My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 3 Are You Obsessed With My Beauty

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 3 Are You Obsessed With My Beauty

“I’ve rented a house for you and Ray.After dinner, I’ll drive you there right away.Don’t worry about other stuff.I have prepared everything for you.But if there’s anything else you need, there is a supermarket downstairs,” Roger informed.

His hands were on the steering wheel while his eyes were glued on the road.

Wendy held Raymond in her arms while seated in the back seat.And after hearing what Roger said, she squinted and sighed.

“Ah, Roger! Why are you so sweet and considerate? I might as well marry you!”

A teasing smile was etched on her lips as she joked that.

“Hmm…That’s a good idea.I don’t mind having a son.”

Raymond gazed up at her mother and uttered, “Mommy, please think about it carefully!”

“Sweetie, listen.Uncle Roger is just a friend of mine.”

Roger laughed and responded, “What kind of friends are we talking about?”

Upon hearing that, Wendy was utterly speechless.

“It’s just you deserve someone better.”

She managed to say after a while.  Wendy met Roger in the US two and a half years ago.

At that time, she had just enrolled in New York Acting College where she suffered from so much discrimination because of her inability to communicate well in English.

Apparently, racial discrimination was common too! And female students, who spoke broken English, were the center of prejudice.

However, for some reason, Wendy glowed up after giving birth to Raymond.

That was when a lot of college guys began chasing after her-—much to the jealousy of other girls.

They began making trouble for her in and out of the campus.

It was Roger who helped her again and again.  Even when he dropped out of school, Roger didn’t cut off contact with Wendy.

He knew that she needed money to take care of the child, so he often introduced her to some jobs.

Most of those he offered her was in some TV series, such as playing as an extra.

She could not only hone her acting skills but also gain some experience in the industry.  Without any doubt, Roger was definitely her savior.

“Roger, I will pay you the rent…”

“You can pay me when you get the paycheck for your job!”

“Do you really trust me that much?”

“As your agent, of course, I have confidence in my own actress!”

Half a year ago, Roger came back to the country.

And immediately, he called her to say that there was a local TV series called “The Story of Concubine Ivanka”

under production.

It cost three hundred million dollars, and the entire crew was really competent.

The TV series was adapted from a web novel of the same title.

It was very popular online, and the scriptwriter of the series was the author himself.

More than that, it will be directed by Carter Williams, one of the country’s top directors.

Because it was a series about an imperial-harem, many A- list actresses were needed.

One of the supporting roles was in line with Wendy’s image, so Roger quickly advised her to come back and audition for the part.

This was a great opportunity for her!  In addition to that, Wendy had been really deciding to return.

With Roger as her very supportive agent, it was the perfect chance for her to make a big break in the entertainment industry.

Thinking about it now, Wendy was really grateful for all the help he had given her.

“Well…are you obsessed with my beauty? Is that why you help me again and again? Tell me the truth.I won’t laugh at you.After all, I’m as beautiful as a flower.It’s reasonable for you to fall in love with me,”

Wendy teased as she leaned over the driver’s seat with Raymond still in her hands.

How narcissistic she was! Roger and Raymond Finch exchanged a meaningful look, and the two made an unbearable retching expression in unison.


They both broke into a burst of laughter—much to Wendy’s confusion.

Meanwhile, the Riverside Restaurant was a famous high- class Chinese restaurant in Ywood.

Both its exterior and interiors boasted an antique vibe.

When customers entered, they seemed to be transported into an ancient gateway.

Inside were pavilions, terraces, bridges, and man-made rivers.

A waiter in traditional Chinese clothes led the patrons through the vermilion gallery to the innermost building for dining.

Open seating was on the first floor, while private rooms were on the second floor.

The decorations were in Chinese style all throughout, elegant and charming.

It was still too early for dinner time, but the open seat area on the first floor was already full of guests.

“There are so many rich people!” Wendy exclaimed.

She had heard of this restaurant before.It was very popular, especially among wealthy patrons.

Wendy could only wonder how great the food must be.

Because it was patronized by many people, private rooms on the second floor needed to be booked three months in advance.

And even with that, it was still hard to get a reservation.

“Roger, who the **** are you?”

It seemed that nothing was impossible for him to do.

“Don’t worry.I’m not connected with any illegal business.This restaurant is owned by one of my friends.I don’t need to book it like the others do,” he said with a smile, holding the little boy in his arms.

Now Wendy understood how Roger managed to get them a room! The waiter led them to a private room on the second floor.

Because Raymond was practically a new-born when they left this country, it was his first time to such a place.

So, when he saw the traditional culture embedded in the restaurant, he leaned on Roger’s shoulder and stared intently at it.

In Wendy’s memory, it had been three years since she last came to such a high-class restaurant for dinner.

And because it had been that long, she was a little nervous.

“Roger, I want to wash my hands.”

“Turn right and walk towards the end.You can find the restroom there.”

“Alright.I’ll be right back.”

After washing her hands, Wendy walked back along the corridor.

But before she could even reach the door of their private room, a gust of wind blew over.


Suddenly a voice resounded.

The next second, she felt soft arms wrapping around her lower right leg.

When Wendy gazed down, she was stupefied to see who it was.

The girl who was holding her legs was about three or four years old.

She looked so tender, in a non-mainstream style, and her unique afro hair was like instant noodles.

She was wearing a leather top with rivets, partnered with a gauze skirt exaggeratedly covered with bright rhinestones.

Under the light, the rhinestones shone brightly, which was simply blinding!  “Little girl, you must have mistaken me for someone else.”

The little girl shook her head and said proudly, “I’m not a three-year-old child.How can I mistake you for someone else? You are my mommy!”

“How old are you then?”

The little girl stretched out four fingers and emphasized, “Four! I am FOUR years old! I just celebrated my third birthday two days ago.Now I’m four years old!”

“Sure enough, she is not a three-year-old kid.’’ Wendy’s mouth twitched wildly as she thought of that.

To be honest, she didn’t like children other than Raymond, but somehow, she didn’t feel disgusted when held by this little girl.

Had Raymond’s twin sister survived, she would have been this cute.

Wendy’s eyes softened as the thought of her dead child popped into her mind.

“Little girl…”

“Mommy, come on in!”


Before Wendy could finish her words, the little girl grabbed her hand and dragged her into one of the private rooms.”Come in, Mommy!”

After passing the arched door and entering the private room, Wendy found two people there.

A man and a woman were wearing formal clothes, enjoying dinner across one another.

From Wendy’s perspective, she could only see the man’s back and the woman’s face.

“Auntie, this is my mommy.Isn’t she beautiful? She is much prettier than you! Let me tell you, you are not beautiful in my daddy’s eyes.I don’t want my future brother or sister to grow as ugly as you!”the stranger little girl muttered, sticking her tongue out at the woman.

“You, you…”

The woman was so angry that her face turned red.

The little girl shook her head and continued, “My daddy loves my mommy so much! You so-called beauties can’t seduce him, so you’d better give up now!”

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