My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 56 Matching Clothes

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 56 Matching Clothes

In the shooting site…

Faye’s full name was Faye Miller, and she was General Miller’s daughter.

She was a joyful, rambunctious, and domineering young lady before becoming a royal concubine.

After entering the royal palace, she developed a deep and seductive personality that was diametrically opposed to her previous persona.

Because of this, Carter expressed concern about Wendy’s acting abilities.

Wendy’s scenes as Concubine Faye were a near-unicorn success.

Although Faye Miller and Concubine Faye were the same women, their characters were totally opposite.

“Wendy, what do you say? Can you do this?”

“Yes, I can.No need to worry about.”

There was a moment of silence, during which Carter relaxed.

That was definitely awesome to know! Carter got familiar with Wendy during the time they got together.

She never boasted about herself.

Since she said that she could do it, there was nothing to worry.

They had been in line for some time, and then Jeffrey came walking along.

He dressed in a dark blue robe and sporting a taped-on wig.

His long hair was tied back in a piece of blue fabric, and his makeup softened his brows and eyes, giving him a very soft aesthetics.

He held an ancient book in his hands as he walked, occasionally looking down at the book.

His face countenance was as handsome as jade, and he was brimming with intellectualism.

Upon seeing him, Wendy was taken aback! Truth be told, in spite of the fact that Jeffrey was carrying old-fashioned clothing, it was phenomenal for him to wear them.

Even when Carter saw him, his looks became astounded in an instant! That was exactly the Weston he had been picturing when reading the original novel! “There is no doubt that you are unparalleled!”

“Ha, ha, ha.Exactly, yes, of course.I just don’t want to brag.If I had been born in the times of antiquity, I would have been well known for my demeanor!”

After that, Jeffrey walked up to Wendy and winked at her.

Only after that did he ask, “Do I look gorgeous?”Wendy didn’t utter a word.

Damn it! The moment he spoke, he lost the bookishness he had put on for effect.

With a frivolous tone, he sounded like a narcissistic and dissolute man.

Wendy fidgeted with her mouth as if she were twitching her lips.

When the director went to speak with the staff, Jeffrey approached Wendy immediately, which surprised her.

She immediately glanced about and moved away from him.

Then, in hushed tones, she warned him, “Don’t you dare get so close to me! Keep your distance!”

“Tut! You have nothing to be afraid of.It’s what we ought to do since we are going to play a couple in this drama!”

Jeffrey gazed back at Wendy with her affectionate eyes.

Wendy wore her hair to her mid-back, letting it flow to her waist.

Her smoky blue dress suited her very much as it looked clean and tidy to her.

It highlighted as well the perfection of her physique.

Pulling his clothes, Jeffrey walked up to her teasingly and said, “Wendy, do you think our outfits make us look like a couple?”

Even as a young person, Jeffrey used to be the center of attention everywhere he went.

He was always tagged as “a shining star.”

At that point, several actresses secretly stole glances at Wendy because of their envy.

Using all of her might, Wendy hollered at him, “Stay away from me! Get lost!”


“Cut the crap! Jeffrey, if you dare to let others know that we used to know each other, I will definitely show no mercy to you later! Mark my word!”

Wendy had just received the script from the director, and she was about to begin filming the play with Weston.

Since their first meeting occurred during Faye’s nighttime visit to the Taylor’s Palace, they were unable to shoot until after dark.

The play was then rescheduled for the evening, and they began filming the scene in which they met for the second time.

It seemed as though the two families were on the verge of reaching an agreement on the marriage of Weston and Faye.

On this day, he took his sister for a spring outing, and his younger cousin volunteered to go with them.

Weston’s cousin had a major crush on him.

So sad when she found out that Weston was about to get married, she thought they would never see each other again.

Afterward, she came right out and admitted her love to him when no one was around.

This unfortunate event was coincidentally witnessed by Faye.

And that only made it worse.

Faye flew into a rage.

She grabbed Weston and went to the depths of the mountain with him on horseback.

And then, after finding a quiet place and brutally throwing him on the ground, she proceeded to beat him up.

The fidgeting fingers of Wendy signified the hint of a threat.

Jeffrey smiled, seemingly boldly, with his eyebrows raised, and stated, “Anyway, I’ve already gotten used to being crushed by you.It doesn’t matter if you beat me again in this play.However, Wendy, you also need to remember that in this play, we have intimate scenes of kissing.You know what, I can’t contain my excitement anymore.I’m looking forward to it!”

Wendy had nothing to say at that point, so she remained silent.

Damn! How on earth did she ever forget that! When Wendy was about to say something, Jeffrey stopped her.

He said, “I spoke with the director.Since it’s important to make our intimate scenes in the play authentic, we’ll be kissing for real, instead of faking it.All Intimate scenes! For real! Of course!”

Without saying another word, Jeffrey slapped his buttocks and strolled away with a satisfied look on his face.

Still teasing Wendy, he even stopped halfway and flashed her a grin revealing his snow-white teeth as a result.

Wendy was at a loss for words.

What did she have to do? She was losing control of her temper, and she wanted to dole out harsh punishment to Jeffrey.

The shooting commenced in earnest.

The setting was under the willow tree by the riverbank.

Weston’s cousin admitted her affection towards him demurely.

He was very startled and defenselessly embraced by his cousin.

“Weston, I’m aware that you’re about to get married.I fully understand that I am unworthy of you, but I adore you from the bottom of my heart.I don’t demand anything else.I just hope I can stay by your side after you marry, and I’m willing to be your maid…”

To behold, the scene was definitely picturesque.

When the cousins hugged one another, the willow tree became very touching.

Their affection was boundless.

The scene shifted.

Not far away, Faye was there.

She was beautifully dressed in smoky blue.

With anger in her heart, she sat on the horse’s back and gazed at them.

At this stage, her eyes glistened with rage! All of a sudden…

She got off the horse and proceeded towards the both of them, forcefully pulling them apart.

“Miss…Miss Miller? Don’t get us wrong.I…I will explain…”

Weston shuddered in terror.

“Shut up!”

Faye whistled, and the horse swiftly approached. She grabbed Weston’’s collar, and mounted the horse.


As he lay on the horse’s back, Weston turned pale with great fear and inquired, “Miss Miller, what do you wish to do?”

“You have engaged to me, and you even dare to trust with others.How dare you do this to me! I’ll not allow this betrayal! I’ll beat you to death!”

She just ignored Weston’s cousin’s plea.

Her mindset was determined enough that that woman was his mistress.

Thus, she clamped the horse’s belly with her legs and galloped away.

She didn’t want to witness much more disloyalty.


Carter found the whole take so much to his liking.

He was pleasantly surprised with what the artists did.

“All right.That was a good one! Get ready for the next shot.”

Afterwards, the shot ricocheted off course.

Weston had suffered a lot on the back of a galloping horse and was now thrown to the ground by Faye.

The summer months had arrived.

Even at the top of the range, the emerald meadows and prairies were green and abundant.

Having a pallid complexion, Weston found himself looking severely unwell and collapsed on the ground.

Faye’s disdain was apparent as she rolled up her sleeves and angrily glared at Weston.

With the long sleeves rolled up, her fair skin was revealed.

Embarrassed, wincing, as he did so, he hurriedly turned his head and blushed.

“Miss Miller, please let down your sleeves and cover your arms.How can you do this in broad daylight? You’re a young lady, and this is quite inappropriate.”

Faye rolled her eye.

Apparently, she didn’t like what he said.

He had been disloyal to his future wife.

Why would he even command her to do so? Thus, she furiously exclaimed, “You mean we can’t do it in daylight and can do it in secrecy at night?”

Weston blushed further and said, “I…I didn’t mean it that way…”

“Then what do you mean? Enlighten me!”

Faye fixed him with a glare and shrieked, “We are already engaged, Weston! Therefore, you are mine! How dare you tryst with others without telling me? I am going to teach you a lesson!”

Because he was fearful already, Weston cautiously asked her, “What are you going to do, Miss Miller?”

“What am I going to do?”

Faye deftly turned Weston over while gritting her teeth.

She guzzled harshly and repeatedly slapped his buttocks.


Weston was blushing from head to toe with guilt and fury.

He looked as red as a ripe tomato now.

“Faye Miller! This is insulting! You…you…you are immoral!”Faye chuckled and uttered, “Certainly not! It is not unethical for a wife to lecture her own husband.”

Even the roots of his hair were as red as fire now.

“As far as I know, our wedding is not yet fulfilled.Technically, we are still unmarried…I’m not your husband yet!”

Faye made a skeptical expression.

With her eyes firmly set on Weston, she then lowered her gaze and leaned closer to him.

They were so close, they could even feel each other’s breathing.

The atmosphere in the shot suddenly became hot.

All was muddled up as the ambiance refined in an instance.

Thump! Thump! Thump! When the staff and other artists witnessed this scene, their faces flushed, and their hearts raced.

Having one hand support his neck, Faye softly caressing his lips with another, and then she got closer to his ear, gently blowing at it.

Rather abruptly, Weston quivered.

Faye grinned satisfactorily with her tone lowered, which seemed to be quite seductive.

“You mean, right here, right now…you want us to become a real couple?”

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