My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 63 Come Here

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 63 Come Here

As though he had been electrocuted, Luke suddenly jumped up.

‘Oh my ***! I’m doomed! Ryan tried his best to woo Wendy, but she rejected him ruthlessly.

And now, I was so close with her that it felt like I deliberately rubbed Ryan’s rejection in his face! He must be very jealous of me.

What should I do? Will he take revenge on me later? Perhaps he’ll make things difficult for me on purpose in the future?’ Luke slowly and carefully turned his head to look at Ryan again.

As he did so, he found that his brother’s face was grimmer than it was a while ago.

Because of this, he bolted out of the ward instinctively, afraid that he would worsen the predicament he was in.

“I…I’m going to write that business proposal!” he stuttered as he ran away.

With that, he disappeared in a flash.Meanwhile, Leo was ecstatic.

In order for Ryan to fall asleep, Leo gave him and Wendy time and space.

Of course, he decided to take Raymond with him.

Before Raymond left the ward, he and Ryan looked at each other.

It looked as though they just had had a tacit conversation.

Now, only Wendy and Ryan were left in the ward.

Since the room was big, the former felt fine when many people were still there.

But now that she and Ryan were alone, she suddenly felt the atmosphere a little awkward.

“Come here,”

Ryan gently said.

“Why? What’s the matter?”

Wendy asked while she walked to the bedside.

“Sit down.”

Wendy sat down on the chair beside the bed.

To her surprise, Ryan took out his suit jacket from a side and unfolded it.

He then put it on her bare legs gentlemanly.

Her slender and fair-skinned legs were now covered.

Wendy had no idea what to say.

“Don’t wear such clothes in public.It’s not safe,”

Ryan said with a frown.

He paused for a moment as though pondering for something and added, “But you can wear that when you’re with me.”

The corners of Wendy’s mouth twitched.

She accepted the suit jacket and asked, “Why can I only wear it when I’m with you?”

“Because I’ll protect you,”Ryan answered.

All of a sudden, a beautiful fluttering sound came to Wendy’s imagination.

Because of his words, she felt butterflies in her stomach.

Ryan was only wearing a loose hospital gown.

His face was gaunt and in a mess, but for some reason, he looked cute and very reliable when he said that line.

‘What the ****, Wendy? Get a grip!’ Wendy thought to herself.

“Ray mentioned that the fruit baskets you bought me were worth 200 dollars.”

“What? Yes,” Wendy answered.

She was somehow distracted that it took her a few seconds to respond.

To her astonishment, Ryan smiled and sincerely said, “Thank you.”

Wendy’s mouth fell open.Ryan smiled! He actually smiled!  Stunned by she had just seen, Wendy’s eyes widened in shock.Even after a while, she had no idea what to say.

Truth be told, Ryan usually wore a poker face that made people feel as though his whole body was filled with ice.

He did not smile often and seemed that he did not want anyone to get close to him.

But when he smiled, it felt like the ice in his heart melted, and the spring flowers blossomed.

His frigid temperament softened, and for some reason, he looked surprisingly…attractive.

Wendy swallowed hard at the thought of this.

The sound of her swallowing was so loud that Ryan clearly heard it.

Because of this, the smile on his face deepened even more.

Wendy’s face burned in embarrassment.

She could not even look at Ryan in the eye.

All of a sudden, she stood up and walked over his bed.

To his surprise, she put away his computer.

“I…I’m telling you, since I’ve decided to help you, I won’t allow you to ruin my hard work.From now on, you’ll have to listen to me,” she said in a resolute voice.

“If you say so,” Ryan replied complacently.

“You’re not allowed to talk about work while you’re here in the hospital.”


“You have to eat regularly and sleep on time.If you can’t sleep, you still have to lie in bed with your eyes closed and rest.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“You haven’t slept well for several days.Now, lie down and sleep!”


Ryan replied with an exasperated sigh.

Wendy had been filming night scenes these past few days.

Even today, after she stayed up for one whole night, she came to the hospital for Ryan in the morning.

She had not rested yet, so she felt tired and sleepy after chatting with him for a while.

As she sat on the chair, she could not help but let out a big yawn.


“Yeah.I’ve work all night.”

Suddenly, Ryan made some space on the bed and said, “Come here.”

His gesture came out natural as though they were a couple for years.

Wendy wanted to refuse his invitation, but she remembered that he had not had a good sleep for several days.

Besides, she had vowed to help him.

Refusing him now would mean going back on her word.

After pondering for a while, she finally agreed and got into bed with him.

Fortunately, the bed was wide enough for two people.

Because of this, Wendy was able to huddle up beside him with ease.

Wendy had grown used to being a walk-on actress to make a living.

It could not be helped that she would feel very sleepy, especially during night scenes.

Her nature of work caused her to adapt to her environment, which in turn enabled her to fall asleep anywhere, even with only two newspapers as a bed.

The moment Wendy’s head touched the pillow, she fell asleep almost immediately.

When her breathing steadied, Ryan opened his eyes and looked at her.

Slowly, he reached out his hand and gently stroked her hair.

For him, everything he had done so far was worth it.

She finally came to him.

It was not until noon that Wendy woke up from a deep sleep.

She opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw was Ryan’s deep ones.

“Good morning!” she said while yawning.

“Good morning,” Ryan greeted back.

Since their faces were somehow close, Wendy was surprised to find that Ryan looked so much better than hours ago.

Although his face was still pale, and the circles under his eyes were still apparent, his eyes were no longer that bloodshot.

As he lay on his side, a look of satisfaction could be seen on his face.

He also looked more energetic than he had been earlier.

A few hours ago, he seemed as though his energy had been sucked out of his body, leaving him drained and empty.

But now, he seemed to be full of energy and high- spirited.

Wendy was greatly astonished by his sudden change.

“Did you sleep?” she asked with a smile.

Yes, he did, which explained his good mood.

“I slept for two hours,” he answered proudly.

Excellent! He really fell asleep!

“Can you let go of me now?” Ryan added.

Confused, Wendy looked down, and her eyes widened in horror.

As it turned out, she clung to him in her sleep.

Her arms, even legs, were tightly wrapped around him.

Their bodies were intertwined, and not an inch of a gap was in between them.

Swoosh! All of a sudden, Wendy felt a wave of heat hit her head.

Her ears had gotten extremely red in embarrassment.

As if she got an electric shock, she jumped up and quickly rolled off the bed.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!” she exclaimed.

“It’s okay,”

Ryan said with a smile while he sat up from the bed.

Just as Wendy was about to feel relieved, Ryan added, “I’m used to it anyway.”

Wendy was speechless.

Unable to contain her embarrassment any longer, she put on her shoes hurriedly.

She glanced at the time and found that it was already noon.

“I…I’ll just go downstairs and buy something for lunch,” she stuttered while avoiding his gaze.


Looking around, Wendy realized that Raymond was nol in the room.

Because of this, she quickly put on her other shoe and ran to Leo’s office.

Unfortunately, he was not there at the moment.

She was worried until she asked the nurse who had just come by.

According to the nurse, Lhe little boy was accompanying Leo as he checked the wards.

Wendy breathed a sigh of relief.

With that, she proceeded downstairs to buy Ryan lunch.

Since Ryan had only been diagnosed with insomnia and had no other health problems, he did not have to go on a strict diet.

Because of this, Wendy went for the delicious ones Instead.

She decided to buy some dumplings with shrimp filling for lunch.

Wendy could not help but be appalled at how expensive the things and food were near the hospital.

In other places, the dumplings usually cost 12 dollars per bowl.

However, they sold it here for 18 dollars.

To make it worse, the serving was not enough for its price! As Wendy held the dumplings, she could not help but feel that she had been ripped off.

On the way back, all she could think about was how unhappy she was about the food.

Thinking of it, there was a kitchen in the ward.

She could buy some ingredients and cook a meal  there afterwards.

It was lunch hour and there were many people using the elevator.

She happened to be a little too late, and the elevator was already full when she got there.

Still, she managed to get inside at the last minute.

Her destination was on the top floor, so she tried to move away from the door to make room for people who would get off before her.

When she looked up, her eyes widened in shock as she saw a familiar person in the elevator with her.

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