My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 61 Apple

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 61 Apple

Wendy fell silent as everyone left.

She thought that she was the one whom Ryan wanted to go.When everyone was gone, the icy look on Ryan’s face subsided a little.He leaned against the headboard of the bed and glanced at the fruit basket In Wendy’s hand.

Then, his gaze shifted to Wendy.

“Why are you here?” he asked with a frown.

His voice was still cold, but his attitude towards her was gentle, compared to when he was facing those senior executives.

“Ray heard that you were sick.He’s worried about you, so here we are.”

“How about you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you worried about me?”

Wendy averted his gaze and answered with an awkward smile, “Of course! You’re my boss, so I have to be concerned about you.”

She placed the fruit basket she was holding on the bedside table and then peeked at his laptop screen.

“You should take good care of yourself, especially now that you’re sick.Why are you still working anyway? For sure, there are many elites in the Oliver Group that can handle this.You know, the company won’t go bankrupt when you’re just going to be away for a few days,” she thoughtfully said.

Indeed, Ryan did not look very good at the moment.

His angular face was deathly pale.

His eyes were bloodshot, and the shadows under his eyes made his appearance worse.

He looked as though a demon sucked his essence dry.

No wonder Luke was so anxious.

Ryan closed his laptop shut and asked, “So, have you been busy these past few days?”

Wendy was taken aback by his question.Even so, she answered it honestly.


Upon hearing her response, Ryan’s expression had turned cold yet again.

In all honesty, he was dejected.

‘She’s not busy, but she waited five days before she came to visit me.Why is that?!’

“Why? What’s the matter?” Wendy asked in confusion.

“Nothing,” Ryan answered.

He closed his eyes, so he did not have to see the look of utter confusion on her face.

That way, he would not end up sulking and then appear childish in her eyes.

“I want to eat an apple,” he added.

“Okay. I’ll wash one for you.”

With that, Wendy took the fruit basket and hurried to the kitchen.

Meanwhile in the ward.Footsteps approached the bed.

Ryan opened his eyes and saw Raymond walking to the bed with another fruit basket in his arms.

Once the latter was close enough, he leaned over the bed and looked straight at Ryan with his big, dark eyes.

Raymond’s eyes were as Clear as a spring, washing away Ryan’s hostility and unfriendliness.

Little did Ryan know, he actually cared a lot for Raymond.

Whenever he looked at Raymond, his eyes would be extremely gentle and full of affection.

“You’re awesome,” Raymond remarked all of a sudden.

“How’d you say so?” Ryan asked in confusion.

“Although I don’t want to admit it, I know that you have a place in Mommy’s heart.”

“Are you comforting me?”

The little boy snorted in response and retorted, “Do you need it?”


“I didn’t ask Mommy to visit you.”

Raymond pointed at the fruit basket he had placed on the ground and continued, “But, Mommy suddenly said that we’d pay you a visit this morning.She even spent 200 dollars on the two fruit baskets.”

The little boy’s statement made Ryan raise his eyebrows.

‘‘What do the two fruit baskets mean?’’ he wondered.

“I…I’ve been in poor health since I was born.I know it isn’t easy for Mommy to raise me alone abroad.That must be why she doesn’t want to waste a single penny.Although she has signed a contract with the company and doesn’t have to pay for the house that we now live in, the cost of living in Ywood is still too high.Sadly, it can’t be helped that we have a lot of expenses.” Ryan listened carefully.

It was his first time knowing that.

After all, he did not ask Luke to investigate Wendy, so he had no idea what she had been through in the US.He cast a meaningful look at the little boy.

‘I see.It turns out that this adorable boy is actually sickly.Is that why he’s so thin? Also, Luke said that Wendy owes Roger a lot of money.Did she borrow money from Roger for the sake of her son?’”All I’m saying is that Mommy never spends money on unimportant people in her life.”

Only then did Ryan understand what Raymond meant.

“So…you’re saying that I mean something to your Mommy because she spent 200 dollars to buy me two fruit baskets?”

The boy nodded affirmatively.

“Perhaps she just did that because I’m her boss?”

“We all know her real boss is Kane from the Glory Media!”

Raymond replied with a grin.

‘Apparently, she was not distancing herself from me like she appeared to have.’ All of a sudden, Ryan felt relieved physically and mentally.

Wendy returned not long after with an apple in her hand.She found that Ryan was no longer as cold as before.Confused, she handed the apple to him with a frown.

To her surprise, Ryan pointed at the fruit knife on the bedside table.

Wendy was speechless by his audacity, Nevertheless, she did as told.

She sat on the chair next to the bed and peeled him an apple.

She was amazing at it.

The way she peeled an apple was meticulous and precise.

She only peeled a thin layer of the skin, and it did not even break, even after peeling the whole apple.

“Do you often do that?”

Wendy paused for a few seconds upon hearing Ryan’s question.

Then, she handed the skinless apple and answered, “I often peeled apples when I was a child.”

When she was little, she and her sister were sent to their hometown in the countryside.

Because they were poor, their lives had been very difficult.

Fortunately, someone had planted apple trees in the farmland.

Whenever it was a harvest season for apples, their price would fall, so Wendy and her family could finally afford it.

Her grandmother would buy a large bag of apples during those times, and Wendy and her sister would share it.

Since they ate a lot of apples, they mastered the technique of peeling them.

“Does it taste good?”

Wendy asked as she watched Ryan munch on the apple.

Ryan gazed at her with deep eyes and answered, “It’s very sweet.”

Wendy was speechless.

His words made her blood rush to her cheeks.

****! Who said that Ryan had never been in love? His flirting skills were master-level! Knock knock! At that moment, a knock on the door interrupted their moment.

“Come in!” Ryan said loudly.

In a doctor’s overall, Leo pushed the door open and came in, followed by Luke.


Wendy suddenly stood up and greeted him.

“Hello, Ms.Finch.Please sit down.”

“How is Mr.Oliver?”

Leo frowned at the mention of Ryan’s condition.

Wendy noticed the change on his face, which made her feel extremely anxious.

“Dr.Roberts .His condition is very serious,”

Leo answered in a somber tone.

“Five days ago, he fainted because he hadn’t been sleeping well for quite some time.Even in the hospital these days, he only slept no more than 10 hours in total.I’m afraid that there’s a risk to life if this continues.”

“Oh no! Is there really nothing we can do about it?” Leo shook his head regretfully.

“We have already consulted with the experts in the country and abroad, but nothing works. We’ve also asked a renowned senior hypnotist for help, but it didn’t work either.”

Wendy bit her lips and did not say anything for a long time.Leo saw the look of apprehension on Wendy’s face.

He did not want to press her further, so he turned to look at Luke.

Even the latter had a grave look on his face.

With a sigh, Leo said to Luke, “You’ve witnessed everything.I’ve given Ryan all the medicine for insomnia that his body can handle.Sadly, he has already produced resistance to those drugs, so they won’t work anymore.If I increase the dosage of the sleeping pills, there will be a risk of overdose, and he might not wake up again.I’ve done everything I can.I’m sorry, but there’s nothing more I can do.”

“Leo, what do you mean?”

With a bitter smile, Leo explained, “I can’t give him more medicine to induce sleep.As all the treatments have failed, staying in the hospital is futile.I advise him to be discharged from the hospital.”

Wendy’s mouth fell open upon hearing the doctor’s words.

‘Be discharged? If the doctors here can’t do anything to help, what will going home do? Ryan will only wait for his own death!”

Standing aside, Luke could not do anything but bury his face in his palms to hide his tears.

Even Leo’s closed his eyes and sighed.

Although Ryan was the patient, only he remained calm.

“Well, I’ve told you that staying in the hospital is just a waste of time.Luke, you go through the discharge procedure,” he ordered expressionlessly.

However, Wendy seemed unable to accept Ryan’s fate.

She suddenly stood up from her seat and expressed her disagreement.


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