My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 31 Teach You How To Chase After Wendy

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 31 Teach You How To Chase After Wendy

“You saved Precious.Because of you, she’s fine now.”

To determine what he had intended, Wendy followed his terms to decipher them, attempting to comprehend, “ls this contract the payoff for my actions to save Precious?”

“Sort of.Let’s make that assumption.”

Wendy’s long-awaited bout of stress eased up a little.

She was now relaxed after she heard him.

Well…It was certainly a relief.

She was actually afraid that Ryan wanted her to be his lover.

Or worse, take advantage of her.

Wait! She couldn’t confidently go on.

Wendy abruptly remembered that the chairman of Oliver Group, Ryan, had been rumored.

He was surely powerful.

Yet he wasn’t exempted with gossips.

The CEO of Oliver Group had been widely speculated to be gay, some said.

With that, Wendy was then reassured.

At least she could now feel a bit safer.

It appeared that she was crazy.

To put it another way, that could be said when she found out what kind of individual Ryan was.

He was the CEO of Oliver Group.

Therefore, every decision that he made would have a significant outcome and changes in Ywood.

Moreover, he had seen a great variety of ladies.

It was hard to believe that he might be in love with someone as unworthy as her.

She was a single mother after all! Rewarding her means having to pay back her heroic deed.

Thus, it would clear her doubts.

Hence, Wendy got it without hesitation.

She took two steps back, bowed to the two, and said, “I will work hard in the future, boss.”

She actually meant what she said.

Ryan was speechless.

He didn’t except that from her, so he could not utter a phrase.

Luke was speechless, too.

It seemed that he was surprised by her acknowledgment.

“Boss, what else can I do for you? I am willing to do anything you want.You just have to say it, and I’ll do it.”

Wendy gave a faint smile, revealing a typical eight- toothed grin.Still, Ryan was speechless.This woman was really astonishing.When they were having barbecue in a garden near Wendy’s apartment, it unexpectedly occurred to him to ask her if she was terrified of him.

She strikingly replied, “No.”

“You have no authority over me.I don’t work for you.There is nothing I should be scared of you, isn’t there?”

So, did she start to fear him now that he was her boss and paying her salary? His curiosity had aroused.

Ryan immediately had the feeling of being set up, by himself this time.

“Boss,” she uttered.

“Regarding with the contract…”

Maybe, he is concerned that the deal would be made public. It will cause dissatisfaction among other stars, ‘Wendy reasoned.

“There is nothing you have to worry about.”

Wendy quickly put her hand on her chest and made a vow to keep the contract secret.

“I swear that I will keep the contract confidential, and I won’t tell other stars no matter what.”

Ryan didn’t say a word again.

He truly didn’t know what to say.

He actually wanted everyone to know the contract and the fact that she was indeed special to him.

As time went by, he scrunched his brow and stated, “Our agreement is finalized, so there is no longer something we need to talk about Precious’s safety.”

All in Glory Media is in the hands of Kane, and I will refrain from being involved in future operations.

Now be wary and aware of all of the terms of the contract and keep them at the forefront of your mind.

If you breach the deal, I refuse to assist you further.

A ton of words came out of Ryan’s mouth.

Wendy nodded as a sign of agreement.

“Okay, okay.Don’t worry.I won’t do any dating thing!”

The veins on Ryan’s forehead were almost bulging with rage.

He brought his forehead into his side, squishing it in pain.

“Having signed the deal, you have become a creative part of the company.You are our artist now.Since you’re our employee, you have to follow the company’s policy.Because of your and Ray’s current residence isn’t that private and secure enough, there is a necessity for higher level confidentiality.A fine home has been located for you in another part of the city, and I have found a moving company to help you.”

His glance at his watch revealed that it was time already.

“They must be there any minute now.”

“Does it mean I have to move now?”

It was very dark outside as it was already getting on to be eight o’clock in the evening.  Ray was the only one who was left at home.

There’d be a chaos if Ray discovered that too many people were showing up to move their luggage.

“Don’t be concerned.I asked Precious to go with the moving company.Precious will explain to Ray about the moving so that he will be informed.”

This time, Wendy was the one who was speechless.

He had been so considerate.

Was this how he recognized his employees’ importance? What else was there for her to say? She couldn’t have asked for anything more.

To show her gratitude, Wendy bowed again, “Thank you, boss!”

“That’s all right then!”

Ryan felt uneasy as he observed her polite and distant voice.

“Okay, now you go back and move quickly.” He pinched between his brows.

“All right.Bye, boss.Thank you for everything.”

“Ha ha! Hahaha!”

Luke looked at his brother, who now had a cold face and was laughing hysterically while patting his thigh, as soon as Wendy had left

“Ha ha, Ryan, you’ve dug such a big trap for her and arranged such a contract in order to keep her from dating anyone.As a consequence, you were drawn into the situation too.Ha ha, it seems that pursuing a woman is a difficult task for you.”

“Do you find it funny?” Ryan threw him a cold eye.

Luke’s grin froze on his face when the amusement abruptly ceased.

“Emmm, in fact, it’s not that funny…”


“Yes!” he responded promptly.

“Haven’t you been in love for many times? Haven’t you dated so many girls? You must be experienced.”

Fright was apparent in Luke’s face.

He ran over in a flash, braced himself against the sofa’s back, and sat next to Ryan as soon as he spun.

“Ryan, are you asking me to show you how to pursue Wendy?”

Ryan had no response.

But then, he seemed to concur with all that was said.

“Indeed, I’ve dated many girls, but…”

Luke raised his chin, obnoxiously combed his hair, and confidently proclaimed, “I am a handsome and elegant young man with a kind heart.Nobody could withstand my enticements.As a result, I do not pursue anybody.They, on the other hand, are the ones who do it.To know how to chase the girl of your dreams, my apologies for I don’t have an idea.But if you would like to know how it feels to be pursued, I’m willing to talk about it.You just have to say the word.”

“Stop joking around! Go serious and say something logical!”

Luke didn’t utter a word.


Shaking his legs, Luke analyzed to him, “In fact, I’ve never dated a girl like Wendy! Her uniqueness can’t be seen with other ladies out there.But you should hear this.If you’re that determined to chase after her, the difficulty level is extremely arduous.”

“Why do you say that? What’s your basis?”

“According to Roger, while she was in the US, she was underutilized and only appeared in minor roles.Additionally, she owed him a substantial sum of money.”

He paused and looked at Ryan.

“If you can’t figure out the answer quickly, think about it,” Luke conveyed.

“There are not as many stunning ladies as her.Do you really think it’s difficult for her to make money if she is determined enough to have some? You’ve been in the show business for a while.Those secret unspoken rules have their uses all over the world.This young lady has been away from home for quite some time and has yet to be introduced to the major leagues.Furthermore, she still owes Roger a great deal of money.It is to say that she doesn’t use her ********* for monetary gain.That is what I’m saying! So, Ryan, the fact is even if you have the wealth, it doesn’t mean you have an edge already.”

Ryan frowned.

Surely, he didn’t like what he heard.

“Also, Wendy has been doing this kind of work for quite some time, so she’s likely to have seen a variety Yad Wa im bus, of attractive men in this industry.Still, she has never had a romantic affair with anyone.It shows that she’s not just concerned about looks.Therefore, even though you are handsome, you still have no edge.”

Having heard that, Ryan furrowed his brows in displeasure.

Luke peeked at him and saw that he was very pale.

No matter how hard Ryan tried, he couldn’t hide his irritation.

“Seriously, you don’t often smile.If you go on like this, you’ll only scare the girls away.That will only make competing with other men more difficult.”

Ryan’s eyebrows were almost twisted together in a knot. Finally, Luke concluded, “Thus, obtaining her would be extremely challenging for you!”

Ryan abruptly rose to his feet and strode forward.

“To be honest, buddy, I’m not done yet.However, there is always hope.There can still be a major shift.”

Luke followed him with a stumbling stride.

“Get to the point!”

Ryan abruptly came to a halt, his face flushed with impatience.

“All right, all right.Allow me to get straight to the point! Given the situation, let’s begin with the people surrounding her.Wendy clearly cares for Raymond, as I’ve noticed.You may regard this small child as the opening!”

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