between Reese and Flynn.Based on the grounds of infidelity, he will have to agree to the divorce.”

Right! She had requested Luke to investigate him in order to procure such incriminating evidence.

Wendy restrained herself from puking after watching the degrading video.

She saved it and switched it off.

Then she examined the second video and asked, “What’s this?”

“You…You’d better check it yourself.”

She clicked on the play button and began to shiver at the very first image she saw.In the video, Flynn pulled Reese’s hair and slapped her hard across the face.

He swore while he beat her, “Bitch! How dare you back answer my mother?”

Reese was forced to her knees and he had beaten her black and blue.

“I didn’t…I didn’t!”

“How dare you contradict me?”

Flynn slapped her with all his might again.

Thud! Her frail body hit against the banister.

The pain must have been excruciating for she remained immobile for a long time.

Flynn became more indignant and uncontrollable.

He continued to beat and kick her mercilessly.

Calmly overseeing this torture was Flynn’s mother who stood there with her arms crossed.

“Beat her!” she egged on.

“Beat her harder so that she remembers this day forever! This woman will only come to her senses if you beat her thoroughly.She doesn’t know how lucky she is to be married to you! Punish her enough so that she learns to speak to me with respect and starts to treat you with dignity! Punch her in the face!” Wendy’s eyes were streaming with tears.

She was quivering so violently that she couldn’t hold the mouse.

“Stop watching it!” Ryan covered her eyes with his hand.

“Nol” Wendy brushed his hands aside and persisted in watching the remaining two hours of Reese’s harrowing torment at the hands of the mother-son duo.

A stunned silence followed in the ward.

After a while, Wendy let out a low cry of hatred.

She sounded like a tigress whose newborn had been snatched away from her by a predator.

Ryan held her shoulders as she clenched her fists and cried in his arms, “I’m going to kill him! I must xill that scumbag!”

‘‘Okay! I’ll help you!”

However, before Wendy tackle Flynn, another dilemma stared her in the face.

That day, she had received a call from Roger, whom she had not seen in a while.

‘Wendy! Something awful has happened! Just look at the entertainment headlines!”

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