My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 64 Reese

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 64 Reese

It was Flynn! Her brother-in-law! He was at the entrance of the elevator.

For a man who was about 48 years old, his fashion sense was rather unconventional.

He was wearing a fancy flowery shirt.

Funny enough, his bulging belly looked as though it was pulling the buttons of his shirt apart.

Waist down, he was wearing a pair of big casual shorts and flip-flops.

Wendy had seen Luke wear the similar outfit before, and he looked amazing.

Flynn, however, looked vulgar and ugly.  How could Flynn wear such clothes and be confident in public? That was not all.

His head was shaved that it was completely bald, and a gold chain as thick as a finger was hanging on his neck.

Under his armpit was a black designer bag.

Overall, he looked like a nouveau riche.

When her sister first married this guy, Wendy often went to the Wilson family’s house to visit her sister Reese.

But one day, Flynn’s mother scolded Reese in front of the whole family, berating her for not making money for the family and for being a freeloader who even always brought her sister, another freeloader, over for dinner.

Because of this, Wendy no longer became friendly nor associated herself with Flynn.  Since then, she did not go there as frequently as before.

Even if she did, she no longer ate there with the family in fear of being reproached.

Fortunately, Reese was kind and supportive of her sister.

She even shouldered Wendy’s tuition and occasionally gave her allowance.

Time went by, and Wendy had finally turned into a fine lady.

She met with her sister and Flynn together sometimes.

However, she noticed the lascivious way that Flynn looked at her.

It disgusted her.

Reese knew about it and asked Wendy never to go to the Wilson family’s house ever again.

Extreme as it may seem, but Wendy knew that her sister was only protecting her.

In all honesty, she had been meaning to contact her sister after returning from abroad.

However, she never seemed to make up her mind.

She was afraid that her sister would only be angry at her for feigning her own death.

Besides, she was busy with acting.

But, of course, that was just another excuse not to see her sister.

After all, she never expected that she would come across Flynn in such a place after three years.

At that time, the elevator was packed.

As it was already lunch hour, the elevator was filled with the patients’ relatives and friends carrying takeout foods they had bought from downstairs.

Everyone inside had food in their hands, except for one

Nevertheless, Wendy was thankful that he did not notice her.

A few moments later, Flynn’s phone rang, and he answered it with great enthusiasm.

Since the elevator was somehow noisy, he raised his voice, making it difficult for Wendy to ignore his presence.

“Honey, I’m in the hospital now.Don’t worry.I won’t get back to that bitch.We’ve been married for 11 years, yet she hasn’t given birth to a child.I’ve had enough of her! I’ve been kind enough to keep up with her, but all she’s given me is grief.What an ungrateful woman! Yes, I’ll settle the matter successfully this time.I think that that whore will die after a few days anyway, so just wait a little longer.We’ll get married as soon as she finally bites the dust.”

Flynn hung up the phone with a cynical grin.

But as he noticed that everyone was looking at him scornfully, he exploded in rage.

“Mind your damn business! Haven’t you heard anyone make a call?!”

Meanwhile, Wendy was rooted in her spot.There was no doubt that…The woman whom Flynn called a bitch and whore was her sister- Reese! According to him, Reese would die soon.

Once she died…Flynn and his mistress would get married immediately.

Wendy was trembling in resentment.

Reese married Flynn at a young age.

She was just 18 at that time.

For 11 years, she endured humiliation from the Wilson family and even suffered at their hands.

How dare Flynn insult her like that?! Wendy was staring at Flynn with an icy cold glare.

While doing so, she happened to see him press the button to the ninth floor.

Even though she was supposed to go to the top floor, she decided to follow him to his destination.

Flynn walked to a ward and entered without even bothering to knock.

Wendy quickly followed and walked over to the door.

Although she was just right outside, she could hear the muffled sound of a quarrel inside.

“Reese, how dare you look at me like that?! If you dare to kill yourself again, I’ll make sure to give you hell.Why did you even do that?! I’ve served you for 11 years, yet you’re still not contented with the life I’ve given you.And now, you tried to kill yourself in front of me? Enough! If you don’t want to be with me, fine.Wait for the divorce!”

Nurses came to the ward where Flynn was and asked him to lower his voice so as not to disturb other patients.

However, he refused to do so and instead spoke even louder.

“Fuck off! Can’t you see I’m dealing with a private matter? This is none of your business.Go away!” he bellowed to the nurses.

He then turned to Reese and continued, “Don’t expect to get a penny when we’re divorced.Ha-ha! Even if you don’t want to live with me anymore, I’ll make sure that you’ll see me with an 18-year-old girl.But you…a woman with no education background, no connections, divorced, and infertile.I’ll look forward to seeing what kind of man would want to be with you.”

Flynn had been bitching for quite a while, yet Wendy still had not heard Reese’s voice.

The more he spoke, the more offensive his words had become.

Unfortunately, it seemed that he had no plans of stopping himself from blabbering.

“You little bitch, I’ve fucked you over and over again for a long time.You’re no longer as decent as you were before.I’m sure only an old, bald man would want to be with you in the future.What a shame.”

Wendy did not have to peek through the door to see Flynn’s face.

Just by listening to his foul, rotten voice, she could already imagine his hideous face.

Just as she was about to push the door open, she heard people’s shrieks and Reese’s weak cry from inside.

“Flynn, what are you doing?!”

“What am I doing? I’m going to fuck you! Now that you’ve asked, the more I think of it, the more displeased I am.Damn it! You’re just a woman I bought.You’re lucky you got to marry me.How dare you threaten me with suicide?! You’re such a bitch! Fine! Since you want to get rid of me, I’ll divorce you right after you leave this hospital.”

“Flynn, stop it!”

“No way! I spent so much money so I could fuck you whenever I want.It’s only been 11 years, and you haven’t paid me back.And now, you’re telling me that you want to leave? Sad to say, but I’m not going to let you.I’m going to fuck you right here, right now!”

All of a sudden, Reese’s scream rang into Wendy’s ears.

“Stop! Stop it!”

Wendy could not stand Flynn’s abuse to her sister anymore.


Without a second thought, she kicked the door of the ward open and saw Flynn tearing off Reese clothes forcefully.

Reese had lost so much weight and was too thin and weak to be a match for Flynn.

Because of this, he was able to tear off her clothes in just a few seconds.

For the past three years, Wendy had no idea what Reese had gone through.

She felt extremely sorry for her sister.

Reese’s ward also had other patients, their families now rushed to try and stop Flynn since he was now distracted.

However, he merely shook off those who tried to stop him and shouted, “Damn it! Don’t you dare touch me, or I’ll find someone to kill you!”

After being in the same room as the Wilson family, everyone around them knew that they were rich and powerful.

They were afraid to offend Flynn, so even though they were appalled at his behavior, they let him go immediately.

Flynn, on the other hand, did not seem to care that other people were looking at him.

He threw his bag away and knelt on one knee on the bed.

He then suppressed Reese with one hand and was about to take off his pants with the other.  In desperation, Reese cried out and struggled to push Flynn away with all her strength.

“You bastard, get away from me! Get away! You animal!”

“Damn it! I’ve been sharing a bed with you for 11 years! You say I’m an animal, so what would that make you, huh?”

Flynn lifted the quilt and was about to press his body on Reese’s when all of a sudden…

“Flynn, you filthy scum!”

Wendy rushed towards him in a fit of anger.

Then, she poured the dumplings that she had just bought on Flynn’s head.

To make things worse, the soup was still very hot that it scalded his skin and scalp.

Now, the dumplings were all over his body.

Flynn shrieked and writhed in pain.

He jumped out of the bed almost instantly and swept the dumplings off his head.

His eyes were fierce with anger as he tried to look for the culprit.

“Fuck! Who fucking attacked me?! Show yourself! I’ll kill you!” he bellowed.

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