My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 49 More Powerful Move

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 49 More Powerful Move

“Do not be concerned, boss.I most emphatically would not breach the contract.”

What? She was just concerned with the contract?! Wendy realized that after she expressed her loyalty and commitment, Ryan’s face became only gloomier.

She couldn’t utter a word.

****! Women were said to be unpredictable.

But why was this man‘s mind even more difficult to decipher?! She felt so frustrated.

lt was an impossible situation for her to untangle.

She drooped her head and tried to pretend that she wasn’t there at all.

They remained quiet throughout.

She was driven insane by the oppressive climate.

They eventually arrived at the Ensfield.

Wendy rushed to open the door and exit the vehicle.

All of a sudden…She dashed like a rabbit to the second villa.

‘Oh my ***! Ryan is atrocious today! For me, the most crucial part is to save my life.Run!’ She exclaimed in her mind.

Wendy was rushing back home, and she sensed Ryan’s gaze was focused on her, which made her tense.

Eventually, she changed course, and the sensation dissipated.

She needed a help.

Hiding in the vegetable field, Wendy sent a voice message to Jeffrey.

“Jeffrey! How do you know Luke and Ryan?”

“We are related.Ryan and Luke are my uncles.”

Jeffrey responded as quickly as possible.

“They are half-brothers of my father, which naturally makes me their nephew.Understood?” Wendy was taken aback.

“Isn’t your name Jeffrey?” She inquired.

Jeffrey became enraged and screamed.

“Wendy! Do you seriously know nothing about me? Everybody knows I go by the name Jeffrey on stage.Do I have to explain to you what a stage name means?”

“Then what’s your surname?”

“My two uncles and my father share the same surname Oliver.What do you think is my surname?” Jeffrey hollered loudly.

Again, she didn’t utter a word.

She remained squatting in the vegetable field.

It seemed she was completely at a loss as to what to say.

“What prompted your inquiry? I have yet to question you.How did you know my uncles? Especially Uncle Ryan; he has never allowed a woman to be within a foot of him.And the way he looked at you back then was a little strange.What’s going on here, huh?”

“He’s my boss and I work for him!”

“That’s all?”

“What do you mean? There’s nothing else going on between us!” Wendy asked rhetorically.

“There must be a logical reason why is he acting so strangely.”

“I’ve signed an exclusive agreement with Glory Media.I’m prohibited from dating anyone.If I do, I will be penalized.It is one billion dollars, not a penny less!”

“****! Certainly not! How is it possible that the contract in Glory Media is so irrational? It’s not like fifty years back and no love affairs of a celebrity should be made public.It’s a modern society now! How does such a heinous deal exist in the twenty-first century?!”  Wendy was stunned into silence.

**** it! ‘It serves no purpose to scream at me in that manner! If you dare, shout at Ryan, ‘ she reasoned! Wendy sent an angry emoji.

Jeffrey was baffled and immediately replied with a question mark.

“A bit of warning; I am telling you, don’t hassle me.If the company’s senior executives take the wrong idea and believe I’m in love, I will be doomed.I’ll pay a billion dollars to terminate the deal.Is it clear?”

Jeffrey, in this case, chose not to give an answer.

‘Perhaps I had made my point clear enough.

Thus, Jeffrey should have understood it, right? Wendy thought.

She exhaled with a deep breath of relief, put her cell phone in her pocket, and entered the house.

Ryan’s face darkened immediately upon Wendy’s departure.

In a cautious voice, Luke glanced at him and whispered, “Ryan, I had no intention of complaining, but you always maintain a poker face.Even though I’m your brother and I know you well, you still scare me sometimes.I’m sure Wendy will be even more terrified when she sees you like this.It will never work if you pursue women in such a manner.We’re going to have to figure out a strategy!”

‘Strategy?! Ryan tapped his fingertips on the seat and kept his thoughts to himself.

“Since she is extremely attractive, it is to be expected that she will have more admirers in the future.It has just happened that she has started in this industry.Given her beauty, she will undoubtedly become popular.It will be detrimental to other girls’ self-esteem if others view her as merely someone who attracts a crowd of admirers.Even though we have a contract that forbids Wendy from dating anyone, it doesn’t prevent her from liking others.Do you get the point?”

Luke declared earnestly, “Thus, we must win her as soon as possible.We can’t just wait for her to turn around anymore.”

Ryan’s expression clouded over.

With Wendy turning him down, he considered a less strenuous approach.

They had only met each other for a short time, so it made sense that they didn’t know each other so well.

He thought maybe it was better to go slow.

Unfortunately, he could not wait any longer this time.

Suddenly, something occurred to him.

He remembered something significant, and so he asked, “Did Bruce send the gold to her?”

Actually, the real name of Jeffrey was Bruce Oliver.

“Uh…I almost forgot about that.No wonder that the handwriting looks familiar.It’s Bruce’s.He was always harshly criticized by his dad for his indecipherable writing as a child.”

Anson Oliver was Ryan and Luke’s father.

The old man would turn seventy years old this year.

He had three sons.

His eldest son, Jaylen Oliver, was the son of him and his ex-wife.

As a youngster, Anson was full of ambition and decided to join the military, and he married his ex-wife when he was only twenty.

His wife subsequently passed away when he was thirty, leaving Jaylen behind, who was eight.

He went on to work in the business after his military career was over.

Sixteen-year-old Josie Trebor became his girlfriend.

They had a wedding banquet after falling in love and dating for two years.

Josie had her first child when she was twenty and another two years later.

They were Ryan and Luke.

Jaylen was married and had his own children at that particular time.

Brian, his eldest son, was just four years younger than Ryan, and Bruce, his youngest son, was just six years younger.

Even though they were nephews and uncles, the boys were almost of the same age; and they actually grew up together like brothers.

And for some reason, Ryan didn’t have the best relationship with Jaylen, his wife or his eldest son Brian.

However, he somehow had a satisfying relationship with their younger son, Bruce.

“Isn’t Bruce currently starring in a film in M country? How come he returned and joined the crew of the Story of Concubine Ivanka so abruptly?”

Bruce also signed a contract with the Glory Media, using the stage name of “Jeffrey” of course.

However, even as the boss of Glory Media, Ryan had no idea Bruce was coming back home.

“Hold on a second, Ryan.I’ll find it out for you.”

As soon as Luke stepped out of the vehicle, he dialed a phone number to ascertain the situation.

He seemed startled with his discovery.

He then slowly got back into the car, and reluctantly looked at Ryan.

“What are you waiting for? Tell me!”

“When I inquired with Bruce’s assistant, he said…the shooting was nearly finished when the girl Bruce liked suddenly came back home here.He rushed through the remaining scenes and then returned too.”

Needless to say, the “girl” mentioned by the assistant must be Wendy.

He turned down an excessive number of offerings and went to play a supporting role in “the Story of Concubine Ivanka”.

His objective was straightforward.

Compared to his nephew, Luke preferred his elder brother much better.

Bruce was just like Luke himself.

He was also a ******* who had a long list of ex-girlfriends.

And yet, Ryan was dissimilar! For the first time in decades, he developed feelings for someone.

Luke had never seen his brother so enthused about anyone or anything other than work, and he felt compelled to assist him.

He had to be on Ryan’s side as he stepped up to the next level of his life.

“You know, Ryan, I would like to suggest something.How about I ask Kane to arrange another job for Bruce?”

“No need.”


Without breaking his stride and wearing his poker face all throughout, Ryan opened the door with determination, got out of the car and headed straight to the second building.

“Well…Ryan, what are you thinking? What are you going to do?”

Ryan exclaimed with great enthusiasm.

“I’m going to accomplish something spectacular!”

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