My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 65 Beat Up The Scum

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 65 Beat Up The Scum

“Listen here, you little ****! I’ll ******* kill you!” Wendy’s eyes turned red in rage.

Her eyes swept around the room in search of a weapon, and they fell on the broom by the bedside table.

She picked it up and hit Flynn with it.

She had lost count on how many times she smacked Flynn, but all that mattered to her was that he was groaning in pain.

“Stop! You little *****, I said stop! If you don’t, I’ll hire someone to kill you!” Wendy merely scoffed at his threats.

“I’ll tell you what! I’ll kill you before you kill me! You *******! Die! Well, even if you do die 10, 000 times, my resentment for you will forever be here in my heart! “she said with a sneer.

Her sister, Reese, was a gentle and kind-hearted person.She was at the peak of her life when she got married to this *******.

Sadly, he did not cherish just as he had vowed on their wedding.He even abused her!

“Go to ****!”

Wendy shouted as she hit him again and again.


Flynn suddenly found an opportunity to grab the head of the broom.

As he did so, he finally saw who was beating him up.

He was taken aback at the sight of Wendy, and a look of horror appeared on his face.

“Wendy…Wendy Finch? Aren’t…aren’t you already dead?” he stuttered with his eyes wide in shock.

“Of course, I’m still alive! How can I die before you, you dirty old man?”

Still alive?

‘So…the person in front of me isn’t a ghost?’ Flynn’s fright dissipated at that very moment.

When he could finally see Wendy’s face clearly, his eyes, for some reason, lit up.

Wendy was still wearing the T-shirt and shorts from this morning.

Although her shirt was loose, it did not conceal her good figure.

She had a beautiful face, a slender waist, long legs, and firm *******.

Although she had just beaten Flynn up with a broom, he could not take his eyes off her.

He stared at her, admiring her beauty with a lecherous gaze.


How could he look at her like that in front of his seriously ill wife! Wendy was yet again infuriated.

She pulled out the broom in his hand and hit him on the head.

The satisfying sound of the broom hitting his skull echoed in the ward.


Flynn yelled in pain.  However, it seemed that it was not as painful as it looked as he immediately recovered from the blow.

Just as Wendy was about to wield the broom handle, Flynn grabbed it first.

“*****, I said stop! I’m going to beat you if you don’t! Don’t blame me for your death by then,” he threatened.

But, Wendy seemed unfazed by his empty threats.

She merely sneered, which made him even more annoyed.

Sure enough, Flynn got provoked that he raised his hand to slap her.

“Wendy, watch out!” Reese exclaimed.

Wendy’s eyes turned cold as ice.

She grabbed Flynn’s wrist and pulled it hard, making him lose his balance.

He then fell to the ground with a loud thud, and his arms flapped behind him.

While he was on the ground, Wendy stepped on his back, held his arms behind him with one hand, and pulled his hair with the other.

“AHI” Flynn screamed in pain.

Since his arms were pinned on his back, his feet flailed instead.

“You little *****! Let go of me!”



“Apologize to my sister!”

Flynn remained adamant in refusing Wendy’s order and instead flew into a rage.

“How dare you order me to apologize to that who?!”

Slap! Before he could finish his words, Wendy smacked the back of his head.

“Wendy, stop! Ouch!”Flynn cried out.

“I said apologize!”Wendy insisted.

“No way!”

Slap! Flynn’s eyes were now red and filled with tears, but he remained stubborn.

“Wendy Finch, you little *****! You’ll regret this! I’ll make you pay for what you’ve done to me!”

Slap! Wendy did it again.

Flynn’s bald head was now red, and he was starting to get dizzy from the impact.

Wendy raised her hand to hit him again, but he could not bear it anymore.

“I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!” he cried out.

Wendy stopped upon hearing his apology.

Afraid to be hit again, Flynn hurriedly turned to Reese and continued, “Honey, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have treated you like that.Please forgive me.”

Reese leaned against the bed and tears streamed down her face.

Both she and Wendy looked like their mother.

They were so beautiful as if they were the epitome of beauty.

Reese was only twenty-nine years old.

She should have been in the prime of her life, but she had been treated so badly.

Now, nobody could recognize her beauty anymore.

She was wearing a blue and white hospital gown.

It was very loose, but she could not do anything about it as it was already the smallest size.

She had lost so much weight over the years.

The once beautiful and youthful Reese was now gaunt and skin-and-bones.

Her long hair was in a mess due to struggling a while ago.

Her face was pale and her lips were chapped.

She was so thin that her eyes were unusually big.

In despair, she held her knees and burst into tears.


Tears streamed down Wendy’s face as well in pity.

She loathed Flynn because of what she had done to her sister.

Through gritted teeth, she slapped his forehead with all her strength regardless of his pleas.

“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! I’ll ******* kill you!”

It seemed that Wendy wanted to get back from the injustices her sister had suffered from Flynn.

One of her hands was already red, swollen, and numb, yet Wendy still had not stopped.

Meanwhile, Flynn’s eyes had rolled up to his head.

“Wendy, stop!”

“Reese, he abused you.Why are you still protecting him?”

Albeit struggling, Reese got off the bed.

Her clothes were torn, and she looked embarrassed because of it.

She held Wendy’s wrist to stop her from hitting Flynn and shouted, “I’m not protecting him.I’m protecting you! He’s a scumbag, and we can’t go to jail because of him.It’s not worth it!”

“I’m not afraid!” Wendy reasoned out.

“But I am!” Reese interjected.

Tears fell down again, and she continued, “All these years, I thought you were dead.But then, you suddenly appeared in front of me safe and sound.It feels so unreal.I feel like I’m dreaming! You shouldn’t lose something because of such a vile, wicked person.Wendy, you’re the only family I have.I really need you!”

With that, Wendy finally let go of Flynn, and the two sisters poured their hearts out.

In all honesty, Wendy hated herself.

She should not have hesitated to meet with Reese in fear that her sister would only be mad at her for feigning death.

If only she had come back earlier, many bad things would have been avoided.

“Sister, I’m sorry.I’m so sorry!”

Wendy held her sister in her arms to seek comfort.

However, she only felt worse as the only thing she could feel was Reese’s bones under her skin.

Meanwhile, Reese trembled all over as she cried in Wendy’s embrace.

While the Reese and Wendy were busy consoling each other, a family member of one of the other patients behind them suddenly exclaimed, “Watch out!”

Wendy instinctively turned around and saw Flynn getting up from the ground.

He was holding a glass bottle, and it seemed that he was going to throw it at her.

Wendy’s eyes suddenly turned cold! She maneuvered her body with finesse.

Before the bottle could hit them, she kicked it away.

Seeing that she was able to dodge it, Flynn rushed over and shouted, “You *****, the one who’s destined to beat me is still not born.I’ll kill you, or better yet, cripple you as a reminder for the rest of your life.”

As he spoke, he threw a punch at her, hoping to catch her off guard.

“Wendy, watch out!”

Reese instinctively held Wendy in her arms and turned her body to protect Wendy from Flynn.

“Reese!” Wendy exclaimed.

To Reese’s surprise, Wendy grasped her arms and moved around them.

The two sisters exchanged positions.

Wendy let go of her sister and grabbed Flynn’s fist just in time.

Flynn tried to withdraw his fist, but Wendy was clutching it tightly.

He tried again.

Still, she did not budge.

With eyes wide in shock, he mumbled, “Impossible.”

“Oh.I forgot to tell you something.When I was away for years, I learned some extreme self- defense skills.”

Instead of letting go, Wendy pulled Flynn’s fist hard.

When he staggered, she swept her leg, which sent him to the ground with a loud thud.

In fear that Wendy would hit him again, he got up as fast as he could and rushed out.

He did not turn around until he reached the door of the ward.

When he did, he glared daggers at Wendy with his small, rat-like eyes.

“Just wait and see.I won’t ever let you go!”

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