My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 33 No Objection

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 33 No Objection

Wendy took a taxi and told the driver their new address.

The driver was a kind middle-aged man.

He was surprised for a second when he saw the beautiful lady, but when he noticed the two cute kids beside her, his heart melted.

“Wow! Miss, are your children twins? They look like tiny models in a magazine. They are adorable.”

‘Twins? My children? What?’ Before Wendy could object, Precious jumped happily in the back seat.

“Do we really look alike?”

“Yes,” the driver answered without hesitation.

The little girl was clearly delighted.

“Sir, you have a great eye.”

The driver burst out laughing, finding the little girl’s smile contagious.

The driver was also great at conversations, it seemed.

As he drove, he talked to Wendy about everything in Ywood, from food prices, the housing prices, urban constructions, and even the financial crisis.

In the back seat, Precious glanced at Raymond with a devious grin.

The young boy, however, remained quiet.

“Raymond, be honest with me. Do you also like my daddy?”

She grabbed the little boy’s hand and said, “If you don’t, then, shouldn’t you have told your mom the truth just now?”

She let out a playful giggle.

“You also want your mom and my dad to be together, don’t you?”she teased.

“No!” Raymond quickly answered.

“That’s a lie!”

Precious retorted.

“Your father is the CEO of Oliver Group, so they can’t be together.”

The young girl gasped as if offended.

“Hey! That’s not nice! Raymond, I thought you were different from the others.Why do you also have something against him? Yes, my father is a wealthy CEO.But it only proves that he is better than most men.Auntie Wendy is so beautiful and considerate.She deserves the best man!”

With a sour expression, he hissed, “A man with money is likely to become unfaithful.”

“That’s not true! It has nothing to do with money!”

The little girl huffed defensively.

“Just look at my Uncle Luke! He’s just my daddy’s employee and doesn’t make as much as my father.Yet, he changes his girlfriend almost every month.My daddy is turning thirty years old this year, but I’ve never seen him flirt with any other woman.”

Raymond thought about it before stating, “Well, the news says that…your daddy likes men!”

“Bah! Those are all false too! They just say that to get people interested.If my daddy liked men, then why am I here, hmm?”

“Artificial insemination?” he replied with a serious look.

“What?! Why would you even think that?”

She glared at him and crossed her arms.

“Why don’t you just say that a stork delivered me to his house or something?”

Raymond didn’t reply.


Precious was making valid points.Noticing that his expression had softened, she put her arms around his neck and explained, “Raymond, don’t you see? It would be a good thing if your mom and my dad got together.Think about it.If Daddy and Auntie Wendy got married, then we will become real siblings! We can play, eat, and go to school together.Isn’t that neat?”

A dreamy sigh escaped her small lips.

She imagined how great her life would be in the future if that happened.

‘Real siblings, huh?’ Raymond had to admit, it didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

In fact, it sounded great! She raise her pinky at him and asked, “Then, are we in agreement? You’re not allowed to object to my daddy chasing after your mom?”

He shrugged nonchalantly.

“It depends on what he will do.”

‘Wait, does that mean that he agrees? Finally!’ Precious fought the urge to squeal in excitement.

‘Oh my, I can’t wait! This is going to be awesome!’ She grinned.

‘Nobody is in Daddy’s way anymore!’  Precious felt good about herself.

She thought of herself as a clever, cute, and amazing little kid! ‘Alas! Sometimes being too great is also troublesome because I always take care of things too smoothly.

It’s not challenging at all!’ she thought happily.

The taxi stopped at the gate of Wendy and Raymond’s new home, the Ensfield.

The rain had finally stopped.A bewildered Wendy got out of the car and looked at the neon lights.

She was utterly stupefied at the sight of the luxurious area in front of her.

The house was a luxurious single garden villa at the center of the city! ‘Is this a joke?’ she thought with furrowed brows.

“Sir, are you sure that this is the right place?”

“There’s is only one Ensfield in the whole Ywood, Miss.How could it be wrong?”

Wendy was so perplexed, but still, she paid the fare and thanked the driver.

For a few minutes, she seemed to be frozen in front of the villa.

“Auntie?” the little girl tugged on the hem of the woman’s dress, confused as to why she wasn’t moving.

Blinking, Wendy looked down at the small girl and said, “Just wait a minute, Precious.I have to call your father.”


Wendy could feel her heart beating wildly in her chest.

She knew that the Glory Media was well-off and that her new house they arranged for her would definitely be better than her previous one, but she wasn’t expecting something like this! ‘How ridiculous! This is too much!’ The call was quickly answered.

“Boss, I’m sorry to bother you so late.I just wanted to ask…Well, about that address that you sent me…Are you sure that you didn’t give me the wrong one?”

“It’s the right address, I’m sure.” Wendy’s eyes widened, shocked.

Despite her naivety, Wendy knew that this wasn’t normal.

She gulped and asked shakily, “Boss, is your company this nice to all new employees?”

“You saved my daughter, so of course, you are different,” he replied calmly.

‘So…Was this villa also some sort of an extra reward?’ Wendy wondered idly if that was appropriate for a newcomer like her to live in such a luxurious place.

“Boss, is there any other place we can live in?”

“I’m sorry, Miss Finch.You already signed the agreement.It was very clear on the contract that you must accept all the work arrangements of the company.In return, the company shall provide accommodation for your convenience.If you don’t accept it, then it can be considered as a breach of contract,”

Ryan explained in a serious tone.

Wendy felt a shiver up her spine as she listened to him.

‘Breach of contract? That’s absurd! If she broke the contract, she would have to pay a fine of one billion dollars as a penalty! She could not afford that, even if she sold all her organs! After a few minutes of not hearing her talk, Ryan cleared his throat.

“Do you still want to change your house, Miss Finch?”

Even though she knew he couldn’t see her, she still shook her head.

“No, thanks.I think this place is great! “Wendy smiled awkwardly and added, “Ha-ha! I’m quite satisfied with this arrangement.

Thank you, Boss! After hanging up the phone, Wendy took out the contract from her bag to check if he was telling the truth.

She used the street lamp as a light source and read the material carefully.

There was indeed a sentence on the contract that said, “Accept all the work arrangements of the company.”

Wendy was speechless.

“Auntie Wendy, what’s wrong?”

Precious asked with a concerned expression.

“Nothing.It’s fine!”

Wendy forced a smile and continued, “Why don’t we go inside?”

“Okay, sure!”

Not wanting to worry them, Wendy led the two children into the villa district.

As soon as they entered the gate, several security guards immediately bowed to Precious.

“Welcome back, little princess!” they greeted.

Precious wasn’t particularly fond of dealing with strangers, and she usually ignored the security guards.

But, this time, she flashed them her pearly whites and greeted them back, “Thank you!”

I can’t make a mistake!’ she told herself.She wanted her future Mommy to have a good impression of her.

Amidst the chaos of the security guards, Precious led Wendy and Raymond into the villa area.

Ryan had arranged a villa for Wendy at building two of the Ensfield.

The mother and son looked around in awe as they stood at the entrance of their new home.

Then, Wendy turned to Precious.

The little girl’s familiarity with the his place was a little odd.

She couldn’t shake off the bad feeling she suddenly felt.

“Precious…” she murmured, creasing her forehead.

“Where do you live?”

“Right there!”

Precious happily pointed to the gate with the words “No.1 Enfield” hanging on the gate.

“That is where I live with Daddy.Auntie Wendy, we will be neighbors from now on!” She grinned.

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