My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 39 Admirers

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 39 Admirers

Ray would turn four years old this year, but he was only three at the time.

In the previous three years, he had never inquired about his father, nor had he even mentioned it.

Wendy wondered why he didn’t seem to be interested in him.

But she was afraid he’d be disheartened, so she kept her doubts to herself.

No, she had the guts and finally spoken up.

“Ray, do you want to know who your biological father is?”

His biological father! She was trembling as she mumbled those words.

The little boy’s smile abruptly vanished at the mention of these words, and his little face turned cold.

He responded callously, “No!”


For some reason, she was sure he wasn’t pleased with what he heard.

“My dearest Ray…”

“I don’t have a father! There’s only the two of us!”

The young boy’s face was uninviting, and it was tough for his mom to persuade with this question.


“Despite the fact that I desperately want him to die, he didn’t, did he?”

The little guy’s rationale was very apparent.

“Because you would actually mention him to me if he really died and that was why he was unable to take care for us.So…I suppose he’s an irresponsible man who abandoned us.”

Wendy was dumbfounded.

She didn’t know how to react.

“He’s responsible for all the pain and suffering you’ve encountered back in the US. I despise him. Even if he crawls to my feet, I will never feel forgiving towards him, even if he begs for his life on his hands and knees! ”

The next day finally arrived.

Wendy went to the taping set and joined the filming.

The director decided to skip this scene and shoot the others first because he knew that it could work out well with Eris.

Eris didn’t hassle Wendy anymore though.

Wendy was always the first actress to come to the shooting site every day.

Although she was not talkative, she was humble and polite.

When filming, she was serious and responsible.

And her scene was never reshot.

Furthermore, she never protested when she was asked to reshoot a scene several times due to her co-worker’s mistakes.

Therefore, in a few days, the cast members of the same crew had a better impression of her.

Wendy had been living every day on the precipice between the crew and home.

She had to play the role of both an actress and a mother.

Ray had a soft spot for Precious, as well as Luke and Ryan.

So Wendy stopped thinking about moving out of the Ensfield.

Luke was absolutely right.

With them as neighbors, she would certainly alleviate some of her stress.

At the very least, Ray no longer needed to eat takeout for lunch.

Ray could eat lunch with Precious on a daily basis.

The Oliver family’s food materials were special and nutritious.

She felt so grateful that she thought she should do something in return.

Every evening after work, she would go to the market to buy groceries and served up a big dinners to help her neighbors with their day’s dinner.

Precious made her expected to turn up on time for dinner every day prior to Ray’s call.

As long as Luke or Ryan were at home, the two of them would come together to join the meal.

They were really a great help to her.

Wendy didn’t say anything about that.

Fortunately, Ryan made no further mentions of wanting her to be his girlfriend during those nights, which relieved Wendy.

Wendy initially believed Precious’s reliance on her was only short-term.

However, she discovered that Precious became more reliant on her during these days than she had been previously.

Precious would spend some time with her while she was at home and then play with Ray.

Wendy’s admiration for her had flourished.

This child was adorable, vibrant, and outgoing.

She was such a delight.

Ray and Precious’s relationship was improving all the time.

Except for sleeping time, the two of them spent the majority of their time playing together.

Apart from that, there was something to celebrate.

They released the makeup photos of the main actors and actresses for promotion.

Fans of the Story of Concubine Ivanka were taken aback by Wendy’s appearance after the photo was posted online.

They examined Wendy’s demeanor, eyes, and movements.

It was identical to Faye’s appearance in the original book.

This was precisely the actress they desired for the role! Wendy was getting more and more popular due to this photograph.

Everything was moving in a good direction.

Nothing seemed to be a problem.One morning on the shooting site, she hear the director calling on her.

“Hi, Wendy! Come here!”

“Good day, Director…”

“Hurry up!”

Wendy discovered that there were lots of boxes, piling up on the ground of the palace they were going to film later.

“Director, what’s this?” Wendy asked curiously.

“It should be me to ask this question!” the director responded.

Carter pointed at the packages and said, “Don’t you know that all of this stuff is for you?”

Wendy was surprised! She was so embarrassed with the fact that those were for her.

But she didn’t remember buying anything and mailing to the filming site! She bent over and discovered that there were more than ten boxes in all, and everything was dedicated for her!

“Are…are these packages sent to the wrong person? I guess these were just delivered mistakenly.”

“How is it possible?! Your name and phone number were on that.

And it was sent to the crew directly.

How could it be wrong! You have an admirer, don’t you? Perhaps, these were sent by him.”

Carter joked teasingly, “Are you in love?”

Wendy was caught completely off guard! Fall in love!? No way! She had to pay a sky high penalty of one billion! She signed an agreement and one of the treaty was not to fall in love! “Stop kidding, director! You’re making me nervous.”

When they conversed, the crew’s actors and actresses arrived in succession.

They cheered upon seeing these boxes.

“Wow! You are really awesome! There are plenty of boxes.They must be sent by your admirer.Wendy, hurry up and open them!”

“Exactly.Open it quickly and let’s see what’s in it!”

Wendy was upset.

She didn’t expect that her day would start with such embarrassment.

She feared it would be troublesome if it was sent to her by mistake, which she was pretty sure, and she had to return them.

How could she open someone else’s boxes? That would be rude! Now the discussion had fallen into disarray, a disharmonious voice from the crowd then proceeded

“Maybe it is something so far beyond acceptable that it could not be revealed.Opening them in public would only be a disgrace!”

Everybody followed the voice and saw Evie dressed in a stylish outfit.

Evie was a B-list actress and also iconic for her sexy body and beautiful face in the circle.

She looked fabulous as she wore a sexy black flattering dress and with full makeup.Everyone kept silent.No one dared to utter a word.

Wendy had a gorgeous face and a sexy figure, like Evie’s aesthetic.

Because Wendy never showed off deliberately, Evie conveyed her image of being far more as a possible temptation than she actually was.

Therefore, since Evie and Wendy were not on very good terms, she would never fail to get the chance to insult her.

“Somebody was so extremely envious, I thought.I guess nobody pursues her because she’s ill-famed in the circle.No wonder when other people receive presents, she’s annoyed and jealous!”

Daisy joined the conversation.

She was the one who cut the tension.

She played the role of the queen in the Story of Concubine Ivanka, as the second heroine.

Daisy was a Glory Media-signed artist.

She was a pillar of stability and strength in the circle.

She adored Wendy a lot after playing with her these days because Sy fd Im bas: she had great acting skills and was modest.

In addition, Wendy had signed a contract with Glory Media too.

Naturally, Daisy wanted to take better care of her junior.  Frustrated with Evie’s sarcastic comment, she snapped back.

“Ha ha ha…Those are just probably a few bottles of wine or maybe a case of beer.Such a low-quality gift doesn’t even deserve my attention!”

“Wendy, open it and take a look.”

Wendy knew Daisy was trying to help her.

At this time, how could she refuse her? Bending down, she found a pointy object that could be used to cut the tape on the box.

When the package was opened, it was full of various small palm-sized boxes.

What were they? She literally didn’t have an idea.

Wendy was about to pick it up, but she immediately lurched forward when she steadied the box.

She swung the small boxes with such force that it knocked them down, and then they rolled across the floor.

The boxes were knocked open, and the things inside were scattered all over the ground.

All of the intrigued people were able to see for themselves.

Fancy gold necklace! Expensive earrings! High end gold ring! Precious gold bracelet! The bright yellow color spread all over the ground.

It seemed like it had rained gold all over the place! Seeing this, everyone’s eyes widened in shock, and their mouths all opened into the shape of “O”! Of course, no one was expecting to witness those exorbitant presents at all! There was a box full of gold jewelries! And they were all at high-cost! God! What a generous and astounding gift indeed!

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