My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 43 Avenge His Future Wife

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 43 Avenge His Future Wife

Everyone was shocked! No one expected the intensity and truthfulness of the scene! Carter, on the other hand, did not intervene.

That was how the story unfolded.

Evie could have continued, but she abruptly regained her composure and halted all her movements.


Director Carter! Sorry! I was so immersed in the story.That was not intentional! I didn’t mean to slap her for real! Carter frowned.

“Film it again!”

Wendy’s hair was quickly cleaned up, and an ice bag was taken to minimize the swelling on her face by the make- up artist.

But the swelling on her face couldn’t be healed in a short time.

So, the make-up artist added a coat of powder to her face and shadowed it to make her appear less terrifying.

“Are you okay? How do you feel?” Carter walked over.

“Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal!” Evie also came over.

She apologized to Wendy, “Wendy! I’m really sorry.

I was so engaged in the moment that I couldn’t control my strength!”

Wendy gave her a disinterested look and kept her mouth shut.

The shooting continued.




After a quick succession of eight consecutive shots, they were all stuck in the “slap” scene.

With an apologetic look on Evie’s face, she came to talk to Carter, “Director! It’s always not good enough to fake it, and we’ve stuck here for quite some time, which will delay the progress.How about if I do it for real? It’d be better when we really fight.What do you think?”

Carter looked hesitant.

He didn’t seem to agree with her idea.

At this point, if he didn’t notice that Evie was purposefully causing trouble for Wendy, all of his time and effort in the circle would be for naught.

Meanwhile, in an office of the Studio City.

Luke quickly ran to a far corner, hiding from Ryan’s malicious aura.

‘**** it!’ Ryan’s face had progressively become gloomy after he saw the slap on Wendy’s face on the monitor.

And now his whole face was getting even colder.


“Yes, yes, yes!”

Luke replied immediately.

“Call Carter.Now.You know what to do!”

“Of course, I do.Rest assured that I’ll do it well for you!”

Ryan just wanted to get even with the person who bullied his future wife.

Luke knew what to do.

He was very adept at it.

Carter got a call from Luke just as he was about to make a decision.

He went aside to pick up.

His face seemed less gloomy as he listened.

“All right! All right.I understand!”  A moment later.

The director returned to the set.

“Director, can we continue shooting now?”

Expectantly, Evie looked forward to his response.

“Yes, sure!”

Wendy and Evie were summoned in front of the director.

“Wendy, you graduated from the New York Acting College and are an accomplished actress with notable experiences,”

he said with a straight face.

“Given Evie’s inability to find her role in this scene, I propose that you two switch roles.Show Evie how to do this!”  Wendy looked up in surprise.

She didn’t expect what she heard.

Evie’s face changed instantly.

“Director…”  Carter made no attempt to look at Evie.

He looked Wendy in the eye and uttered, “Shooting a movie demands a sense of reality; only then will the audience fit into the action.Therefore, you must really slap her cheek, do you understand?”

“I got that, Director Carter!”

Apparently, Evie was displeased.

“Director…How can you do this? When we filmed the scene just now, you asked me not to slap for real…”

Carter gave her a skeptical stare before she completed her sentence.

After enduring for a long period of time, he eventually erupted in frustration.

“Are you the director or me!” he yelled, clutching the script in his hand.

“If you can’t do it and you don’t want to learn, then get out!” Evie bit her lips in humiliation.

She surely didn’t anticipate this plot twist.  “Are you going to take the shot or not? !”

“I…will do that!”

Evie wasn’t convinced, but she didn’t dare to lose her temper.

Carter was a famous director.

Numerous artists vied for the roles in the films directed by him.

The intensive shooting continued.

Wendy’s face was more endearing than Evie’s.

Her blue veins protruded from her brow, and she lifted her hand, “Clap-”




Evie had only shot eight times, so did Wendy, as Carter demanded! The distinction was that only Evie’s first slap was genuine.

For the next few slaps, Wendy was on guard and they didn’t really land on her cheek.

Wendy, of course, would be obnoxious to her.

She hit her across the face with all her might.

Her hands were numb after eight slaps, and Evie had been slapped eight times solidly.

As a result, her left cheek was already red and swollen after the last slap, and no amount of powder could conceal it.


Carter then stopped.

“Evie, do you know now how to accurately play the role?”

Evie shivered and nodded hurriedly.

She was petrified that the director would ask Wendy to continue.

“Yes! I learned my lesson now!”


Carter scorned as he carefully examined her swollen face.

“You can’t do anything today with that face.Your countenance will not fit in the scene.We’ll film it another time.”

Evie was at a loss for words.She gnashed her teeth in hatred.

At this time, in the office.That was the moment when the chill in the atmosphere around Ryan eventually faded.

Problem solved! Good thing the conflict had been worked out immediately.Luke ran over cheerfully.He couldn’t contain his happiness.



“Before this drama is officially released, cut off all the scenes of that woman!”

Luke was stunned into silence.

Absolutely! That was so cruel! And so heartless! But he enjoyed it! He admired Ryan’s vengeance.

Ha-ha! After the TV drama was broadcast, Evie couldn’t see any of her scenes any longer.

She would definitely be furious if she found that she had been slapped all for nothing today! Anyway, she deserved it! She picked up the wrong guy.

Especially, she messed up with the one his brother cherished so much.

At this time, the shooting was suspended and everyone was resting.

They needed that time out after that intense scene.

All of a sudden, a familiar figure appeared in the monitor out of nowhere.

“Ryan, take a look at who’s approaching.He’s our nephew, isn’t he?”

Ryan shifted his gaze to the screen.

Sure enough, he saw Brian at the scene.

In the shooting site.

Brian paid a visit to Eris.

“Ah…Brian, what are you doing here?”

“The weather is just too hot.I was concerned you might suffer from sunstroke.I happened to work nearby, so I didn’t think twice to come and see you.”

He smiled as he pulled out a box of ice cream and handed it to her.

“It’s your favorite Haagen Dazs ice cream,”he conveyed with enthusiasm.

“Brian, you are so kind!”Eris exclaimed, her face beaming.

“Silly girl!”He ran his fingers affectionately through her hair and said, “Hurry, or it will melt.”

“Sure! Of course!”

Wendy noticed him the moment Brian arrived on the scene.

They hadn’t seen each other in three years.

He was now dressed in a sky blue suit and seemed to be at ease.

She clutched her hand tightly, restraining herself from the urge to rip him apart! She despised Brian more than she hated Eris! What a horrible man he was! If it weren’t for his wild, reckless, and despicable kick, her daughter would have lived and Ray wouldn’t have been tormented since his birth!  However, there was nothing she could do but grit her teeth and suppress her rage for now.

Brian asked the staff to fetch a few cartons of cold mineral water for the artists and staff and then dispersed them to all.

With a smile on his face, he said, “Thank you all.You’ve always taken such good care of Eris.”

Everyone was envious of her.

“Wow! Eris and Mr.Oliver adore one another.According to what I’ve read, they never quarrel.The media often captures them traveling together.Gosh, I feel as if I’ve regained my faith in love.”

“Mr.Oliver is a handsome man from a wealthy family.As far as what I’ve learned, his family owns lots of hotels and is very influential!”

“Eris is very fortunate to have found such a wonderful boyfriend.”

Eris hugged Brian’s arm and grinned even sweeter as she heard the envious voice in her ear.

Brian gave her a gentle smile.

When he turned his head, his eyes fell on a woman nearby, and they froze instantly! ‘That is…

Wendy?’ He was shocked.

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