My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 29 The Contract Was Signed

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 29 The Contract Was Signed

Wendy held on to the pen but did not sign her name on the contract.

“Miss Finch, is there any other problem?”

Secretary Cotton frowned, feeling a little nervous.

The CEO had told her to secure Wendy Finch’s partnership with Glory Media no matter what the cost.

Although she was unaware of the reasons, she naturally needed to comply with her boss’ orders.

“Miss Finch, is there anything you are not satisfied with?” she asked again, this time with a gentler voice.

“To be honest, this is the most favorable contract our company has drafted up for a beginner actress to date.No matter where you go, I’m afraid you’d never find an offer that would be more advantageous for you.”

Wendy had already known that, of course.

She was hesitating exactly because the contract was much too favorable for her end.

She was the type who believed that all good things come with a price.

Wendy pondered some more before asking the secretary the most pressing question in her mind.

“Miss Cotton, may I ask why your company is willing to sign me on under such good terms?”

The other woman breathed a sigh of relief.

If that was all that was bothering Wendy, then it wouldn’t be a problem.

Nevertheless, she had to give the actress credit; if it had been someone else, the secretary was sure that they would have signed the contract immediately.

Miss Finch, on the other hand, kept her head cool and rational in the face of a very tempting offer.

“When you participated in the audition, our CEO had personally witnessed your performance.He thought then that you had great potential, and asked us to draft the contract right after he returned to the offices.”

Was that so? Kane thought she had the qualifications, so he was willing to bet on her skills? But why was she still feeling uneasy about the whole arrangement? Wendy twisted the pen between her fingers.

“The penalty, though…It’s a little too high, don’t you think?”

It was, in fact, a massive amount of money.

But Secretary Cotton had already prepared a response for this question.

“Are you perhaps planning to break the terms of the contract at some point in the future?”

Of course not! For Wendy, there wasn’t much of a difference between five years and ten years given that the rest of the terms were loose and considerate of her.

As for the stipulation forbidding her to fall in love, well, that was the very rule she would never be able to break.

She had long been disillusioned with the concept of romance, ever since Brian’s betrayal.

Not to mention the fact that she now had Ray.

Her only wish in life was to see her son grow safely into a happy and healthy adult.

But there was still one more thing.

“Miss Cotton, this contract is really tempting and I am honestly very interested in this deal.But I have one condition.”

The secretary frowned but said, “Go ahead.”

“I have an agent, who has been helping all these years, especially during the most difficult times of my life.He is very competent and reliable.As you may already know, the Story of Concubine Ivanka is the first project I’ve landed since my return.My agent helped me from getting a spot at the audition all the way to the filming stage.What I mean to say is, I hope that I can bring him with me and we can join Glory Media together.Simply put, I would like him to continue being my agent.”

Secretary Cotton’s frown deepened.

“I know this request may be a little unreasonable,” Wendy added hurriedly.

“I’m willing to have my stipulated income lowered in exchange.Please consider it.”

Roger was her friend and her savior.

Now that an opportunity for a better life had appeared, she couldn’t just leave him and walk the path to success by herself.

If she couldn’t take Roger with her, then she would rather not sign the contract.

“Miss Finch, please wait a moment.I can’t decide on this matter on my own.I have to ask the CEQ.”

“That’s all right.”

Later in the CEO’s office, Kane’s hands clenched into fists as he listened to the secretary’s report.

“Did she really say that?”

“Yes, sir.”

Kane fell silent, an unreadable expression on his face.

He remained this way for a good while.

“Wow, just how good is she to Roger?”

Luke asked from his spot on the sofa, chuckling and shaking his legs.  No sooner had he finished speaking than two pairs of icy eyes zeroed in on him.

One was Kane Evans’s, and the other was his brother’s.

“What? I didn’t say anything wrong!”

“Just shut up!”

Luke pretended to sigh dejectedly.

“Ah, well.Very few people are brave enough to tell the truth these days.”

He and Ryan had come to Glory Media after finishing their work for the day, and they did so for the sole purpose of receiving Wendy’s signed contract.

Luke eyed his brother now, who was on the other side of the sofa, his eyes red-rimmed and his complexion pale.

“Brother, wouldn’t you like to have a rest?”


Ryan turned to Secretary Cotton and didn’t mince his words.

“Say yes to her demands.”

“Yes, boss.”

The woman left and closed the door behind her, leaving the room to stew in a tense atmosphere.

Kane stared at Ryan for one long moment before speaking.

“Ryan, is it true that you’ve taken a liking to this woman? Is that why you’re going through such lengths to sigh her under the company?”  Ryan didn’t respond.

“Kane, are you seriously asking that at this point? Have you ever seen my brother spend so much time at the mere thought of a woman?”

Kane’s face darkened.

And then he said what had to be the longest monologue he had ever spoken in recent memory.

“Ryan! Although Roger is our best friend, and we grew up together, he’s never been so concerned about a woman before.For Wendy Finch’s sake, he especially asked for a spot at the audition, arranged the apartment where she would be staying, and diligently bought all her living necessities.He has finally come home after being abroad alone for so many years.Ryan…Are you really going to compete with Roger for the affections of a woman?”

Ryan finally turned to Kane and pierced the other man with a sharp gaze.


“They are nothing more than just good friends.”

“No, you’re wrong.Roger admitted it to me himself.He loves Wendy.”  Ryan’s eyes turned colder at that, and Kane felt an immense pressure that made him want to hide under his desk and away from Ryan’s sight.

After a long while, Ryan let up and leaned back on the sofa.

“We all know who it is that Roger loves,” he said in a flat and resigned voice.

Kane flushed with embarrassment at the words.

Wendy looked at the contract yet again and sighed.

She was painfully aware that her request was out of line.

Glory Media was no doubt sincere with their generous offer, so how could she still want more? Alas! If she had been the CEO of the company, she would definitely think the newcomer ungrateful and ambitious.

But while she harbored her regrets, she didn’t want to change her condition.

She was still lost in her thoughts when Miss Cotton returned.

“Miss Finch.”

Wendy grabbed her purse, prepared to leave in the next instant.

“Our boss agrees with your request.”

What?! Did he really agree? Wendy gaped at the secretary, who was smiling broadly.

“Our Boss holds you in high esteem, Miss Finch.He thinks you are loyal and admires you very much.He nodded readily when I told him your terms.More to the point, he will not be docking your stipulated income.”

A wave of pleasure and surprise washed over Wendy.

Perhaps Kane was being so nice to her for the sake of her cousin? She was too over the moon to realize that Miss Cotton had been saying “Boss” all this time instead of “CEO”.

“Miss Finch, can we sign the contract now?”

“Oh! Right, okay.Of course!”

Without any further ado, Wendy signed her name on the document.

The secretary was overcome with relief.

‘Hooray!’ the secretary exclaimed in her mind.

She had finally completed her mission.

Miss Cotton produced the company seal and stamped it on the designated spot.

From that point on, the contract was in full effect.

As expected, there were two copies of the document, and the secretary carefully placed one set inside a file sleeve while handing the other set to Wendy.

“Now, Miss Finch, as I mentioned before, our boss thinks very highly of you.He has something he wants to tell you face to face.If you have nothing else to attend to next, please follow me to the CEO’s office.”

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