My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 56 Matching Clothes

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 56 Matching Clothes

Luke stamped his feet anxiously.

He couldn’t help but be frustrated.

“What are you thinking, Ryan?! Why did you allow her to leave! As you are attracted to her, you should use this time to impress and deepen her feelings for you.And after that, you should do everything to win her heart.You’ll know what I mean when I’m talking about endless courtship that no woman can resist for long.Men indeed are bold, careful, and thick-skinned.As long as you persistently continue to do this, I’m sure Wendy will fall in love with you.”

“A forced love does not have a happy ending.It usually fails,” Ryan said.

“So are you really going to give her up? Aren’t you going to fight for her?”

“Of course not!”

Ryan got out of bed and put on his slippers.

One step at a time, he slowly made his way to the French window and pulled the curtain open.

The sunlight shone through.Through the window, he saw Wendy rushing into the No.2 Villa with Raymond in her arms.


“Since the affection is only one-sided and forced love does not last, then…I will just wait until she realizes that she has also fallen in love with me!”

In the shooting site, most of the crew had arrived, and Wendy came along just as it was crowded.

Everyone was astonished by the arrival of the crowd, which was evidenced by cheers and hoots of women coming from all around them.

What an impressive scene! It was definitely a picturesque view to look at! Wendy pushed her way into the crowd and everything turned out just as she expected.

The person with green hair standing next to the director was impossible to overlook.

The aura was indeed enticing.

Jeffrey stood beside Carter, dressed in hip-hop style and with his hands in his pockets, conversing and joking with him.

Carter was no longer as grim as he used to be.

Jeffrey showed up at the site yesterday.

His fans couldn’t contain their excitement, and they all went crazy when they saw him again today.

He not only gained the affections of his fans but some actresses and stuff as well.

Some brought his photos and his collector’s edition albums that were released a long time ago.

Most of them took an effort to scramble with others just to have his autograph and a picture with him.

“Ahhh! My husband is the most attractive person I’ve ever seen! He’s a better looking guy in person than he is in the video!”

“What are you saying? Your husband? Certainly not! Jeffrey is only mine!”

“Bah, bah, bah! All of you, just get out of my way! Stop daydreaming! Jeff doesn’t belong to any one of you! He is mine!”

Wendy had seen it coming already and she could totally understand.

She could still recall her first encounter with Jeffrey in person.

Upon seeing him, she quivered and felt thrilled as well.

It used to be that she looked up to Jeffrey as an idol.

But…This had happened a while before.

It wasn’t the same in the present.

After working with him, Wendy realized that he was not quite as perfect as she previously believed, so she pulled back.

For this reason, she no longer had any strong emotions on his handsome face.

His fans’ craziness rose to start, bringing the audience to a boil in an instant, then more and more people began to flock to Jeffrey.

Carter had already gone to extreme lengths to appease these overly demanding women.

Given that Jeffrey had a rather tight schedule, which meant that he wouldn’t be able to stay here for long, Carter decided to shoot his scenes first.

They would therefore film the scenes of Jeffrey and Wendy over the following days.

“Wendy? Where is Wendy?”

“I’m here…”

Wendy quickly pushed her way through the crowd and trotted to Carter.

Like a warthog’s snout, Evie’s was grossly distended.

When she saw Wendy, she made a scornful face.

“You are just a newbie, Wendy.How dare you make so many A -listers and the director waiting for you? Do you believe you’re a VIP? Do you think you’re a big deal?”

Wendy ignored her and didn’t mind those disrespectful statements.

Actually, she was always the first member of the crew to arrive! It was true that she was a little later than usual, but given the standard starting time, she was not tardy.

Evie was in-purpose-trouble no one gave her credit for anything, and so she felt justified in her defiance.

She grinned at Wendy in disdain and, but she cursed and growled in rage.

She had been uncharacteristically silent because her face was still swollen from being slapped hard yesterday.

But when she learned that Jeffrey would play the part of Weston, she almost lost her mind! She was a huge fan! She had collected all of the albums that Jeffrey had done, and she had kept a detailed record of every one of his movies and TV series she had seen.

It had never occurred to her that she might ever be part of the same squad he was in.

Her wildest dreams could not have been further from the reality! But now, here came Jeffrey! For real! He would even play the role of Weston! That was Weston! Had it not been for the fact that Wendy replaced her, she would have had been the one who was acting with the man of her dreams, Jeffrey.  By associating with Jeffrey, even though she didn’t perform well, her career prospects would be excellent.

There would be endless stories to tell.

She would be the most talked-about actress in town! A hot topic indeed! ‘But now…

It is all over! It’s now far from reality! Everything is ruined! And everything was Wendy’s fault! She must be the one to blame!’ : Evie’s hatred had intensified as she glared at Wendy viciously.

She vowed that she would not be let off the hook.

And since Evie didn’t want to linger, she left the crowd.

Away from the rest of the other people, Eris found a quiet place where she could stay in solitude under the shade of a tree.

Her assistant, Ana, comforted her by fanning her.

Evie strode over.



Eris was wise and talented enough in understanding and taking advantage of her image as sweet and innocent as a lily.

Her white dress and very light makeup now make her appear just pure and fragile.

She scanned the crowd, looking admiringly at Jeffrey, and said, “Jeffrey is exceptionally well-liked among the people.”

“Indeed, Jeff is the people’s darling.I don’t believe there is any woman in this country who doesn’t like him.From young to old, each one admires him.”

“It’s such a pity…Really a shame…”

“What’s shameful in it?”

Eris heaved a big dramatic sigh and took Evie’s hand, and stated, “Supposedly, you and Jeff would play the roles as lovers in this scene.”

Evie mouthed another curse.

All she felt now was hatred.

“As far as I’m concerned, I should be the one to blame.I shouldn’t have told you about the casting, and it was inappropriate of me to do so.If I hadn’t said anything, maybe none of these things would ever have happened.And your face…It wouldn’t have been ruined such as this.”

“You’re wrong, Eris! I see that you are doing this for my interest.Finally, I know that I wouldn’t have any hope of finding out how I miss the opportunity without you.”

Evie asserted in annoyance, “You know what? I think there’s definitely something going on between Wendy and the director.”

Eris had quickly covered Evie’s mouth to prevent her from being heard by others.

“Please, there’s no need to speak nonsense, my dear.”

“What are you saying? I’m not talking nonsense!”

Evie yanked Eris’s hand away and declared angrily, “Had Carter not been having an affair with Wendy, he would not have allowed Wendy to slap me so many times on purpose.Evidently, he did it for Wendy’s sake! Carter struck me as a competent director of the entertainment sphere.He is, in reality, entirely phony and hypocritical! What’s more heinous is that Wendy has robbed me of so much.  I will not give her a fighting chance!”

“Is there something you are planning to do in particular, Evie?”

“I, I Haven’t figured it out yet.”

‘What an idiot! She was unable to deal with even the slightest degree of diversion!’ Eris wasn’t visibly upset, but she was  furious, nonetheless.

She pretended to be hesitant and quite upset about this.

“Well, Eris, do you have any idea?”

“Not at all! Kindly do not look at me that way…Well, never mind.Just forget about it.For the sake of our friendship, I urge you to refrain from offending her.Behave well, okay?”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake! Only one of us can survive in this circle!”

“Why are you so set in your ways? You’re so stubborn!”

Eris blinked and softly whispered, “You struck her yesterday under the guise of acting, which was all too blatant.Additionally, even the cinematographer frowned when filming.”

‘What! The cinematographer?!”

In a while, Evie had devised a plan to eliminate Wendy from show business!

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