My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 59 Sister-In-Law, Help Us!

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 59 Sister-In-Law, Help Us!

After buying breakfast, Wendy took a taxi home.

She showered as soon as she returned.

Once she came out of the bathroom, she saw that Raymond was stepping on a small stool, heating the steamed stuffed buns and preserved egg and pork porridge in the microwave.  “Mommy, breakfast is ready!”

Raymond proudly said.

“Raymond, you’re so amazing!” Wendy exclaimed.

Now that Wendy had taken a shower, she felt refreshed.

In appreciation of what her son had done, she bent over and gave him a kiss.

Then, she went to the kitchen to get some smaller bowls.

When she came back, she poured the porridge into the bowls and put the steamed buns on the plate.

Once the food was ready to be served, she put them on the dining table for them to eat.

Wendy bought breakfast for three people.

But looking around, Precious was surprisingly nowhere in sight.

“Ray, where’s Precious?”

Raymond’s face fell upon hearing her question.

He shook his head in response and answered, “I don’t know.”


Wendy was taken aback.

Whenever she woke up every morning, Precious would come to their house as soon as she got dressed.

The two kids were together all the time, except, of course, when it was bedtime.

Wendy was used to that setup that she was surprised when she did not see Precious, even for a day.

Raymond took a nibble of a steamed bun and said in dismay, “Mommy, Precious hasn’t been here since yesterday.”

Wendy was stunned.

‘Could it be that Ryan did not allow Precious to be with Ray because I refused to help him?’ she mused.

She could not help but frown at the thought of that possibility.

If that was true, Ryan was immature and a jerk! As if he had guessed what she was thinking, Raymond put the rest of the bun into his mouth and  said, “Something happened to Precious’s family yesterday.An ambulance even came to their house.Precious hasn’t shown up since.”

Was Precious sick? Wendy was shocked.

She slowly put down her bowl and asked, “Did you ask what happened? Is your friend sick?”

“Well, when a servant in Precious’s home delivered lunch to me, I asked what had happened.He told me that Uncle Oliver fainted and was seriously ill.He’s in the hospital now.Since there was nobody to take care of Precious, she was sent to her grandparents’ house.”

Wendy’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing what had happened.

“Uncle Oliver?”

‘Was it Ryan or Luke?’ she wondered.  The little boy raised his head and said, “It’s Uncle Ryan!”

Ryan had been hospitalized after fainting.

To make things more worrisome, an ambulance came and took him away! ‘Was it because he couldn’t fall asleep?’ Wendy pondered.

At the thought of this, she became anxious and even lost her appetite.

She put down the bowl, and it seemed as though she got lost in a daze.

“Mommy, are we going to the hospital to see Uncle Ryan?”


Wendy had no idea how to respond.

Before, she insisted on refusing to help Ryan regardless of Luke’s pleas.

If she were to go there to see Ryan now…Well, it would definitely be awkward.

“Ray, Uncle Ryan will be fine soon.We’d better go to his house when he returns from the hospital,”

Wendy said with a smile.

However, that was not what Ray was expecting.

He lowered his head in disappointment and replied sadly, “Okay.”

A few days had passed since that incident, but nobody came back to the No.1 villa.

The servant still brought food to Raymond every lunchtime, but Ryan had not returned yet.

Even Luke and Precious had not shown up.

‘Is Ryan so seriously ill that he still can’t be discharged from the hospital?’ Wendy mused.

Her mind was in a mess.She even forgot her lines several times when she was filming! She had been working at night shift for the past few days.

She must admit, it was not easy to stay up until the morning.

One morning, when she returned home, she immediately took a shower and then lay on the bed afterwards.

She picked up her phone and stared at it for a long time.

‘Wendy, you and Ryan are friends now.Even if you two aren’t, he’s still your boss.You care about your boss, don’t you? Well, that made sense,’ she thought.

I Besides, she could not shrug off the melancholy in Ray’s eyes these past few days since he could not see his only friend.

She figured that she should ask about Ryan’s condition, even just for the sake of her son.

After pondering for a moment, Wendy finally convinced herself to send Ryan a message.

She found Ryan’s WeChat account soon and finally sent him a message.

“Boss, I heard that you’re sick.Are you feeling better now?”

After sending that, Wendy waited for his reply, but she did not receive any.

Meanwhile…In Hopewell Hospital.

Ryan was wearing a blue and white striped hospital gown.

Although he was only wearing that, he still had an intimidating aura around him that could not be concealed.

He had been on bed rest for five days, and his face had gotten colder as time went by.

Outside the ward.

The senior executives of the Oliver Group were gathered, each with documents and reports in their hands.

Everyone was exchanging a look as though pointing fingers at who should come in as nobody dared to do so.

At that moment, Luke came over.

Those who were outside felt relieved at the sight of him.

They then trotted towards him while calling out his name.

“Mr.Luke, help us!” cried one man.

“Mr.Luke, could you help us and send these documents to Mr.Ryan? If you do, I’ll do everything you want me to do,” said another.

“Mr.Luke, please help me, even just for the sake of our friendship,” bargained one man.

As they spoke, they stuffed the documents into Luke’s arms, which did nothing but only made Luke furious.

“****! You bastards! You never think of me when something good happens to you.But now, how dare you to come to me because you think you’re going to be reprimanded?! Sorry to say, but I won’t do it!”

“Mr.Luke, you’re the president’s brother.He must treat you warmly, like the spring breeze”

“********! No, he doesn’t treat me like that.Spring breeze? To me, he’s as cruel as the winter blizzard.”

At the thought of the cold look on his brother’s face, Luke shuddered in disdain.

Then, he quickly returned the documents to everyone.

Oh my ***! In the past few days, Ryan seemed as though he had come back from being frozen in a glazier.

His gaze was so cold that it was enough to send a chill down someone’s spine.Even Luke, who was his own brother, was afraid that Ryan would tear him apart.

“Mr.Luke…” said one man whose voice trailed off.

“Cut the ****.Either we’re in this together, or I walk away ! Let’s all go inside at the same time!” urged Luke.

Although that was probably the best course of action, everyone’s face still turned pale.

At that moment, Luke opened the door and walked in first.

The senior executives followed shortly after.


Swish! Ryan threw a folder to Luke and said sharply, “What kind of primary school level planning is this, Luke?! You have two hours to redo this!”

Luke clutched the folder tightly.

He almost burst into tears upon hearing Ryan’s words.

Meanwhile, everyone fell silent, not wanting to get in the way of Ryan’s wrath.

Oh my ***!

‘Mr.Ryan did not even go easy on Mr.Luke.We would most probably suffer the same fate, ‘ everyone thought at the same time.

The senior executives exchanged a worried glance.

Some of them even felt an urge to cry in fear of humiliation.

Thirty minutes later, the executives had all been tortured to death.

Well, at least not literally, right? Fortunately, they did not suffer the same fate as Luke.

Ryan did not reprimand them but instead looked at everyone with a frightful gaze and coldly ordered, “Redo it! “Redo it!”

“Redo it!”

Another thirty minutes had passed.

The senior executives were still sweating in fear.

After reading all the reports, Ryan’s expression turned as cold as a glacier.

A deafening silence befell in the ward, and it made the tensed atmosphere even tenser.

Everyone lowered their heads as they did not want to meet Ryan’s eyes.

They even seemed as though they were holding their breaths.

At that moment…

Ryan’s phone beside his bed suddenly buzzed.

Ryan subconsciously glanced at it to see who it was.

But when he saw the message on WeChat, his cold face was immediately replaced by a warm smile.

It was as though the first snow had met the warm sun.

Everyone in the room exchanged a confused glance.

Luke happened to be near Ryan, so he craned his neck to see the message.

It turned out that it was a message from Wendy.

Seeing this, grateful tears almost streamed down Luke’s face.

‘Sister-in-law, help us!’

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