My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 44 Showing Off

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 44 Showing Off

But, how is that possible? Wasn’t she already…

Dead?! Brian looked at Wendy in disbelief, unable to regain his composure.

The more he examined her, the more uncertain he became.

Wendy was still dressed in her stunning costume, complete with exquisite hair and makeup.

She leaned against a wooden armchair and radiated an aura of elegance and magnificence.

Apparently, this temperament…was not something the Wendy he knew of was capable of doing.

“Brian? Brian!”

Eris became enraged when she noticed Brian’s gaze was fixed on Wendy for an extended period of time.

She squeezed her palms tightly, and her body suddenly staggered.  Brian snatched her up quickly.

“Is something bothering you? Are you not feeling well?”

“Yes, I am!”

Erin pretended to be so exhausted and light- headed; she rested her head on his shoulder and sighed.

“I suddenly feel a little dizzy.”

“Did you get sunstroke? Those are the obvious symptoms.”

“Perhaps, it is.”

Brian rushed to assist Eris in walking to the shade of a tree without much thought.

Her assistant Ana reached for a deck chair and a fan as soon as she noticed this.

The fan started spinning after she plugged in the power.

Afterwards, Brian carefully assisted her by putting a bottle of ice water on her forehead and asked with concern.

“Are you feeling better?”

“Yes, much better.Thank you so much!”

The two of them were a couple.

Therefore, the staff and artists were very insightful that they were keeping a distance from them to give them privacy.

Brian felt sorry for Eris upon seeing her red cheeks and said, “You are not well.Why are you required to perform such a difficult task?”

“Well, it’s all right.In fact, I like being an actress!”

Brian couldn’t think of a reason to resist her.

He mindfully assisted her by unscrewing the lid of the bottle and handed it to her.

“Drink this to help you cool down.”

Eris didn’t refuse and took a few sips obediently.

The two conversed under the shade of the tree about what had occurred in the crew and then talked about Wendy.

“Brian, I have something to tell you, but I don’t know how to explain this whole thing.However, the longer it takes, the more apprehensive I will become.”

“What’s the matter? What are you talking about?”

“The actress you just saw is really my sister!” Brian was astonished to hear what she said.

“What did you say?”

Was that woman really Wendy?! But, how could it be?

“My sister auditioned for the this role.I was initially perplexed when I saw her on the site.I simply had a feeling this woman resembled my sister, but I wasn’t certain, so I called Mr.Davies specifically.Mr.Davies told me that the girl’s name was Wendy Finch during the audition, and thus I was certain that she was my sister.”

Eris lowered her head and uttered with a bitter smile.

“I really don’t understand…Despite her having still been alive, why did she not return to us? The harsh fact was that she was making us believe she was dead.To be honest, Brian, I’ve been very guilty to my sister all these years.You wouldn’t have treated her that way if it hadn’t been for me.I guess I was the one who caused her all her sufferings back then.Several things would not have happened later if I did the right thing…”

“No, Eris, it’s not your fault.Stop blaming yourself.”

It was Wendy who made the first move by using a fruit knife and stabbing Eris.

She didn’t even complain.

How could she be blamed for that? “However, Wendy must despise me.”

Eris snorted, her eyes welling with tears.

She clutched Brian’s hand tightly and expressed her concern.

“I’ve heard that my sister has been in M country during the last few years.She returned from a trip abroad less than a month ago.However, as soon as she came back, she remained stationary.Rather than that, she came straight here as the crew of the Story of Concubine Ivanka.I’m just so worried, that…I am aware of the debt I owe my sister.I will accept her need for vengeance against me.But, but…”

Eris’s face flushed with tears.

“We have overcome many obstacles in order to be together, Brian.I truly hate so many changes.Now all what I want is to spend my life with you…”  Brian’s expression shifted.

“Did Wendy cause you any trouble?”

“No, no…” Eris said without looking Brian directly in the eye.

“Look, Eris, can you tell me the truth?”

Eris bit her lips awkwardly as if she were trying to prevent the words from spilling out of her mouth.

“That is totally insignificant.It doesn’t matter to me.”

“Tell me! Now!”

Eris sighed bitterly and said desperately.

“I’d be interacting with her a lot in this show.And actually, sometimes, she’ll cause me difficulties when we’re filming…But it makes no difference.My sister dislikes me.It’s also a positive thing if it makes her feel better.”

While she had no idea why she had forgotten her lines when she was filming with Wendy on that day, she felt sure Wendy had done something behind her back.

“Silly girl, why are you so stupid?”

He heard what Eris had to say, and felt absolutely devastated.

“Why didn’t you tell me about it?”

“No worries.It is no big deal, really.”

“No.No.You matter a lot to me every little thing!”

Brian interjected in hushed tones.

“Moreover, haven’t you forgotten what she did to you? You kindness had allowed her to become more and more arrogant, so her misdeeds were too much and she stepped over the line with her overbearing behavior.

At the end of the day, she even stabbed you!”

“That’s all I owe her…””For ***’s sake, don’t speak nonsense!”

Eris peered anxiously and declared.

“Brian, I’m more concerned about my sister than ever now.”

“Why are you worried about her? What’s the matter?”

“I heard from Mr.Davies that Faye, that role she’s now playing, belonged to Evie.But then, for some reason, this role was assigned to Wendy instead…Aside from that, a mysterious man sent a slew of items to the crew this morning.There are a total of twelve boxes, all of which contain gold jewelry…And they are all for Wendy…”

Eris purposely slowed down, allowing him to fill in the story on his own.Brian’s face was already ghastly pale.She attentively noticed it as she turned her head.

“Brian, as you are aware, the entertainment industry attracts a diverse range of people.This circle resembles a large can and encompasses all.I will progress smoothly in this circle because you help me, and no one dares to exploit me.However, Wendy is new to the circle, knows little, and is also very gorgeous.I’m afraid she’ll take the wrong path.”

With that sigh, Brian pressed one finger on her forehead and breathed deeply.

“Take better care of yourself instead of worrying about her, alright?”

“Dad has always been good to me; although she is my half-sister, she’s still dad’s daughter after all, so that’s why.I have a personal obligation to support her.I cannot stand by and watch my elder sister doomed.”

Brian let out a sigh of frustration.

“If only she could think the same as you.”


“Don’t concern yourself with it.There’s nothing you can do to prevent her from living out her depraved desire, so you might as well give in to it.”

Eris looked nervous.She undeniably didn’t like the idea.


“Well, don’t ‘but’. Every person is accountable for their choices and behaviors.Naturally, she is the same!”

Brian cut Eris off.

If Wendy died, he would still feel guilty about her, but his remorse would be gone because she was still alive.

Brian was still shaking with terror as he recalled the scene in which Eris was soaked in blood three years ago.

He would never let such an act to occur a second time! He had to assure Eris.

Thinking of this, he suddenly stood up and told her, “Have a good rest here.I’ll find an opportunity to talk to Wendy!”

“…Okay then.”

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