My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 72 Hunger Strike And Heat Stroke

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 72 Hunger Strike And Heat Stroke

Anson was trying his very best to calm Josie down, but nothing seemed to do the trick.

She slapped off his hand and growled, “Don’t touch me! You don’t know what you are talking about.You are just as crazy as your son.He is completely obsessed with that woman! Luke has always been reckless and you know it.He has never listened to anyone except Ryan, ever since he was little.He will always take his brother’s word over ours! Now that Ryan thinks he is in love with that woman, what do you expect Luke to do? Actually, can’t Luke see reason for once and tell his brother that she is not good enough for him?”

Anson just stared at her in silence.

‘My ***! This woman can use the stupidest arguments when she wants things to go her way, ‘ he thought, fighting the urge to roll his eyes at her.  He sighed and tried a different tactic.

“What do you think we should do, then?”

“Make sure Ryan never sees that woman again.”

“You know that won’t be easy.” Josie turned to face him fully, offering him a poisonous glare.

“You are supposed to be here to help find a solution to our problem.Not to **** on every single one of my suggestions.”

“I am trying to help.Just think about it for a second, keeping in mind that it’s Ryan we are talking about.He’s always been  fiercely independent, even as a little kid.When he got it in his head to do something, nobody could stand in his way! Besides, he is thirty years old.He has finally fallen in love with a woman and you ask him to give her up? What if he had never found love at all ever again? Wouldn’t that be even worse?”

But Josie was quick to reply, “Well, if he fell in love with Wendy now, he would be able to fall for some other woman too.If he let go of his obsession with that woman, it will be a matter of time before he finds someone to love.I could even help him find a woman worthy of him.”

“Josie, he is turning thirty this year.And this is the first time he has ever fallen in love.If he gives up on his happiness now, he could have to wait until he is sixty before it happens again!”

“You are being ridiculous!” Josie replied stubbornly.

Anson looked around helplessly.

“It’s his business, his choice, and his life.Stop worrying so much about him and, for ***’s sake, let him make his own decisions.”

“Absolutely not! I would die before I allowed an actress to marry into the Oliver family!”  “Is she still refusing to eat?” Josie asked a maid later that day.

The maid nodded solemnly.She still held the tray, which held several plates with food that had been microwaved one too many times already.

“Ma’am, Miss Precious has locked herself in her room since she returned this morning.And she only ate half a bowl of porridge for breakfast.Normally, she should be starving by now.”

At the maid’s words, Josie started feeling anxious.

“Food had always been Precious’s passion.No matter how angry or sad she was, a plate of delicious food was all it took to cheer her up.Why isn’t it working this time?  This can’t go on.She will make herself sick if she keeps this up, ‘’ Josie thought to herself.

She marched to the little girl’s bedroom and knocked three times on the door, “Precious! It’s Grandma.Please come out and join us for lunch.I made sure we have your favorite today.Braised pork and pork ribs with barbecue sauce! Mm! It smells heavenly.Why don’t you come out and try some?”

“No! I want to see Auntie Wendy and Ray.Until you let me meet them, I won’t eat anything!”

‘What a brat!’ Josie sighed.She was starting to get really ****** at her granddaughter’s behavior.

“Are you threatening me, Precious?”

“I am just saying that I am not hungry.” Josie was furious.

Breakfast was seven hours ago.Precious always used to grab a bite before lunch.But now she was on a hunger strike, for ***’s sake.

This would surely take a toll on her health! “Precious…”

Josie started again, but her granddaughter interrupted her.

“I said I am not hungry.If you won’t let me go to the hospital to see my dad, Auntie Wendy and Ray, I’d rather to starve to death!”  Josie’s anger hit a whole new level.

‘What kind of hold does Wendy have over Precious?’ She thought, cursing that wretched woman.


The maid seemed pretty distressed by Precious’ decision to go on a hunger strike, “She hasn’t eaten for so long.How could she starve herself like that?”

‘If I back down now, she wins.And I can’t let her think she can manipulate me.’ Josie gritted her teeth and started walking away.

“Leave her be.Eventually, she will get really hungry, and she will have to come out and eat.”

She would rather let the girl starve than let her be close to Wendy! That woman was poison.Josie knew it in her bones.

Three hours passed and despite her resolve not to let Precious get her way, Josie had been to the girl’s door more than twenty times.

Standing there in the hallway once more, she asked the maid, “She still won’t open the door?”

The maid avoided Josie’’s eyes and shook her head.Looking at her watch, Josie saw that it was almost time for dinner.

Precious hadn’t eaten anything all day! Josie knocked on the door again, “Precious?”

But she got no response.Josie’s heart skipped a beat.

She anxiously pounded on the door and called out in a strangely high-pitched voice, “Precious? Can you hear me, darling? Please answer me.”

But there was still no response.

‘Could she have passed out?’ Just thinking about it, Josie went out of her mind.

“Quickly! Help me! We need to open that door!”

When Anson heard the commotion, he didn’t waste a moment.He absolutely adored Precious and he’d been worried sick about her.After running up the stairs, he kicked down the door to the girl’s room without uttering a word.

Although he was getting on in years, he was still in good shape.The door was blown off its hinges with one swift blow.As soon as the doorway was clear, everyone rushed into the girlish, pink room.

The air conditioner seemed to have been off for a while.

As soon as they stepped foot inside, a wave of heat swept over them.

Josie was appalled! It was a really hot day.

With the air conditioner out of order and no ventilation in the room, Precious must have really suffered staying in here all day.

Josie’s face fell and she rushed to her granddaughter’s side.

“Precious, darling!”

Precious was slumped next to the open window.

With her half-lidded eyes, flushed cheeks and dry lips, she looked barely conscious.

“Precious! ” Josie sat down next to her and pulled the ******* her lap.

“Precious! Are you okay? Talk to me, please.You are scaring me!”

But Precious didn’t even blink.She didn’t even look strong enough to draw in breath.

“Jesus! She is burning up!” Josie cried out.

She turned to Anson and cried, “Honey, it must be heatstroke.What should we do?”

Josie was practically trembling with fear at that point.

Anson didn’t hesitate.

He quickly picked up Precious and rushed down the stairs.

He found a well-ventilated, cool room and started calling out orders to the servants, “Hurry up! Fill a glass with cold water and mix in some salt! And fetch me some ice packs! Lots of them.”

The servants ran out of the room and returned in a few moments with everything he had asked for.

Anson gave then instructions on how to wrap the ice packs with towels and then place them on Precious’s body, especially on her forehead and armpits.

Then he gently raised Precious’s head and brought the glass to her lips.

“Come on, Precious.Have a sip.”

But, Precious turned her head away weakly, causing the water to run down her neck.Josie burst into tears.

“Precious, please.Don’t be so stubborn.Can’t you see you are killing us?”

“A-Auntie Wendy…”

Precious murmured staring at Josie, eyes gleaming.

Josie was overcome by a wave of sadness.She had spoiled Precious since she was little.The girl had always been a free spirit, so full of life.

Josie had never seen her look so weak before.Josie remembered the day Precious was sent to Oliver family as if it was yesterday.

She had been so small, no larger than a cat.Several of her ribs were broken and the poor thing couldn’t even muster the courage to cry.

Tears flowed freely down Josie’s face now.

“Fine, fine! Just drink some water, and I will arrange for you to go to the hospital later to see your Auntie Wendy!” Anson tried again and the girl didn’t fight back this time.

Instead, she started drinking the water eagerly.

She was so thirsty that she nearly chocked, gulping down water so fast.

“Wow, slow down, sweetie!”

After three glasses of water and several cold compresses, Precious’s temperature was back to normal half an hour later.She looked much better.

Eventually, she took Josie’s arm and held on tight.

She looked at her grandma expectantly and said in a hurried voice, “Grandma, you promised! Please, take me to the hospital.I want to go now!”

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