My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 62 Six Months Pact

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 62 Six Months Pact


Everyone looked at her incredulously when she said that.

With her fingers pointing at Ryan, she added, “He…he can’t leave the hospital! If anything happens to him at home, he might not be able to be treated on time.”

Everyone fell silent.

Luke looked at Wendy, and it seemed as though he wanted to say something.

However, Ryan glared at him and said sharply, “Shut up!”

Albeit unwillingly, Luke had no choice but to turn around and shut his mouth.

Wendy knew Luke enough to know what he wanted to say.

He was going to suggest that she could help Ryan instead.

However, Wendy was a person who could only be persuaded by reason and could not be cowed by force.

What if Ryan forced her to do something? Well, if that happened, he would only arouse her antipathy.

However, the more he scolded Luke for trying to drag her in, the guiltier she felt.

The atmosphere in the ward was depressing.

Wendy looked at Ryan’s bloodshot eyes and then turned to Leo.

“Dr.Roberts, how about you try again?” she asked with full of hope.

“Yeah.We can try again, and maybe this time will be successful!” Luke echoed.

Leo looked at Ryan and heaved a sigh.


“Try again,” Ryan agreed.

“Then, he turned to look at Luke and Wendy, and added, You, two, stay and see for yourself.”

‘They won’t give up until they see how bad it is with their own eyes, ‘ he thought.

Wendy immediately closed the door of the ward.

To help Ryan sleep, she closed the curtain that had been installed behind the door too.

She closed all the curtains, including the one at the window, making the ward completely dark.

Not even a ray of sunshine made its way inside.

Next, she turned on the bedside lamp.

Only the faint light of the lamp illuminated the whole room.

When all was set, Leo took out a pocket watch and dangled it in front of Ryan’s eyes.

Slowly, he swayed it left and right.

The light was dim.

Leo’s low and bewitching voice was the only sound that can be heard.

“Look at me.Calm down.Don’t think about anything.Now, your eyelids are heavy, and your optic nerves are tired…Your sight becomes blurry…You can’t see clearly…You eyeballs are slowly moving up…The surroundings are getting hazy…Your eyes are closing slowly…Slowly…You’re eyes are now closed.Your hands and feet are getting heavy…Your body is becoming numb…You can no longer move…You want to sleep, and now…you’re finally asleep.”

Ryan’s eyes closed ever so slowly.

Everyone in the room held their breath, not daring to make a sound in fear of disturbing Leo and Ryan.

One second…

Two seconds…

One minute…

A minute had passed, and Ryan still had not opened his eyes.

“Is it…is it successful?”

Luke whispered cautiously.

Judging from the look on his face, he was hopeful and excited.

Meanwhile, Leo’s gaze still had not left Ryan, who was leaning against the headboard with his eyes closed.

Everyone was staring at him with great anticipation when, all of a sudden, his eyes fluttered open.

They were red and showed no signs that he had been asleep.

“It failed again!”

Leo exclaimed with frustration.

Even though he was a renowned senior hypnotist, he had repeatedly failed in hypnotizing Ryan.

What a shame!

“Leo, you’re a quack! Did you buy your hypnotist’s certificate? Or have you used up your brain in watching women give birth after becoming an obstetrician? Why is it so hard for you to hypnotize my brother? I’ve never seen you hypnotize him successfully!”

Leo was speechless.

‘Oh, please! Ryan was the only one I couldn’t successfully hypnotize!’ “You’d better find a way to make my brother fall asleep! If you don’t, I’ll destroy your hospital,”

Luke threatened.

“Actually, there might be another way.”

It was only then that Leo spoke.

He had been silent for a long time.

When he opened his mouth to speak, everyone, except Ryan, looked at him all at once.

Luke rushed over and grabbed Leo by the collar.

He raised his fist as though he was about to hit Leo and shouted angrily, “Leo, you *******! Why didn’t you tell us earlier? What is it? Tell us now!”

“Luke, calm down!”

Ryan shouted from a side.

While gritting his teeth, Luke glared at Leo and slowly put down his fist, even though against his own will.

Wendy also looked at Leo eagerly and said, “Dr.Roberts, please tell us.”

Leo tidied up his white gown and answered, “Miss Finch, we need your cooperation in this.”

Wendy was stunned! ‘Is Leo saying that I should sleep next to Ryan again?’

“I’ve been wondering for days why Ryan can’t fall asleep under any circumstances except for when you’re around.I’ve been thinking about this, and I think we should start with you.Whether it be your aura, warmth, or something else I have yet to find out.Anyway, just give me some time, and I’ll find the solution.Of course, the choice is yours if you’ll agree to participate.Nobody is going to force you into doing this.”

Wendy was at a loss for words.

It did not help that everyone was looking at her expectantly.

‘This doesn’t sound like a good idea, ‘ she thought to herself.

‘If Leo doesn’t find the solution, will I have to stay by Ryan’s side my entire life? Although I’ve decided not to fall in love and get married, I have a life that I want to cherish on my own! Well, Leo mentioned that it was up to me, didn’t he? I don’t want to take part in this, but this is a matter of life and death.

I can’t say no to them now, especially when they’re looking at me with expectant eyes.’ She did not say anything, and nobody persuaded her.

After a long while…Wendy had made up her mind, but there was one thing that she wanted to be sure of.

“How long will this take?” she asked through gritted teeth.

Leo breathed a sigh of relief and answered excitedly, “Six months! It will only take six months.I promise I’ll be able to treat Ryan’s insomnia successfully by then.”

“What if…what if you fail?”

“Miss Finch, it’s very kind of you to even help us for this.If we still can’t find a way to cure Ryan, there’s nothing else we can do but accept it.We won’t trouble you anymore.” Wendy had decided.

“Let’s do it!” she said with sheer determination.

Her resolute response made Ryan raise his head and look at her meaningfully.

Meanwhile, Luke could not contain his happiness that he jumped and then knelt down to hugged Wendy’s thighs in joy.

“Wendy, you’re going to save my brother’s life! You’ve saved Precious before, and now my brother.Our family will forever be indebted to you.From now on, I’ll be at your beck and call! I’ll do everything for you without hesitation.”

Wendy rolled her eyes and ordered, “Get up!”

“No, I won’t! I’m too touched and excited to move!”

Truth be told, Wendy was becoming uncomfortable as Luke’s tears of joy ran down her thighs.

Besides, it was so embarrassing! All of a sudden, the temperature in the room suddenly dropped several degrees.

Luke was familiar with this feeling, so he turned to look at his brother.

Sure enough, Ryan was glaring at him with narrowed eyes.

Although his face was pale and his eyes were red, his intimidating aura had not dissipated.

For some reason, a sinking feeling emerged in Luke’s heart.

Ryan, who had been silent for a long time, finally spoke.

“Stand up,” he said to Luke coldly.

Luke looked at his brother and then at Wendy.

Only then did it dawn on Luke…

With eyes wide in shock, he looked at Wendy’s legs and found that she was only wearing denim shorts.

Her legs were exposed, and it turned out that he had been clutching her bare thighs.

Luke seemed to realize something.

‘Brother, are you jealous?’

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