My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 69 Be My Woman

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 69 Be My Woman

Lunch was delivered by Luke, though it was way past lunch hour.

The three tier wooden lunch box was full of Ray’s favorite food.

“Where is Precious?”

Ray stretched out his neck and scanned the area behind Luke with curious eyes.Disappointment was written all over his long face when he saw that no one was there.

“She will come later.”

“Okay, I see!” Ray was heavy hearted.

Wendy went into the inner room and found that Reese was sleeping soundly.

She left some food, sealed in cling wrap, in the fridge for her.

Then she proceeded to join the others for lunch.

Her right hand, still red and swollen, was a stark reminder that she could not use it yet.

She struggled with the chopsticks so she swapped them for a spoon.

“What’s wrong with your hand?” Luke joked.

“I encountered an unfaithful excuse for a human being who was proud of his infidelity, so I wrestled him to the ground.”

“Holy cow!”

“What a devil! It’s a good thing you took a swing at him! But the next time you meet such a lecherous pig, just call me, and I’ll reshape his face.You really don’t need to exert yourself physically,”

Luke cautioned.  Wendy smashed the rice with her spoon and snorted, “You are no different!”

“Hey! Wendy, I strongly object to that conjecture.How dare you compare me to that scumbag? Well, I admit that I’m a bit of a philanderer and I change girlfriends quite frequently but I never date two women at the same time.Besides, my  ex- girlfriends and I have a mature understanding and our breakups are always cordial.We never carry old baggage into the next relationship.”

Her silent grin conveyed a great deal.

“Wendy, your smile is scaring me!”

Wendy scooped out the rice angrily and began to gobble.

Ryan quietly picked up some shredded bitter gourd and passed it to her.

Wendy immediately got the message.

Bitter gourd was good for dissipating internal body heat and so calmed an irritable person.

Wendy glared at him and snapped, “Men are all the same! Rotten to the core!”

Ray shyly raised his little hand and said, “Mommy, I’m a good person.”

Wendy was speechless.

She had to hold back her anger.

Once again, Ryan handed her some more bitter gourd.  She was in awe of this gesture.

After the lunch, her mouth sustained the bitter taste of the gourd.

She had eaten it gluttonously to cool her temper.

Thereafter she drank two glasses of water to eradicate the bitterness.

The more she reminisced about Reese’s experience, the angrier she became! It was Flynn who had engaged in an extramarital affair, so why did his wife have to attempt suicide? As for Flynn, he was unaffected by everything.

His only punishment was being smacked by a furious sister-in-law! ‘No way! I can’t let that lascivious lout get away with this so easily,’ Wendy thought.


“Yes!” He approached her with trepidation.

“Wendy, what’s up?”

“Can you do me a favor?”

“Whatever it takes!”

Wendy was pleasantly overwhelmed.

The corners of her mouth twitched, “It’s just a mere trifle! I heard from your brother that you have several good contacts.Help me investigate Flynn.”

“No problem! But what kind of information are you looking for?”Luke enquired.

He was an extremely smart man.

He could detect from her sinister tone why she had displayed such volatile behavior earlier.

“Give me the dirt on his lifestyle!”

“Okay! I’ll have it ready for you later today!”She felt comforted at last.

‘Flynn was really a scumbag.

He had the audacity to trap Reese in this horrible marriage and have his way with other women!”

He must be delusional! Not only do I want him out of Reese’s life but I also want him to pay bitterly for what he has done to my sister!’ Wendy’s mind was made up.

Later that afternoon, Wendy was awakened from her midday nap by a noise outside the ward.She rubbed her eyes in confusion.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“It’s okay.Go back to sleep with Ray.I’ll go have a look,” Ryan said.


However, before Ryan could get out of bed, the door was viciously kicked open and Flynn forced his way in.

He looked around till his eyes fell on Wendy.

He pointed at her unceremoniously and said, “It’s her! This is the woman who assaulted me today! Arrest her immediately!”

Two burly policemen followed him into the ward and said coldly, “Miss, this gentleman has accused you of assaulting him with the intention of causing grievous bodily harm.Please accompany us back to the police station and assist us in our investigation!”

By now Wendy was wide awake.

She sat upright in her bed and scolded vehemently, “Flynn! Have you no shame? You have stooped to calling in the police after being flogged by a woman!”

The policeman asked at once, “So you admit to assaulting Mr.Flynn?”

“Yes, I did assault him!” Wendy spat, infuriated.

Upon hearing that, Flynn immediately shouted, “Sir, look at how arrogant she is!”

The two policemen looked at each other and were preparing to arrest Wendy.

“Please cooperate and come with us to the police station!”

“Wait!” Wendy said.

“What else do you wish to say?”

“Why don’t you ask me why I assaulted him?”Wendy asked.

Staring at them icily, she pointed at Flynn and added, “This scumbag hit my sister and even tried to **** her while she was recovering in a hospital bed.Everyone in the ward witnessed his cowardly behavior! I acted in self-defense!”

The two policemen did not mellow and instructed sternly, “Sorry! Please follow us to the police station! : Flynn raised his chin with pride and walked over to her.He was still wearing the floral shirt that he had worn when the unpleasant episode unfolded that morning.As he walked, the fat on his belly jiggled and appeared disgusting to the senses.He walked slowly to the bedside and raised his eyebrows.

“You vile woman, I told you that you would have to pay for this!”

Wendy looked at him contemptuously.

He leaned over her and whispered, “Let me not hide anything from you.These two policemen are my accomplices.Once you get inside the police station, there’s no chance in **** that you will ever come out.So brace yourself!”

“So what?”

“Now, I’m giving you two choices.Either they will arrest you on charges of intentional assault and detain you in prison for a year or two; or there’s the second choice…” He paused.

With an enchanting smile he had the gall to say, “Be my woman!”

Flynn was confident that any right thinking woman would choose the latter.

He stared at her lustily, almost drooling.

He continued, “As long as you be with me, I promise you a haven of untold luxury for the rest of your life.If you disapprove of my current marital status, I will divorce your sister on the turn and marry you.Then you will no longer have to slog in the film industry! Isn’t it the ultimate dream of every female star in the film industry to bag a rich man? Consider me as your knight in shining armor, your dream ticket to the moon.You will never have to work another day in your life!”

She sneered at his disparaging remarks.

Flynn had researched her background in such a short space of time.

He even knew that she was an actress.

She knew that he had come well prepared.

“A rich family?”she asked.

“Yes, follow me and be my woman.From now on, you will be the hostess of a rich family!”

His raw desire for her was written all over his face.

If only he had known that Wendy would blossom into such a beautiful woman, he would have asked Ruben for her hand in marriage.

Although she had beaten him up earlier, his demented mind could only imagine himself embracing her attractive, **** body.

His carnal desire to satiate himself with this intriguing woman was overwhelming.

The very thought of violating her set his adrenaline on arush.


Flynn swallowed and reached out to touch her face.

“Smack!”  Wendy slapped him across the face.

The force with which she slapped him was resounding.

His teeth cut his lips and blood spilled out.

The taste of blood filled his mouth.

His head started buzzing and he became as angry as a wounded lion.

“You shrew! Now you have overstepped your mark.You will pay sorely for this! I won’t let you go!’ Then he covered his face and stared at the two policemen.

“Now she even dared slap me in front of you cops! What are you still waiting for, you useless morons? Arrest her!”

Flynn said savagely.

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