My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 67 Honey-coated Words

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 67 Honey-coated Words

Reece was almost breathless after having spoken for so long.

“Reese, I’m really sorry.I should have returned sooner!” Wendy apologized profusely.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m happy enough when you’re still alive.” Reese comforted her.

Upon hearing those words, Wendy added hastily, “Reese! Please don’t do such a stupid thing ever again as long as you live! Flynn is an uncouth beast.

The sooner you divorce him, the better.

Thereafter, you can come and live with Ray and me.

Hey, by the way, I neglected to tell you about something extremely important.

Are you ready for this? Three years ago I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

I have named him Raymond.

He is an absolute joy to have around.

I have yet to meet a three-year-old who is as obedient and as sensible as he is.

I’m sure that you will love him when you meet him!”

Reese raised her head with a sudden realization.

“Is this as a result of what happened three years ago?”

“Yes!” Reese could not hold back another fountain of tears.

“You poor thing. How much of hardship have you endured over the years?” Wendy was consumed by deep sadness.

“Reese! I’m an actress now and I have to shoot every day.I’m especially busy during this time.Ray is still so young and I am not content having just anyone take care of him.Once you are divorced, you are welcome to live with us.Then you can help babysit Ray.That would be such a comfort for me, knowing that he is in safe hands.”

‘Hmm? So…I still seem to hold some value in this existence,’ : Reese thought.

Her eyes lit up like twinkling stars.

Her desperation was replaced with a ray of optimism.

She agreed without hesitation, “Okay! When I get divorced, I will help you take care of your precious little one!”

But after a momentary pause, her eyes darkened again.

“But Flynn won’t agree to a divorce.”

Wendy sneered, “He has no say in the matter!”

Reese’s ward was really shabby and overcrowded, with six beds in it.

All the beds were occupied by patients with various types of ailments.

Reese’s bed was located close to the door.

Unfortunately it was right next to an overused bathroom.

The ventilation was very poor and the gross odor filled her with nausea.

Moreover, the patients in this ward were taken care of by their families so the ward was forever busy.

At any given time, there were at least a dozen people overcrowding the tiny area.

Family members used every minute of the visiting hours to catch up on news and were always very rowdy.

Witnessing this scenario, Wendy frowned  in despair.

‘How could Reese get any peace and quiet in such an unsavory environment?’ she thought.

She bumped into a nurse who was doing her rounds in the wards and asked her about the conditions in that particular ward.

She wanted Reese to be transferred to a cleaner, quieter ward.

“I’m sorry, but there is no other word available at the moment.”

The nurse shook her head hopelessly and said, “Our hospital is full beyond capacity every day.The patients even spill out into the corridors.She should be grateful that she has a ward to stay in.It’s not possible to transfer her elsewhere.”

Upon hearing the gloomy words of the nurse, Reese tugged at Wendy’s T-shirt and moped, “Forget it, Wendy.I’m fine living here.”

‘What? You have dark rings and bags under your eyes.It’s obvious that you are not getting any decent rest.Furthermore, there’s no one to take care of you here.I’m sure you haven’t even had your lunch yet, ‘ Wendy observed silently.

As she analyzed the situation, her mind went to the comforts offered in the wards on the thirty-second floor.

She pondered for a while then said, “Reese, wait a minute.I’ll make an important call.”

As she whipped out her phone to make the call, she was startled to notice that there were several missed calls from Ryan.

That morning she had set her phone on vibration mode when Ryan was asleep.

She realized that she had not even been aware of the calls because she was so engrossed in Reese’s personal matters.

She didn’t call back immediately. Instead, she phoned Leo.

She had only saved Leo’s number that morning and didn’t expect that it would come in handy so soon.

The call was soon connected Before Wendy could say anything, Leo asked anxiously, “Wendy?”

“It’s me!” she answered.

“Where on earth are you? Ryan has been trying desperately to get hold of you for hours.Wait a second.Speak to him.”

“Uh…” Before Wendy could say anything, Ryan’s voice boomed icily.

“Where have you been?” he asked, genuinely concerned.

After quickly checking the time, she was stunned to note that two hours had elapsed since she had gone downstairs to buy lunch for him.

No wonder Ryan was worried.

She hurriedly explained what had transpired.

Then she pleaded with Ryan.

“Please ask Dr.Leo if there are any better beds available in the in-patient department.The conditions where my sister is housed are just terrible.I’m really worried about her because she is all alone.”

Leo was present with Ryan.

Leo’s phone was on loud speaker so he caught the conversation and made an “Okay” gesture to him.

Countless thoughts instantly flashed through Ryan’s mind.

‘Reese?’ he thought.

According to Luke’s investigation, Reese had sacrificed much for Wendy, so she held her sister dear in her heart.

He said softly, “I will ask Leo.”

“Okay!” Wendy answered.

Leo nodded repeatedly and added, “Bro, it’s not a problem to secure a private room for the sister of your future wife.Consider it done.”

Ryan covered his phone quickly and looked at Leo sternly.

“Uh…” Leo was confused.

Ryan moved his hand away and explained to her calmly, “Leo says that there are no other wards available in the hospital!”

Leo was speechless.

‘I didn’t say that!’ he cried silently.

Even Raymond, who was sitting on the sofa, munching an apple, looked at Ryan askance.Ryan ignored them and said a mouthful.

“Don’t worry.You can transfer your sister to my ward.It’s a ward with two bedrooms.There is a free bed there.She is welcome to stay there.”

“Well.Is it okay?” Wendy asked.

“There are special nurses and doctors on the thirty- second floor.You will be busy shooting for the film so you won’t be able to take care of her.I think it’s a sensible solution to let her live there.”

“Yes, you are right.Okay! I’ll bring her there right away,’ Wendy said.

After hanging up the phone, Ryan threw the phone to Leo, who skillfully caught it.

“Ryan…” Leo said tentatively, waiting for Ryan’s instruction.

“Ask someone to clean up the room thoroughly and immediately!” Ryan ordered indifferently.

“Okay.I see.”

Still quite confused, Leo went to find someone to do it.

Ryan and Raymond were left alone in the room.

Raymond put down his apple and said, “You lied to my mommy!”

“It’s a white lie,” Ryan explained.

“Is it good for you?” Ray snorted, “I know what you are up to!”

“Oh?” Ryan was surprised.

“My mommy cares very much about Auntie Reese.If she comes here, then my mommy will also come here every day.Then you will get to see her every day and you can show her how much you love her,”

Ray said.  Ryan didn’t deny it.

He gave Ray an approving look and nodded, “Anything else?”

Ray continued, “Humph! There are very few people that my mommy cares about.Auntie Reese and I are two of those lucky people.I know that you want to impress my aunt so that she can help you win my mommy over.”

Hearing that, Ryan smiled.

He leaned against the head of the bed and said, “You are very smart, young man!”

Ray’s ears turned red.He grunted and continued to eat his apple.

“You don’t have to sweeten your words for me.It doesn’t work.Are you not worried that I will tell my mommy everything about your plan?”

“It’s all up to you whether you get to see Precious today or not.”

‘What? I haven’t seen her for many days!’ Ray thought. His eyes brightened like the stars in the night sky.

He didn’t want Ryan to go back on his word so he leapt from the sofa, rushed to him and hooked his little finger.


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