My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 68 Frost And Warmth

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 68 Frost And Warmth

Reese had been in the hospital for two full days, yet no one had been there to care for her.

Even her food was bought over by the families of the other patients in the same room.

She felt utterly exhausted.

After her long talk with Wendy a few moments ago, her mood had dimmed significantly.

She had no strength whatsoever, even for the tiniest of movements.

Thankfully, Leo had pulled a few strings and now a nurse pushed a wheelchair in the room.

Leo helped Reese in the wheelchair, and Wendy pushed her towards the thirty-second floor.


Reese said weakly, slumped as she was on the wheelchair.

Her voice was so low, barely above a whisper.

“Are you sure it won’t be too much trouble for your friend?”

“Nonsense! He may look a bit cold and distant at first, but don’t let that trouble you.Underneath his stony facade, he is really kind and thoughtful.Don’t worry, sister,” Wendy said encouragingly.

“Okay, then,” Reese answered.

When they finally reached the thirty-second floor, Wendy opened the heavy door.

Reese admired the warmly decorated room, yet she could not ignore the feeling of uneasiness washing over her.

‘No way! Are you sure we are still in the hospital? This looks like a hotel suite!’ She exclaimed, sighing inwardly.

“Wendy…” She started hesitantly.

“Don’t worry.My friend’s family is really rich; that’s all.” Wendy waved her hand dismissively.

Her explanation did nothing to make Reese feel any less nervous, though. Flynn’s family wasn’t just rich.

They practically ran an empire.

They owned two factories and had just purchased a duplex in the heart of the city.

Flynn’s assets were worth a grand total of over one hundred million.

But Reese wouldn’t have imagined he would choose such a luxurious hospital room.

As soon as they entered, little Raymond rushed over to greet them.

“Mommy!” As he neared the wheelchair, he took a good look at Reese.

The two sisters looked a lot alike, but the little boy figured it out pretty fast.

His eyes lit up with the realization and he exclaimed, “You must be Auntie Reese.Mommy talks about you all the time! You are even more beautiful than Mommy said.”

Reese didn’t have any children, despite being married for eleven years and it worried her a lot.

She absolutely loved children, especially little Raymond, her handsome, sweet nephew.

Just looking at the little boy, Reese’s heart melted.She raised her hands to her face.

“Auntie knows she is quite ugly right now.No need for compliments just to comfort me, Ray.”

“Of course you don’t look well now! No one is pretty when they are sick.But once you get better, you will be more beautiful than these ladies in the movies,” Ray said, nodding knowingly.

Seeing the look on the boy’s face cheered up Reese instantly and she smiled through her tears.

Moved by her son’s thoughtfulness, Wendy ruffled his hair.

Usually, Ray didn’t like to act and speak like that.

He insisted he was too old to act childishly.

After all, he was already four years old! So, his behavior towards Reese was highly unusual.

Wendy was stunned.

Her son even tried so hard to play cute, just to make his aunt happy.

She smiled broadly as she pushed Reese further into the room.

Ryan and Leo were already there.

Wendy took charge of the introductions.

“Reese, this is Dr.Leo.His family owns Hopewell Hospital.”

Then, turning to Leo, she said, “Dr.Leo, this is my sister, Reese.”

“Nice to meet you, Dr.Leo,”

Reese said, smiling at the man.

Leo took a good look at Reese.

She looked a lot like her sister, but they were completely different in character.

Wendy possessed the kind of beauty that made every head turn when she entered a room.

But Reese had a more graceful, subtle beauty.

Her face was pale and her long hair was now a little bit messy.

But that was part of her charm.

Her beauty was more earthly, ethereal even.

Leo nodded at her.

“A pleasure meeting you, Miss Reese.If you need anything while you are in the hospital, feel free to come to me.I will be glad to be of service.”

“Thank you! You are too kind.”

Reese flashed him a smile.

Her eyes held so much gentleness, that it made Leo a little light-headed.

When Wendy turned to Ryan, she paused.

She wasn’t sure how to introduce him to her sister.

The relationship between them was too complicated to describe.

If she introduced him as her boss, how would she explain the fact that she came to the hospital to take care of him and he even agreed to share his ward for her sake? She was worried that her sister might make the wrong assumptions.

Ryan waited patiently for her to make the introduction.

After considering her options, Wendy said, “Reese, meet my friend, Ryan Oliver.”

Then she turned to Ryan, “Ryan, this is my sister.”

“Hello, sister! Nice to finally meet you,” Ryan said with a smirk.

His reply made Wendy freeze at the spot as she glared at him.

‘Ryan, this is my sister, not yours.Why would you call her that? Not to mention that Reese is only twenty-nine years old, and you are thirty.Don’t you realize how inappropriate it is?’ Wendy thought, irritated by his behavior.

Ryan ignored the angry looks Wendy was sending his way.Reese glanced at Wendy and then back at Ryan.Realization dawned on her.

She beamed at him and said, “Hello there, Ryan! It’s good to meet you, too.”

“I had the bed prepared for you, sister.Hop in there and make yourself comfortable,” Ryan continued.

Reese nodded, as she felt her exhaustion take over.

Wendy cast her a worried look and swiftly pushed the wheelchair next to the bed.

It had been dressed in fresh, fragrant linens, and had the fluffiest of pillows waiting for her to lay her head on.

The quilt was so soft, that Reese felt the urge to rub her face on it.

Wendy helped her sister lie down.

A quick look confirmed that Reese wasn’t in a good mood, so Wendy drew the curtains aside, saying, “Sister, get some rest.I’ll come back later and bring you something to eat.”

Reese shook her head.

“I’m not hungry.Just tired.”

“Then get some sleep.You can eat when you wake up.”


After tucking her in, Wendy poured her sister a glass of water and left it on the bedside table.

Then she tip-toed out of the room and closed the door quietly.

When she left Reese’s room, Leo had already taken off.

Ray was slumped on the sofa watching TV, while Ryan was sitting up against the headboard.

When he saw her, he waved her over.

“Come here!”

“Absolutely not! I’m going to get some food.”

“I’ve already asked Luke to fetch some takeout for all of us. He’ll be here soon.”

“Okay, then.” Wendy answered, avoiding eye- contact.

“Come here, please.” Ryan said again.

“What is it?” Wendy asked, but still she went to him.

As she reached the edge of his bed, Ryan took her right hand into his.

He turned it over, examining every inch of it, noticing that it was red and swollen.

“What happened?”

Ryan asked, a frown marrying his forehead.

“I don’t know.Must have happened when I punched that scumbag!”

Wendy had tried her best to hide her hand from sight, but her attempts didn’t fool Ryan.

“Does it hurt a lot?”

“No, just a little bit.”

Ryan looked at her suspiciously and suddenly squeezed her palm.

“Ouch! Are you crazy?”

“You were the one that said it didn’t hurt.”

He shrugged, the corners of his mouth twitching.

Wendy was at a loss for words.

‘Heck! That brilliant bastard.’ Wendy complained inwardly.

There were tears brimming in her eyes.

It really did hurt.

She tried pull her hand out of Ryan’s grasp, but he held on it tightly.

“Hold still!”

He put his shoes on and stood up.

He went to the kitchen and retrieved an ice pack from the refrigerator and a towel to wrap around it.

Then, he carefully placed the ice pack on her palm and the pain lessened significantly.  Wendy stared in awe at him.

That man was so damn attractive without even trying.

She suddenly became aware that they were standing very close to each other.

She could see clearly the serious look he wore.

His lips were pursed and his jaw tight.

He looked like he faced the biggest decision of his life.

As she studied his handsome face, Wendy’s heart starting beating wildly.

She felt a flush rising on her cheeks and she berated herself, ‘Damn it! I am truly pathetic.  He shows me a fraction of attention and I feel like a love-struck little girl.’ She noticed that her hand was still in his.

She could feel the warmth radiating from his palm, dousing the back of her hand in delicious heat.

And at the same time, her own palm was chilled by the frost of the ice bag.

It was a really strange, but weirdly exciting feeling.

“Does it still hurt?” Ryan asked.

Remembering what happened the last time she claimed her hand did not hurt, she nodded and answered honestly.

“It does.” Ryan’s eyes sparkled with amusement.

“Then let’s keep the ice on a bit longer. It will help with the swelling.”

As he said those words, he reached over and took her hand in his own again, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

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