My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 52 Sleep With My Brother For One Night

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 52 Sleep With My Brother For One Night

“Daddy, Daddy…”

Precious rushed into the room and wrapped her arms around Ryan, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Those who were at the door who heard this couldn’t help feeling sorry for the little girl.  Even Wendy herself felt sad.

Ryan might give off a rather intimidating aura, but in truth, he never really caused any trouble for her.

As a matter of fact, he had been of great help to her.

Even though she was afraid of him, deep inside, she still hoped that nothing bad was going to happen to him.At the end of the day, he was still Precious’ dearest daddy.



Luke suddenly stepped forward and called out to her, wearing an unusual somber look on his face.

Then, he grabbed her hand and pleaded, “Please sleep with my brother just for one night, Wendy!”


Wendy couldn’t believe her ears and got furious.

“Bah, bah, bah! Wait, let me explain.I mean…The last time my brother stayed at your place, he slept for twelve hours, something which had never happened in so many years.So, I thought that perhaps there must have been something about your scent or whatever that is that helped him sleep at ease.

“No way!”

Wendy wasn’t buying it whatsoever.Such a thing couldn’t possibly be true.

“Wendy, I beg you.Please, let’s just give it a try.If it doesn’t work, then I give you my word! I won’t ever make such unreasonable requests in the future!”

So, he was aware that he was making such an unreasonable request?! “No, no…It was probably just a coincidence.He just happened to be dead on his feet last time, and that must have been why he ended up sleeping like a log.”

“Leo, say something!”

Luke nudged Leo, who adjusted his glasses and said with a bitter smile, “Miss Finch, if he can fall into deep sleep just by overworking, we wouldn’t have spent so much time trying to help him fall asleep.Last time, he actually slept for twelve hours straight at your place.If I’m completely being honest, I probably wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my very own eyes!”

Hearing this, Wendy stood there, completely lost for words.


“Miss Finch, Ryan’s condition is really bad right now!”

After gently closing the door, Leo said in a low voice, “Because he had been suffering from insomnia for so long, the health of his internal organs has constantly been deteriorating…If he doesn’t find a way to treat it soon, even if he’s lucky enough not to kick the bucket right away, I don’t think he’s going to last any longer than three years!”

Wendy’s heart almost leaped out of her chest! Her face suddenly lost its color.

Could it really be that serious?!

“Over the years, all of us have tried to find ways to help him.At this point, we don’t care anymore what kind of method it is.Even if there’s just a one-in-a-million chance, we’re willing to give it a try.Miss Finch, I understand how you feel…It would be difficult for a woman to sleep on the same bed with a man she doesn’t really know so well, but above all else, saving someone’s life should be what’s most important.We’re not asking you to give us an answer right away, but please take some time to think it through.And…If you have any conditions, just let me know, and I will take care of everything.”

Leo and Luke begged and pleaded, almost kneeling down in front of Wendy.

Her thoughts were all over the place.

In front of her were two men sincerely asking for help, and she could hear Precious’ heart-rending cries as though her father had died…If at all possible, she wanted to avoid having anything to do with someone like Ryan.

This was such a difficult position for her to be in.

However! They might not get along well, but they could still be considered as friends.

And not only was he her boss, he was also the father of the girl she adored…

There was no way she could just sit around and watch him die.

Looking back on what happened last time, when Ryan fell asleep on her legs, he didn’t do anything funny.

Wendy was stuck between a rock and a hard place.


“All right! I’ll agree!”

Luke screamed in surprise.

Over the moon, he embraced Wendy and said, “I knew you wouldn’t let me down!”It should go without saying that Wendy wasn’t as thrilled about it as Luke was.So, she pushed him away and said, “On one condition.”

“Just say the word!”

Looking Leo straight in the eye, “Wendy said, “Doctor Roberts, I’m going to ask you to do something, but you have to give me your word that you’re not going to tell anyone about it!”


“That’s right! you can’t tell anyone about it! Don’t worry.It shouldn’t be something difficult for you to do.”

“All right!”

Leo nodded without a hint of hesitation.That night, Wendy stayed at villa No.1 in Enfield.

Leo, on the other hand, didn’t leave and stayed in the guest room of the villa.

Wendy was a bit worried about Ray.

To make her feel at ease, Luke quickly waved his hand and asked a servant to got to villa No.2 to get Wendy and Ray’s clothes, and then sent them to villa No.1 at once.

Ray and Precious would sleep in the same room.

After taking a shower in the guest room, Wendy changed into a pair of pajamas before going to bed.

In order to avoid Ryan getting the wrong idea, she even put on a bra.

Despite having qualms about it, she slowly walked toward the door to Ryan’s room.

Wendy stood at the door for a while, trying to pull herself together.

At that moment, she felt like an ancient concubine who had just washed herself and was about to serve her master in bed.

Wendy shriveled at the thought of this.

But, thinking about those things wouldn’t help, so she shook her head violently to get rid of these unnecessary thoughts.

Taking in a deep breath to prepare herself, she finally knocked on the door.


“Come in!” a voice said.

She reached for the doorknob, turned it, and slowly walked into the room.

The lights were off, and the curtains were tightly drawn.

It was pitch-dark inside the room.

As she walked from the light into the darkness, Wendy’s eyes took a little while to adapt to the darkness, so she had to move forward as though she was blind.

Unable to see a thing, she stumbled.


She stumbled over the sofa and fell forward.Wendy screamed, but the pain she was expecting didn’t come at all.

As it turned out, she had just thrown herself into the soft king-sized bed.


Ryan turned on the bedside lamp.Now, the room was lit up.

Wendy hurriedly straightened herself up.

The moment she raised her head, she saw Ryan sitting on the bed with his eyes half-closed and a tired look on his face.

He was wearing a grey silk pajama and was covered in quilt.

Wendy was caught off guard.

This was the very first time she had ever seen Ryan without his suit.

Be that as it might, he was wearing a luxurious grey pajama with a wide collar, which revealed his bronze skin.

When he raised his head a little, she got a good view of his Adam’s apple.

Now that he was in his pajamas, the cold and intimidating aura he usually gave off seemed to have dissipated a little.

He must have just taken a shower, and his messy hair was a bit damp, flowing naturally into his face, looking so laid-back and somewhat unruly.

There was no denying the fact that Ryan was a handsome man.

Now that he was in his sleepwear, his aura had become weak.

In fact, he looked so weak that she felt an urge to take pity on him.

At this moment Ryan suddenly opened his eyes fully.

When he saw Wendy, his eyes seemed as cold as ice.

Wendy was trembling all over, and all the weird thoughts she had earlier disappeared in an instant! ‘Oh, my ***! She really wanted to pity this devil just now! She must be out of her mind.

However, one thing was for certain.

Even if the devil had grown weak, he was still the devil!

“What are you doing here?” asked Ryan, looking deep into her eyes.

“To sleep…with you…No, no, no.I mean, they said that I might be able help you get rid of your insomnia.To be honest, I think that it’s a little ridiculous, but they insisted that it should still be worth a try…”

“You don’t have to force yourself to do this!”

“No, no, no…”

A faint smile flashed across Ryan’s eyes, but it lasted for just a fleeting moment, so Wendy didn’t even notice it.

“I’m glad that you’re willing to help.”

Wendy pursed her lips hard.He was the one who needed help, but why did it feel like she was the one who couldn’t wait? *** **** it! Without giving her a chance to respond, Ryan gently patted the empty side of the bed next to him.

“Come here!”

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