My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 42 Wendy Finch, I’ll Kill You

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 42 Wendy Finch, I’ll Kill You

Carter was a determined and devoted man when it came to work.

The Story of Concubine Ivanka was a harem story and featured a greater number of female actresses.

Without a doubt, the most precious thing during the shooting would be peace.

The fights in the crew were no less than those in the play.

The crew clashes were just as intense as those in the show.

Carter, on the other hand, was unconcerned about these conflicts as long as the shooting didn’t get delayed.

If anything went wrong as a result of her inadequate attitude…

Evie looked upset and withdrew her hand as if she had been bitten.

She hissed.

“Wendy, wait and see!”


Evie left with her assistant to have the wound on her knee treated.

In the lounge, the assistant knelt on the ground, handling Evie’s knees carefully, with an ice bag on one knee to prevent the blood from pooling, she wiped the other with a cotton swab to reduce the swelling.


As Evie eased herself, she took a deep breath.

“Evie, please wait.It’s almost done.”

In hushed tones, the assistant stated, “Wendy is not an easy person to deal with, Evie.She is the protagonist of this drama.She may become extremely popular if this play is televised.It would be irrational of you to offend her at this point.It would be preferable if we let it go.”

“Do you mean I should let this go? No way! Over my dead body!”

Evie would not be so enraged if the assistant had not brought it up! She just learned from Eris that Wendy had signed a contract with the Glory Media! Could you imagine that?! That was Glory Media! The mogul of the entertainment industry! And she should have been cast in the role of Faye, as her contract with Starlight Media was about to expire.

Wendy might not have signed the contract with Glory Media now if she hadn’t stolen her role! Wendy snatched away from her shot at being a well- known celebrity.

How could she have so instantly let Wendy go? How could it be possible!

“Evie…However, if we cause her public embarrassment and blatantly put her in trouble, she will inform the director…” Evie sneered.


“I have a plan! It’s a very great idea!”

Evie portrayed another favorite concubine called Emma in this play.

She arrived at the royal palace half a month earlier than Faye, but in a different manner.

She was the daughter of an aristocrat, and her beauty drew the emperor’s attention.

She was directly appointed as a concubine.

During her time as a royal concubine, she had the privilege of serving the emperor on the bed for two weeks in a row.

A woman who started as the daughter of a noble man eventually became a much favored royal concubine.

It was truly amazing.

In the script, Emma, was a bimbo, which was in line with Evie’s image.

Hence, she was the perfect choice for this role.

Emma’s glory, on the other hand, came and went quickly.

Faye entered the palace immediately after being given the title of concubine.

Faye astounded the emperor so much that she was the only one who was favored in the imperial household during the subsequent period.

Emma couldn’t bear the discrepancy, believing that Faye had bewitched the emperor.

She quickly rushed to Faye’s palace to cause her trouble only a few days after her arrival.

This was the exact scene that they were going to shoot that afternoon.

All the staff together with the actors and actresses were ready.

“Action!” The scene was in Emma’s household.




Emma, dressed in the fuchsia palace costume, went insane after learning that the emperor had spent another night with Faye again.

She smashed and shattered everything in the room to bits.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty, please don’t break them.They’re all gifts from His Majesty…”

“His Majesty…His Majesty!”

The camera had been zoomed in.

Emma dropped her head dejectedly, tears welling up in her eyes.

“That stupid bitch has already seduced His Majesty.I’m sure he’s forgotten all about me!”

“No, Your Majesty.I don’t think so.For the time being,His Majesty is just interested in Lady Faye because she is new here.When his enthusiasm fades, he will come back to you.His affection for you has always been one-of-a- kind, and His Majesty will always think of you…”

“Of course! His Majesty has me in his heart! I have always been!”

Emma‘s eyes were full of hope.

She was infused with optimism.

“Bitch! His Majesty has always asked that slut to serve him lately.She must have deceived His Majesty with evil enchantments! No way! I will not allow this bitch to harm His Majesty! Bring the guards, Sheri, and we’ll go find the bitch!”

“Let’s go!”

Carter was very satisfied with the take.

It was extremely spectacular! He had previously watched television series that were starred by Evie, but her expression and acting skills were not as vibrant and vivid as it was today.

How could he have known Evie was truly envious of Wendy? Her reaction was entirely in keeping with her true color.

“Get ready for the next shot.”

The next scene would focus on the plot where Emma would be furiously barging into Faye’s palace with the guards and giving them the order to control her, which they would follow without hesitation.

To make the scene more intense, Emma would even slap Faye.

Slap her! Evie trembled with excitement.

This was the moment that she had been waiting for.

“Be ready now, Wendy.You’re done for!’’ Evie pondered.


Emma managed to get into Faye’s place with a group of minions.

Faye’s servants were frightened by the invasion from their peculiar new adversaries.

They quickly dropped to their knees and yelled, “Your Majesty!”

Without even taking her eyes off them, Emma walked into the chamber while she was glancing at Faye’s bedroom with a cold face.

Without an idea, Faye sat comfortably on a round stool in her chamber, arranging flowers while dressed in a pure white dress embroidered with red plum blossoms.

She moved slowly with grace, dignity and elegance.

Every now and then, when she was arranging the flowers, her gorgeous long sleeves would slip down revealing a jade- like wrist.

She was the perfect combination of elegance and seduction.

The round table in the hall was covered with a variety of valuable gifts presented by His Majesty, which was almost too pretty for Emma to look at.

Definitely, she didn’t like what she beheld.

Emma and the others made an excessive amount of noise.

Faye raised her head contemptuously, then lowered it again to fiddle with her flowers.

Emma was enraged by her calm demeanor! “Why don’t you get down on your knees when you see me, Faye? Aren’t you being disrespectful?”

Faye stated flatly, “As far as I know, we are of the same level.Why should I kneel before you?’’

“What a sharp tongue! You have won His Majesty’s heart with your seductive manner every night.A report was released from the courtroom stating that His Majesty had been dozing off in the meeting this morning.You should have expressed gratitude for his affection for you and urged His Majesty to take good care of his body, but instead, you trampled it.Today, I’m here to teach you a lesson!”

After that, she fiercely screamed.

“Get in!”

The servants rushed over and bowed their heads.

“Make sure to hold her tightly.I’m going to slap this bitch to death!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

They immediately pressed Faye’s shoulder, without hesitation.

Emma quickly strode over.Her face was glowing with rage.

She raised her hand, and a slap with a gust of wind came over.


There were no fake actions! Her portrayal was with authenticity! And she didn’t control the strength! She slapped Wendy forcefully and sharply! Everything was real! The director had previously instructed Evie not to slap Wendy’s face for real.

Evie was going to get back at Wendy in front of everyone though.

She didn’t care if there were a lot of people witnessing her avenge! Wendy’s mind raced with these thoughts.

She subconsciously averted her face to the side.

Nonetheless, she underestimated Evie’s contempt for her.

The slap landed squarely on her face.

The headgear was strewn about the floor, and a strand of hair drooped.

Her head buzzed, and her teeth pierced her lips.

Instantaneously, a smear of blood leaked from the corner of her mouth!

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