My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 38 Do You Want To Know Who Your Biological Father Is

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 38 Do You Want To Know Who Your Biological Father Is

“Hold on!”

Realizing that Luke was about to depart, Ryan stopped him immediately.


“Forget it!”

In that moment, he realized something.

With a gloomy expression, he pulled down the curtain.

The lights flickered out, plunging the room into total darkness.

To a lower-pitched tone, he said, “Forget it! Don’t investigate any further!”

“What? Are you sure?”

“Just leave it.”

Everybody had their personal history that he or she would rather people not know about.

Wendy had this one as well, and so did Ryan.

He had utilized his power so much.

His advantage to get too far into her personal life would show her lack of respect.  Ryan said, rubbing his brows together, “It is rapidly approaching midnight.Now is the time to rest.”

“Ryan, are you really okay? We can talk about this.”

As it turned out, Luke had grounds for concern.

Though his elder brother was never so known for indecisiveness, in his heart, he had always been capable of being strong and decisive.

He seldom found himself to be in such a state of uncertainty when he made a decision.

Well, now, Luke paused to think for a moment and said with some concern, “Ryan, I’m in favor of looking into that.When we know what she has really experienced, we will be capable of treating her accordingly.”

“I beg to disagree.I don’t think it’s a great idea!”

“But Ryan…”

“I still have a long way to go before I will be able to enter her world.She doesn’t believe me, so I’ll have to show her how sincere I am.”

“All right! It’s your decision anyway.I hope you don’t regret it.”

It was almost midnight, and the neighborhood was serene and calm.

Raymond and Wendy climbed the stairs and entered the second floor bedroom.

The bedroom was significantly wide, and it was decorated in the style of the Mediterranean.

The ambience was definitely relaxing.

All in the room was alive.

There were light blue Uy Bes Im he wallpapers, dark blue curtains, a big white bed, and several oil paintings hanging on the head of the bed.

On both sides of the bed, two flowerpots were placed in two corners of the room, and two huge green plants were planted in the pot.

The whole room seemed to be full of vitality.

It was their first night in this new house.

Wendy was afraid that Ray would be too upset to sleep in his own bed, she asked her son to sleep with her instead.

The young boy went to bed after taking a shower.

After washing up, when Wendy came to the bedroom, she saw the little boy leaning on the headboard while playing Ryan’s Rubik cube.

His fingers were capable of moving flexibly.

He mixed up the cube, and then tried to reassemble it.

“Are you having fun?”

Wendy dried her hair and walked over.

She witnessed the interest in his son’s eyes.

“Yes! I’m already hooked with this cube.”

The boy kept his head down and refused to look up.

He was really concentrating on what he was doing.

“Uncle Ryan is very considerate. I like his thoughtfulness.”

Well, he talked about Ryan now! The mere mention of this enraged Wendy! Ryan blocked her in the dining room after dinner, while Ray and Precious played in the living room.

The distance between the two locations was not great.

She assumed the young boy must have heard her when they argued.

However…Ray didn’t appear as if he hadn’t heard it.

And now he even seemed to defend Ryan! Wendy picked up the cube as she sat on the edge of the bed and asked, “Are you liking him because of this tiny thing?”

“Of course not! I will not be bought by this for sure! I’m not that easy to win over,” the little guy said with a curled lip.

He certainly meant what he said.

“You just said you like him.”

“Mommy, I really think you can consider Uncle Ryan.I can feel that he’s a nice person.”

“Don’t talk about nonsense!”

“I’m not talking nonsense.I have a point.”

Ray lifted his head, solemnly said, “Mommy, for so many years, we two have been in the US and so many people have pursued you.You have never promised any of them.I know that it’s all because of me.You’re prioritizing me over the others.I guess you’re already forgetting about your own happiness.”

“You know what, Ray…”

“Mommy, listen to me, okay? I’m a grown-up now.”

On the bedside, Ray knelt down, took a towel, and wiped her long hair.

His eyes slipped down and he said, “I’m sorry.

I was very self-centered.

Because I’ve just got Mommy, I don’t want you to have a boyfriend.

I want to always be the most important man to you.

There were a lot of people sending you love letters when we were in the US.

I was scared you’d see them, and then I deleted all of those mails.

And…There were presents sent by them once in a while, but you never saw them because I threw them away.”  Raymond paused for a second.

“I regret everything now, Mommy.I’m sorry.I shouldn’t have hidden those from you.They were for you from the first place.”

Conversely, Wendy smiled.

“I once thought you wouldn’t be telling me about it for the rest of our lives.” Ray had been amazed.

“You know everything that I did?”  She gave him a smile and a wink.

Ray’s cheeks flushed.

He averted his gaze and began drying her hair.

“Anyway, I didn’t approve of your closeness to others at the time.”

“How come you’ve changed your mind now?”

“It is because of Precious!”


Ray’s face grew darker.

“What she said previously is totally sensible.Mommy, I probably cannot accompany you for the rest of your life…”


Wendy’s heart was in agony.

She shifted her weight and embraced Raymond.

She felt even more depressed after kissing him.

Her Ray was far too thin.

She felt her hands clenching as she hugged him like this.

“Don’t be silly! You shouldn’t apologize.I have signed a contract with the company known as Glory Media.There will be a lot of work for me in the future.I will make a great deal of money, and then locate the best physician to assist me with your treatment.”

“I believe you! Of course, I do!”

The small child was assumed to be at ease and stated, “However, even if I am successfully treated for my disease, I will mature.Maybe I will go out to study in the future, and then get married when I grow up.At that point, if my wife does not approve of you, we will have to live apart.And then, we must still be away from each other!”

Wendy was torn between crying and laughing.

She pricked his nose and snarled, “What a spoiled brat you are.You have not grown up yet, and now is not the time for you to consider your future wife.I’m warning you now.Even if you marry a woman, you cannot abandon your mother.”

“Ha ha ha!”

The young boy kept going, “Ray will grow into a man and have his own family in the future.However, if Mommy does not find a boyfriend for yourself, how lonely will you be when you grow older?”

“I’ll be considering getting myself a boyfriend when that day comes.”

“The only problem is that you will get older by that time.As time goes by, your face will get more wrinkled, your hair will turn gray, and your teeth will fall out.How will men get attracted to you?”

Wendy remained dumbfounded.

At that moment, her facial expression became gloomy.

“Remember what the books say? Youth is the capital! You’re just 23, Mommy.You are so gorgeous and young.Find a good man now so you have time to enjoy yourselves together.You will grow old alongside him.If you remain together in this way, you won’t hate each other!”

For the nth time, Wendy couldn’t say a word.

“Because you and Uncle Roger hit it off, I assumed you’d get along very well.But when you told me that he already liked someone else, I thought you were not meant for each other.I also found that you didn’t like him as a woman liking a man in a romantic way, so I had to give up that plan.”


She was exceedingly astonished.  It seemed like he had put himself at considerable risk and sacrificed a lot for her! Wendy twitched her lips.

She swiftly took the towel from the boy’s hand and then began to dry her hair anxiously.

Ray leaned over and said, “Mommy, just give Uncle Ryan a chance.I think you should take a risk.”

Wendy was bitter and started to feel jealousy.

“He’s been around just in your presence a handful of times.Why do you like him so much?”

“That’s exactly my point.”

Wendy rose and a moment later the words slowly crept from Ray’s mouth, “But I like you the most!! You’re my most favorite after all.”

“It had better be! You don’t have any other mommies.”

The mother and son smiled at each other.

The both of them knew that they were at each other’s side no matter what.

“Mommy, I just don’t want you to refuse Uncle Ryan because of me.I don’t want to be a hindrance to your lifetime happiness.”

Wendy remained silent.

She didn’t know how to respond.

She had to admit that Ray played a role in this decision.

But that was not the only reason.

There were still several factors that she had to consider.

Wendy eventually posed a question that had been weighing on her mind for a long time while holding her little one’s hand.

“Ray, do you want to know who your biological father is?”

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