My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 53 I Have Fallen In Love With Someone

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 53 I Have Fallen In Love With Someone

“Come over here!”

“Oh, okay!”

Wendy took a long time to make her way to the bed, one move at a time.

In a while, she was able to reach the edge of the bed.

Then she slowly and awkwardly pulled off her shoes, and then set the quilt over the bed before sitting down onit.The bed was very large and accommodating.

However, their world seemed so small.

She tried to sit apart from Ryan as best she could, and to do so created a lot of discomfort for her.

What does she need to do? The atmosphere was indeed awkward.

She, herself, didn’t know how to interact with him.

Having considered the idea again, she now regretted agreeing to Luke’s ridiculous request.

Wendy felt tears started to well up in her eyes She placed her weight on the bedstead and rocked from side to side.

She looked all around, but she couldn’t even look at Ryan in the eye.

The bedroom was generous in size.

Not only had it a lavatory, but it also a cloakroom.

Even so, he had plenty of space to stretch out in his room.

His bedroom was much more tastefully done than the second villa, which was decorated in a Mediterranean style.

The windows are tinted a dark shade of grey, and there were pure black sheets and curtains.

All was black, gray and white.

The entire room was desolate and gloomy.

The whole room was so cold, and the air felt like an icy draft.

Wendy had an awkward experience and turned to Ryan to hide her discomfort. She said, “Well, are you still awake? How do you feel?”

“I’m not sleepy at all.”

Yeah, that was right!

He was having trouble sleeping.His insomnia had been agonizing him.He was unable to nod off quickly.She searched her mind for memories and tried to recall how he had previously fallen asleep at her house.During that time, he seemed to be nodding and falling asleep while engaged in conversation with her.

“Would you like to engage in conversation?”

“Yeah, sure.”

The both of them paused again, causing a significant amount of awkwardness and uncomfortable silence.She cocked her head to one side.And then, she was trying to strike up a conversation, “How on earth did you get insomnia?”

And after she’d asked, his eyes had begun to cloud over.

“Oh, it’s okay.I’m just asking.You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to.”

“A devastating blow was dealt fifteen years ago, which affected me greatly.I have had a sleeping disorder for many years since that date.” Ryan reveled after a moment of silence.

“Oh! I see.Thank you for letting me know.” Yet another moment of silence ensued.

Wendy didn’t dare to throw questions any longer.

Apparently, their family was certainly wealthy!

‘I’m sure that wealthy families never lack of dramas.I better stop asking for more details.’

“Precious said that no one had set you up any blind dates lately?”

Upon hearing that, Ryan craned his neck to look at her and regarded her with fathomless eyes.Wendy was terrified by his appearance.In an effort to put her at ease, he began smiling as well.

“No, I’m not going to engage in blind dates anymore.”

Wendy was floundered like a bit, inarticulately, while trying to reply.With much effort, she eventually managed to inquire, “Why?”

“I have found a person with whom I can share my entire life.”

As soon as he said that, Ryan fixed his eyes on her.

Wendy could not speak.

Somehow, she was astonished with what he said and did.

Was she the one he was talking about? Was that even possible? In their previous discussion, she had made things very clear to him.But had he really given up? Probably not.

Wendy’s heart was pounding at a quick pace.

She moved further away from Ryan and said like an innocent yet caring friend, “Actually, I believe blind dates are enjoyable.Through blind dates, women and men find out if they click with each other.You are not getting any younger.Your parents must be concerned about your marriage, aren’t they?

“Do you mind that I’m old? Is it a big deal to you?”

Ryan’s face darkened.

His aura seemed dismal.

“No, no, no.That’s not what I meant.You’re only thirty, boss.Best age of a man! At this point in your life, you are at your most desirable.It’s a shame that you’re not an artist.If you are, the title of ‘national husband’ would have nothing to do with Jeffrey.It’ll all be yours to take,”

Wendy lavished him with compliments.

Everyone was attracted to flattery.

The appropriate action was certainly to please one’s boss.

“Am I a ‘national husband’ material?”

“Yes, of course! You’re just the kind of man every girl will want to make her husband to be.”

“What about you?”

“Me? What do you mean?”

“Do you want to marry me? Have you ever thought about it?”

Ryan’s expression conveyed the depth of his eagerness.

Since Wendy had entered the room, he had kept himself under control.The risk was great, and he was afraid he would terrify her.

Now that he was able to see her in her entirety, his eyes finally focused on her body.She was wearing grey pajamas with long sleeves and trousers.There was a lovely bunny head pattern in the front of her top.

With its ears perched at attention-getting height, the bunny looked cuddly and adorable.

Her pajamas were loose on her, for that matter.

As she adjusted her posture to appear carefree, her shape was compromised in part by the distortion of her clothing.

Because she had just gotten out of the shower, her cheeks were red, and her black curly hair was falling all over her shoulders.

Her aura looked fresh and relaxed.

Even though she was dressed in very modest clothing, she looked attractive.

Ryan’s Adam’s apple bobbed a few times.

He didn’t know if he was liking what he was seeing or not.


“Hold on.You haven’t yet answered my question.”

Ryan’s voice was filled with barely contained desire, and he gazed upon her with feverish intensity, asking again, “Do you want to be my wife?”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wendy’s heart was on the verge of leaping to her throat.

‘Oh my ***! How should I respond to this?’ If she said yes…It seemed that she had a crush on him.

He might misinterpret it!

On the other side of the coin, if she said no…That was to deny her own boss’s allure.All of her flattery up to this point would be in vain.Everything would be useless!

Wendy was caught in a bind, but Ryan would not let her go.He fixed his gaze on her, anticipating her truthful answer.

One second!

Two seconds!

Five seconds passed.

Then a brilliant idea hit her.

She threw her arms up in the air and got up on it.

“Ah.I’m so sleepy.I guess we should take a rest now!”

Closing her eyes and covering her head, Wendy gave an exaggerated yawn.

“For the past 12 hours, I’ve been working like crazy.I am worn out.I’d better sleep now.”

Wendy lay flat on her back, wrapped in the quilt, hoping the tension would die down.

She was holding her breath and listening to the outside.

Ryan had been in the same position for quite some time.

Wendy’s heart was unusually heavy.

The girl was apprehensive that he would raise the blanket and keep asking.

Luckily, he didn’t.After a moment, he shifted his body and switched off the bedside lamp.

Then he also lay down.

He was trying to sleep, yet he was still thinking of his unanswered question.

After all had fallen silent, the room plunged into complete and utter darkness.

It seemed to Wendy as though she could even hear her own heart pounding.

As she was digging her memory, that was the first time she’d have had slept with a man in the same bed in a long time.

It was almost difficult and impossible for her to not to be anxious.

Wendy’s physique was compact.She was concerned that Ryan was about to cross the line.Thank goodness he stayed in the same position in which he was lying his back, so he and did not move at all.

It was with great effort that she finally relaxed her tight muscles.

Once the precaution was removed, her fatigue rushed in to meet her.

Not only was the bed was large, but also the mattress was very comfortable and soft.After she had her eyes closed, she soon fell asleep.

Despite of Ryan’s effort, he didn’t fall asleep.

He closed his eyes and waited for a moment until he was certain that she was fully asleep before opening them again.

He rolled the quilt from her face, allowing her to breathe freely.

She curled up and placed her hand under her chin, her arms close to her torso and her arms covering her face.

Her posture seemed defensive! She was defensive against him even when she was sleeping! : A sudden rage welled up in his eyes as he recalled her intimate behavior with Jeffrey tonight!  Actually, she was at ease and comfortable when she was with Jeffrey.

When it came to him, on the other hand, she viewed him as a villain! : With his gritty fingertips, he reached out and softly brushed her brows, eyes, cheeks, and eventually her lips.

It seemed like she was giving him a quiet, yet meaningful, invitation with her soft lips.

Finally, he yielded to his instincts, and his Adam’s apple bobbed.

She became irresistible to him, and he couldn’t control himself any longer.

He slowly lowered his head.

Finally, his lips reached hers and they kissed!

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