My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 50 Revenge For Mommy

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 50 Revenge For Mommy

“Mommy’s here! She’s back!”

“Ah! Aunt Wendy!”

The two kids were sitting on the living room floor, playing with some building blocks.

Their eyes shone when they caught sight of Wendy, and they instantly stood up and excitedly rushed over to her side.

Upon seeing the two tiny kids running towards her, the woman quickly squatted down to hug them.

A warm feeling washed over her as she embraced the children.

“Were you two being naughty while I was away?”

Quickly, the little girl answered, “No! I listened to Raymond and I’ve been a good girl.”

Precious pursed her lips and leaned forward to kiss Wendy’s cheek, but her expression suddenly changed when she  noticed something.

“Aunt Wendy, what’s wrong with your face?” she asked with a frown.

Raymond quickly turned his head to study his mother’s face. Quickly, Wendy covered her face and answered, “I-It’s nothing…”

“But your face is all red and swollen! It can’t be okay!”

A wave of anger washed over Precious when she thought that someone hurt her precious aunt.

“What’s going on? Is someone bullying you at workplace?”


Wendy felt helpless.

Before she went home, she made sure to ice her face to lessen the swelling.

She didn’t want to return to the house until her injury was less visible.

However, she didn’t expect that Precious’s vision would be so sharp.

Although, Wendy felt quite touched that the little girl was so worried about her.

It meant that Precious really cared about her and quickly noticed subtle differences on her face.

“Aunt Wendy…”

The little girl started to say, but Raymond quickly tugged on her sleeve and shook his head.

Precious didn’t really know why, but she had used to following Raymond’s lead over the last few days.

So, despite her objection, she bit her tongue and didn’t ask any more questions.

Instead, the female toddler jogged to the kitchen with her short, chubby legs to get a bottle of cold water for Wendy.

“Drink some water, Auntie Wendy,” she said as she handed the older woman the drink.

“Thank you, Precious!” Wendy twisted the bottle cap open before taking two generous sips of water.

“Have you had dinner yet?” she asked after she finished drinking.

“Not yet!”

“Alright.I’ll cook some food for you, then.What would you like to eat?”

“Whatever you cook, I’ll eat them all, Auntie Wendy!” Precious exclaimed with a toothy grin.

‘Oh, wow! That’s adorable! How heartwarming!’ Wendy thought with a smile.Her son was a good boy, but he wasn’t good at expressing himself.Therefore, when Wendy would hear such sweet words, she would immediately feel happy.

While softly humming a song, she sauntered to the kitchen.

“Raymond, why did you stop me earlier?”

Precious asked in a sharp tone as she pulled the boy into a room.

Then she added, “Auntie Wendy went to the film studio today, and she came back with a swollen face.Someone must have hit her on set!”

Sighing, the boy stated, “Well, she won’t tell us anything she doesn’t want us to know.”

“Well, what should we do, then? Just let it go? There’s no way I can do that! No one can hit Aunt Wendy and get away with it!”

“No! Of course, we’re not going to just let it go!”

‘Humph! Does she think I’m a wimp or something?!’ Raymond thought with a huff.

Precious’s eyes were still seething with anger as she asked, “What do you want to do?”

Raymond waved the phone in his hand.

“Eh? That is Auntie’s phone! Why did you take it?” She tilted her head.

“To find out who did that to my mom, of course!”

No one was more familiar with Wendy’s phone password than Raymond.

Effortlessly, he unlocked the mobile device and clicked the WeChat app.

The older woman didn’t have many contacts, so it wasn’t hard to find Director Williams’ number.

Then, the young boy skillfully sent a message in the same tone that his mother usually did.

“Director Williams, I’m so sorry.The film shooting was delayed today because of me.”

It didn’t take long for Carter Williams to reply to the message.

Judging from the background noise in the voice message he sent, he must be busy.

“It wasn’t your fault.It was Evie who did it on purpose.I’ve been working in this industry for many years.I know the truth when I see it.Wendy, you are young and have great potential as an actress.You have a promising career ahead of you.Don’t overthink.Just focus on your performance.”

“Okay, thank you so much.Director Williams.”

After sending the last message, the two kids looked at each other and called out a name together, “Evie!”

Precious’s eyes were full of excitement and admiration.

Then, she clasped her hands together and exclaimed, “Raymond, you are so clever!”

The little boy just sent a message and found out the culprit without even breaking a sweat.

Casually, he deleted the chatting history.

“Raymond, what should we do now?”


Raymond quickly looked up Evie’s personal information on the Internet.

His face fell as he started reading about the woman.

‘She’s an actress of Starlight Media! She’s not even in the same company as Mommy.

This is going to be a little tricky.’

“Oh! I know that woman!”

When she saw the photo, Precious immediately pointed at it and hollered, “Raymond! Raymond! I know her! She often plays the villain on TV.Uncle Luke also told me that she also seduced him before!”

Upon hearing her last sentence, the boy raised his eyebrows.

“Hmm.Well, Uncle Luke has good taste.I just heard him talking with Uncle Kane about it.”

With her face in her hands, Precious furrowed her brows and continued, “Uncle Luke said that she’s a sloth.He also said that he wouldn’t take her even if she ever threw herself at him.”

“Sloth? Are you sure? Or did he say ****?”  She nodded.

“Yeah, that’s it! Raymond, what does **** mean?”

“It means something that isn’t appropriate for children to know!”

Speechless, Precious just stared at him.

While it was true that she still a child, Raymond was a child too! In fact, they were born on the same day!  Yet, he was so intelligent.

He knew so many words that Precious didn’t.

‘Amazing!’ She couldn’t help but look up at him in admiration.

The boy put away the phone and then curled his finger, signaling her to come closer.

The young girl immediately leaned over and whispered, “What is it, Raymond?”

“Precious, you have bodyguards, right?”

Nodding, she answered, “Yes, I have several of them.Whenever I go out, they will follow me secretly.But when I was almost kicked by a horse last time and fortunately Aunt Wendy saved me, my dad said that my bodyguards were incompetent.He replaced some of them.”

“Can you command them?” he asked.

“Of course!” She nodded her head and proudly stated, “My dad told me that they should all obey my orders.Whether it’s reasonable or not, they should obey it.”

Raymond’s lips curved into a conniving smirk.

She pointed out, “You have a scheming smile on your face.Bah! Whatever.Just as long as you have a clever plan.”

As she held on to Raymond’s small arm, she asked excitedly, “So, have you come up with a good idea?”

“Do you want to avenge Mommy?”

“Yes! Of course! If this woman dares to bully Aunt Wendy, then she should be prepared for the consequences!”

“Then, lend me two of your bodyguards for a few days.”

Without hesitation, she patted her chest and gave a thumbs up.

“No problem!” she said with a grin.

“But Raymond… What are you planning to do?”

The little boy leaned closer to whisper his plan to Precious.

Her eyes beamed with glee and excitement as she listened.

By the time he finished talking, the young girl was looking at him with the utmost respect.

“Raymond, you are so smart!” she praised while clapping her tiny hands.

“Of course!”

The two kids looked at each other with cunning smiles painted on their faces.

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