My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 6 Eris Finch Is The Leading Actress

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 6 Eris Finch Is The Leading Actress

In the private room that Brian booked, various dishes carpeted the table.

But even with those mind-numbing meals, Eris didn’t have the appetite even for just a single bite.

“Are you not feeling well?”

Brian looked at her with concern.

She had been absent- minded since she came back from the bathroom.

“No, no! Maybe it’s because of the jet lag that I don’t have any appetite right now.”

“Then, all the more that you have to eat something.You look thinner these days.”

Brian picked up some food for Eris and added with concern, “Even if you want to keep your figure, you have to eat! If you want to succeed and take your career even higher, you have to be in your best health all the time.But really, you don’t have to try hard in the entertainment industry.I can provide for you.”

“I want you to feel proud of me!”

Eris held Brian’s arm and continued coquettishly, ”

“I want everyone to know that Brian’s girlfriend is a successful woman.”  Heaving a deep sigh, Brian helplessly answered,

“Well…If that’s what you want, then I can’t really do something.”

Eris smiled sweetly in his arms, yet her thoughts were lingering on something else at the same time.

Just now, when she went to the bathroom, she accidentally saw a woman who looked exactly like Wendy! The resemblance was uncanny! Her features and voice were exactly the same, but her temperament and build were totally different.

The Wendy she knew wasn’t much into dressing up fancily, and she had always been thin.

But the woman Eris met in the corridor was undeniably elegant and eloquent–—much like any A-list celebrities.

She must be mistaken! It couldn’t be Wendy! She was already dead.

Her mother threw that woman into the sea three years ago! Her remains would probably have been decayed already! ‘What the ****?! Why am I thinking of Wendy Finch?’ Eris cursed in her heart.

Meanwhile, it was already completely dark when Wendy’s group finished their dinner.

Roger drove her and Raymond to the house he rented for “Mommy, is this the city where you have lived for twenty years?”

“Yes, baby.”

Holding the little boy in her arms, Wendy gazed out of the window at the flashing neon lights and asked Raymond, “Do you like this city?”

“Yes, I do!”

“Oh? Why?”

“Because this is where mommy grew up.”

Wendy hugged the little boy and planted several kisses on his chubby cheeks.

: How could her son be so cute and caring?! She must be so really blessed! Half an hour later and the car finally halted to a stop at a high-end residential area.

Roger drove directly into it as he had the pass card.

As the car slowly progressed inside, Wendy saw several guards patrolling the area with newly-built houses.

For a moment, she was relieved to know that they were to stay in a secured community.

The whole thing made Wendy realize how reliable Roger really was.

In three days, she would go for an audition, and if successful, she would immediately start working, leaving Raymond home alone.

As the community was so safe, she could rest assured that nothing terrible would happen to her son.

After getting out of the car, Roger helped carry the luggage and led Wendy and Raymond into the elevator.

“The transportation here is very accessible.There is a bus station by the gate, and the shopping malls, supermarkets, and a hospital are very near.You won’t really have anything to worry about.”  Right after Roger said that, the elevator stopped on the 16th floor.

The door opened, and he led the two to one of the units.

He took out the key and opened the door.

As soon as Roger switched on the lights, the interior was revealed.

Wendy couldn’t be any more pleased.

The apartment, which had two bedrooms and a living room, was simply draped with beige wallpaper.

A chandelier, hanging by the living room, shed bright lights on the grey sofa.

At the center was a white dining wooden table.

Several shopping bags were stop on it, all of which were living necessities Roger bought for their stay.

Everything they needed seemed to be there.

At the vestibule were several pairs of new slippers neatly placed on the shoe rack.

Wendy, who was holding Raymond in her arms, slowly stepped foot inside, surveying the unit’s entirety with evident contentment in her eyes.”Do you like it?”

“Yes, I like it so much!”

Feeling so thankful and touched, Wendy turned to face Roger and uttered, “Roger, thank you so much for this.I don’t know how to repay you! Will marrying you be enough?”



“If you could only sound any more sincere, then perhaps I’d believe you,”

Roger sneered, rolling his eyes ather.  Wendy immediately raised a sheepish smile and asked, “Am I not sincere?”

“Why don’t you ask your son that question?”

Roger turned to Raymond, who now struggled out of his mother’s hands, and ran towards the sofa.

After slumping on the soft couch, the young boy looked up at his mother and said, “Mommy, your smile is so fake.Instantly, Wendy was rendered speechless.And as the smile dissipated from her lips, she grabbed a pair of house slippers from the vestibules before walking into the living room.Wow! Even the size of the slippers fitted her feet perfectly! “I bought some food and drinks for you.There are also fruits in here.See if there is anything else you want.I’ll take you to the supermarket,”

Roger said, following her to the living room.

“No.No.You’ve done enough already.”

Wendy sat down on the comfortable sofa, casually grabbing a pillow.

Squinting her eyes, she sighed happily and expressed, “It’s really nice to be so rich, isn’t it?”

“So, you have to make money and repay me as soon as you can!”

Roger teased with a grin.

Then, he threw a book at Wendy, who caught it quickly.

“What’s this?”she asked, looking at it, her brows furrowed.

“You are not part of the crew yet, so you can’t get the script for now.According to some internal sources, this series plays close homage to the original work, so the script is almost exactly the same.You should read the original book first and get familiar with the character you are going to play.It will definitely help you with the audition later on.”

As soon as they started talking about acting, Wendy’s eyes instantly turned serious.

Over the years, acting had not been only her hobby but also what she considered a livelihood.

If she hadn’t made a living in the US, she wouldn’t have been able to support herself and Raymond.

Wendy quickly scanned through the Story of Concubine Ivanka the book.

The character she was going to audition for was the third heroine and the second villain in the play, Lady Faye.

She was a beautiful imperial concubine.

When she became a member of the imperial harem, she performed the pavane, which deeply attracted the emperor.

Since then, she had been favored by him.

And as if the character was really meant for Wendy, Lady Faye’s character description was so much like Wendy’s image.

The more she read the story, the more fascinated she became.

“Mommy? Mommy!”


The little boy, who had been trying to get his mother’s attention, looked helpless as he added, “Uncle Roger has called you several times.”

“Ah, I’m sorry.This book is too addicting.”

Sitting between Wendy and the little guy, Roger sighed.

He then patted Raymond on the shoulder and said, “It’s getting late.Go and take a shower.There are pajamas for you in the wardrobe of the second bedroom.”

The little boy looked at Wendy and then at Roger before leaving them in the living room to take a shower.

“Do you have something to say to me?” Wendy suddenly asked.

Roger nodded and replied seriously, “You should be mentally prepared.The main heroine of this TV play has been decided.”

“Oh, okay.”

That had nothing to do with her actually.

Wendy wasn’t auditioning for that role anyway.

“The leading actress of this play…It’s Eris Finch.”

Upon hearing that name, Wendy’s face suddenly froze.

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