My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 66 I Should’ve Killed Him

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 66 I Should’ve Killed Him

Wendy wanted to chase Flynn, but Reese grabbed Wendy by the wrist, stopping her in the tracks.

“Reese…” Wendy called out her sister’s name, wondering why she stopped her.

“Wendy, don’t,” Reese croaked.

She was afraid that Wendy would leave her again for a few years, this time going to jail for assaulting or even killing that man, so she held her sister’s hand tightly, not wanting to let go.

As she felt Wendy’s warmth, tears welled up in her eyes.

This was the first time that they had seen each other after three years.

It was an overwhelming moment for the two of them that they could only stare at each other with tearful eyes.

Both of them were lost in the moment, unable to utter even a single word.

Reese gazed at Wendy with longing.

She looked at Wendy from her hair and to her feet, not wanting to miss anything.

Then, she stretched out her hand and caressed Wendy’s face.

As Reese did so, tears uncontrollably streamed down her face.

“You’ve become more beautiful,” she said solemnly.

Her words made Wendy tear up.

“Reese… I’m sorry,” she apologized while stifling a sob.

“What matters is that you’re back alive. It’s okay.”

It had been three years since they last saw each other, but there was not a hint of alienation between them right now.

They pulled the curtain around the hospital bed, which provided a bit of privacy from the other occupants of the ward, and then sat on the bed hand in hand.

They talked endlessly, filling each other with what had happened in the years when they were away from each other.

Wendy felt that Reese was worried about her, so she told her everything regarding her fake death three years ago.

Of course, she did not forget to mention that she had gone to the US to seek refuge.

She swallowed the bitterness and difficulties she had faced in the past and only told Reese all the good things that had happened.

Wendy did not want her sister to worry about her, especially when Reese had gone through even worse.

Reese could not help but burst into tears upon knowing everything.

“I know, I know.They said that you stabbed Eris, but I didn’t believe it.I know you.I know you wouldn’t do such a terrible thing.They also said that you’d bled to death, but I didn’t believe it either.They didn’t allow me to see you, so I wasn’t able to see your body with my own eyes.They said that you’d been cremated, but I sensed that something was not right.Over the years, I had been investigating what had happened to you in the past, but they concealed it perfectly.In the end, I didn’t find anything.I’m a failure.”

Reese burst into tears yet again.


“I’m happy that you turned out to be alive and well.”

Unable to hold it any longer, Wendy buried her face into her hands and sobbed.

While she was away over the years, Wendy had to be tough in order to protect and take care of Ray.

For some reason, it felt as though everyone was giving her a hard time.

But now with her sister by her side and listening to her voice, Wendy finally felt at ease.

Reese was only six years older than her.

Even so, she was like a mother to Wendy.

Their mother passed away when they were little, so Reese, as the elder sister, had no choice but to act as one.

“No…no way!”

Reese suddenly exclaimed.

It was as though she had recalled something very important that she grabbed Wendy’s hand and rushed out.

You were in the same crew as Eris.Cacia probably knows that you’re still alive.She was the one who threw you into the sea.But now that you’re back, she might probably come to you again and finish what she had started.You can’t stay here.

“Go! Go somewhere where they can’t find you,’ she cautioned with an extremely agitated look on her face.


Wendy called her sister’s name reassuringly, “don’t worry about me.Coming back was my choice.I know what i’m doing.”

“But…but they have power and influence.”

“During my three years of stay outside the country, I must admit, I’ve grown a lot.Please don’t worry about me.I can protect myself.”

When she spoke, her eyes were firm and resolute.

But instead of being reassured, Reese felt sad.

“My Wendy has grown up!” she exclaimed with tearful eyes.

“Yes. I’ve changed, and I can now protect not only myself but also you. Reese, from now on, nobody can hurt you anymore.”

Reese’s lips curled into a bitter smile.

Meanwhile, Wendy frowned and asked what she had been meaning to know after all this time, “What happened between you and Flynn?”

The mention of that name made Reese close her eyes.

It was obvious that she did not want to talk about him.

“Reese, do you want me to be worried about you?”

With a bitter smile, Reese told Wendy everything that had happened.

Her marriage with Flynn was only a deal.

Reese had no idea who Flynn was before they got married.

She was only eighteen years old at that time and expecting a bright future ahead of her.

When her father, Ruben, asked her to marry Flynn, she immediately refused.

She could imagine marrying an ordinary man and having a simple life.

However, marrying an ugly old man she didn’t even know was beyond her imagination.

Unfortunately, she had no choice but to marry him.

In the first few months of their marriage, Flynn treated her well.This made Reese think that marrying him was not so bad after all.

As long as he was good to her, she could accept him eventually.However…things went the other way around.

Just when she thought that Flynn was humble and loyal, it turned out that he was actually greedy and flirty.

Not only that, he was promiscuous and abusive.

Their marriage had not even reached a year, yet he had begun to cheat on her many times.

Unfortunately, Reese was still young and naive at that time.

Not to mention, her father was the one who forced her into marrying Flynn.

Even though Reese knew that her husband was having an affair with many women, there was nothing she could do but endure it.

Flynn was her first husband.Reese, however, was his second wife.

His ex-wife accompanied him in starting his business.

However, after he succeeded, he abandoned his ex-wife as she was no longer of use to him.

After their divorce, his ex-wife did not want anything, not even his money, but custody of their two children.

Flynn’s father passed away a long time ago.

Because of this, he decided to live with his mother.  Of course, Reese lived there too.

The three of them lived together but not in harmony.

Flynn’s mother believed that her son was capable and perfect.

Meanwhile, she only saw Reese as nothing but young and beautiful.

For some reason, she always made things difficult for Reese at home.

They lived in a duplex villa, which covered an area of more than 400 square meters in total.

They never hired servants at home.

Flynn’s mother handed over all the housework to Reese, so the latter did the cleaning, buying groceries, cooking, and doing laundry every single day.She was like a busy bee without any rest.She endured everything that was being thrown at her.However, Flynn’s mother was still dissatisfied with Reese’s work that she nitpicked every petty thing that she could see.

To make things more difficult, Flynn’s mother often said to her, “An old hen can still lay eggs for us to eat.How about you? What can you provide for us? You and my son have been married for many years already, yet you can’t even get pregnant with his child!”

Reese’s status in their family was even lower than the dog Flynn’s mother was raising.In all honesty, Reese was a conservative woman.

Ever since she was a child, she believed that a wife should never give up on her husband no matter what.

Because of this belief, she never once thought of divorcing Flynn despite everything he had done to her.

Just six months ago, Flynn hooked up with a young and beautiful girl.

This time, he did not even bother to hide his promiscuity.

He even brought the girl to his house, and she stayed for the night.

Reese, on the other hand, had to serve him and his mistress.

She even had to watch them make out in front of her.

At that moment, she finally could not stand it anymore.

She felt sick and disgusted!  It was not until then that she filed for a divorce.

Unfortunately, Flynn disagreed.

Where could he find a beautiful and docile housewife afterwards? After all, he dreamt of having his own family while having the freedom to fool around with other women.

“No, we won’t divorce! I’ll never let you go until you die!” Flynn swore.

His tenacity in maintaining his marriage while being abusive made Reese depressed and hopeless.Her reason to live vanished into the air in an instant.

Family? Ruben was her father, but he never cared about her.

All he cared about was himself! Her only family that she cared about, Wendy, met her untimely demise three years ago.

Love? She was no longer the same as she was when she was eighteen.

She had long stopped fantasizing about romance that only happened in the movies.

Friendship? In the eleven years of marriage with Flynn, she had been busy every single day.

She did not have time to spare to make any friends.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that her life was meaningless.

Two days ago, Flynn brought home another woman.

Unable to stand it any longer, she took a whole bottle of sleeping pills, hoping not to wake up anymore.

‘This is it.Nothing in the world is worth my care anyway, ‘ she thought as she drifted to sleep.

To her surprise, she woke up again.

It turned out that Flynn sent her to the hospital for gastric lavage, which saved her life but not from her nightmare.

Hearing what had happened to Reese, tears filled Wendy’s eyes.

“That bastard! I should’ve killed him earlier!”

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