My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 45 My Taste In Women Is Impeccable

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 45 My Taste In Women Is Impeccable

In the office, Luke and Ryan sat alongside each other with their eyes glued to the monitor, scrutinizing the scene with unwavering attention.

All eyes critically scanned the monitor.

Ever since Brian entered the scene, Wendy’s expression changed drastically.

She appeared cautious, eyeing him like a hawk.

Luke eyeballed Ryan, then after a short pause, said, “Ryan…”

“Get to the point!”

“Did Wendy refuse you because of Brian? Let’s look at this logically.You can determine whether my analysis has any merit or not.Wendy was a naive sixteen-year-old teenager when she started dating our nephew.The relationship lasted three solid years before they parted ways.Our nephew was her first love and you know the old saying about one never forgetting their first love.Furthermore, they both matured and grew in many ways during those three years.”

Ryan silently imbibed every word, unable to refute anything.

Secretly, Ryan’s silence had boosted his confidence so Luke continued like a great psychologist.”According to the information I gathered, Brian got together with Eris just after Wendy’s ‘death’.

Do you think she fled Ywood and moved to the US because she was heartbroken when she discovered that Brian had been unfaithful to her? Did his infidelity drive her to transform herself and achieve Nirvana so that she could emerge as a better version of herself? No doubt she returned a more beautiful person both inside and out.Nobody is in her league.I reckon she has come back well-armed to reclaim her lost love with her newfound charm and allure.Her game is to make Brian regret choosing Eris over her.”

If Wendy were to somehow overhear Luke’s nonsensical theory, she would roll her eyes in disbelief.  Each word that escaped his mouth sounded more absurd than the last.

However, in Luke’s mind, he had finally deciphered the mystery.

He had even fathomed the reason that Wendy had joined the cast of this TV drama.

Why else would she choose to play a supporting role in the “Story of Concubine Ivanka”

where Eris is the lead character? With her eternal beauty and **** hour glass figure, she could have delivered a stellar performance in any other drama.Her decision to play her role to perfection here had a hidden agenda.See? She must want revenge!

The more Luke speculated, the more confident he became.

As he connected the dots and wove his elaborate web of perception, his voice became high- pitched in uncontrollable excitement.

“To be honest, Brian is a little shortsighted and reckless.He has inherited the attractive genes of the Oliver family and has an amazing body and a handsome face.He can make any girl swoon.It’s understandable that Wendy still has deep feelings for him.”

Resting his case, Luke gazed at Ryan, seeking a reaction.

To his surprise, he was greeted by a calm, serene countenance.

“Aren’t you going to say anything, Ryan?”

Was he too annoyed to string up the right words to say? “No!”


“It can’t be Brian!”

Did he just render Luke’s entire elaborate conjecture meaningless with just one sentence? Did Wendy cocoon someone else in her heart? Taken aback by his sudden rebuttal, Luke asked, “How can you be so sure it’s not him?”

“It’s simple.The woman I fall in love with would have great taste and would never settle for something as miniscule as Brian!”

Luke was speechless.

In the casting group, as proposed, they would started with Wendy’s part that afternoon, but because her face was still swollen, Carter temporarily suspended shooting her part and focused on filming Eris’s part.

After removing her makeup and changing into more comfortable attire, she remained with the rest of the cast and crew.

The red swelling on her face was still noticeable.

If she went back home and Ray saw the bruise, he would worry unnecessarily.

Hence she decided to stay and watch Eris’s shoot.

In that afternoon, Wendy realized a problem.

As long as shooting for the first half of the story lasted, Eris would manage comfortably.

But as the story went on, it became more and more difficult for her to handle her role.

Wendy thought for a while and figured that out.

Although Eris was a popular actress, she had only shot a few youth idol dramas previously.

These dramas did not even require any acting skills.

Her popularity was not based on her acting talent but rather on being cast in popular, well scripted dramas.

She was seriously falling short in the skills department when it came to this esteemed drama.

Eris had just turned twenty two so she could easily play the role of an innocent young girl.

After all, she could just be herself.

But later on, the script called for a mature, experienced actress who could portray the emotions of one who had suffered tremendously at the hands of the imperial household.

Lady Ivanka had been bitterly betrayed by her sisters, framed by the envious concubines, sold out by the deceptive maids and saddened by the deaths of her trusted subordinates.

This portrayal demanded an array of explosive emotions and refined acting skills.

She had become a cunning woman, but she would still exude purity and tenderness on the exterior.

To encapsulate Ivanka’s later life, the actress would have to work extra hard to carry off the gravity of her personal character.

The depth of this character could only be pulled off by an experienced, flawless actress.

However, Eris did not fit the bill.

Her performance was superficial and mediocre.

As hard as she tried, she could not capture the spirit and maturity of Lady lvanka at all.

If the rest of the cast was as average in their acting abilities as she was, then it would have been difficult to notice her incompetence.

But she was pitted against the expertise of Daisy and Mason, who were exemplary in their acting.

They were awarding winning, household names.

When Daisy and Mason featured in the same play, the audience would focus on each of them as their roles unfolded, because their performances were equally matched.

When Daisy or Mason acted with others, the audiences automatically drew their attention to them as they were always so captivating.

On the contrary, Eris, who was the leading lady, was seriously wanting.

Her aura was suppressed by her two powerful co-stars.

Consequently, the afternoon shoot was anything but smooth.

The whole set echoed with Carter’s ferocious roar.

“**** it! Cut! Cut! Eris! Have you read the script? Do you know how to act? Eris! Do you have no other expressions except frowning and staring? How did you secure such a prestigious role when you can’t act to save your life? Eris! Eris! Eris!! …!”

At the end of the shooting, Carter’s eyes were bloodshot from watching the rushes.

He kicked the equipment and gasped for breath.

He became a good candidate for a heart attack.

The more he viewed the recording, the angrier be became.

He had only managed to shoot two scenes thus far and they were far from done for the day.

They had made no progress at all! The cast held their breath, afraid that the director would vent his anger on them.

After a while, Mason was brave enough to step forward and try to resolve the crisis.

He had cooperated with Carter on several movies and they were personal friends.

He slowly walked over to Carter and patted him on his shoulder.

“Try to control your anger.The poor girl is going to burst into tears if you continue to humiliate her.”

Carter loosened his shirt button and shouted angrily, “If her mental endurance is so weak, it would be better if she just left the set!”

“All right, all right.She is a popular actress and everyone is adoring and trying to encourage her.But she made every effort and had had a very tough time all afternoon.Yet she didn’t get angry.You must acknowledge her dedication to her work.So please take a step back and stop being so hard on her.”

Carter’s anger finally subsided.

He took a deep breath and waved at Eris.


“Eris, I’m not angry with you! You are trying hard…but not hard enough.When you retire for the night, I want you to think carefully about what the script requires.Consider how Lady Ivanka’s emotional expressions will deepen.Then we will continue to shoot tomorrow.”  Eris bit her lips.

“I’m sorry, sir.”

Carter waved his hand and said, “Don’t ever use that word.Just go now.”

Although it was getting dark, Carter was a tough taskmaster and instructed the rest of the cast to continue shooting.

Just then Carter’s assistant ran over to him and whispered in his ear.

His eyes lit up like a gigantic light bulb.



Finally he had received a glimmer of good news in a day soiled by ineptness.

Carter clapped his hands indicating that shooting for the day had been suspended.

Then he summoned the main characters, especially Wendy.

“Wendy, come here.I want to introduce you to someone!”

Wendy walked over suspiciously.

From afar, she observed the figure of a tall man wearing a black mask, approaching them.

He wore a matching black sweater with a skull emblazoned on it, silver harem pants and his assistant followed close behind.

His disheveled hair dyed green was especially eye- catching! Wendy’s eyes widened.

While they were all chirping in excited whispers, the man came before them.

Carter could hardly contain his excitement as he introduced Wendy to him.

“Wendy, meet the supporting actor in our drama.This is Jeffrey!”

As soon as Carter concluded his introduction, Jeffrey removed his mask and grinned at Wendy, flashing his pearly whites.  Wendy wanted to puke.

What the ****! This jerk! The only thought that weighed on Wendy’s mind now was that she was doomed!

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